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Find The Ultimate Bliss on The Beaches of Karnataka Through Road Trips!

What could be the key to happiness? It’s having the sun above you, sand beneath your feet, water lapping your toes, and peace within yourself! In short, life ala carefree mode. Well, that is the best way we can describe a beach holiday. What about you? How do you think a beach outing can provide you with the ultimate happiness? We are sure you love the soft sand and relaxing on it! Then how about planning a quick outing to the most captivating beaches of the world found in Karnataka? 

Not everyone knows, but the land of traditions and cultural richness of India, Karnataka, is famous for its breath-taking beaches as well. Yes, you can actually find the solitude and calmness you desire in your life by going on a trip to at least 10 beaches in Karnataka! And if you want more, then of course the pleasure would be all yours! 

Important things to keep in mind when travelling to the beaches of Karnataka!

  • Best time to visit the beaches of Karnataka— Though both the State of Karnataka and the beaches here are ever inviting, but the best time to travel towards the sea and the sand is during the winter months. It’s then when you will find the weather absolutely charming and cool and incredibly welcoming!
  • Activities around the beaches for tourists — You’ll find lots of things to do in Karnataka beaches like indulging in the exciting water sports, trying the fishing techniques, enjoying the culinary delights available at the beach side, and gazing at the captivating sceneries around.

10 Ideal beach destinations to provide you the innate bliss in Karnataka!

Karnataka never failed to surprise us with its natural beauty and lush green valleys. There are some dozens of exotic holiday destinations in Karnataka which are truly stunning and splendid. But the charm of the beaches here is totally out of the world. From the location of the beaches, to the beauty of the area surrounding them, and even the special activities in store for you — you’ll find everything extremely mind boggling here. So, let’s pack that overnight bag and start the much-awaited trip towards the mesmerising beaches in Karnataka.

1. Om Beach

So, let’s start with Om Beach! This beach got its name from its crescent shape that resembles the word Om in Sanskrit! You’ll love the curve of the beach which offers such a wonderful view of the sea and sky. The stunning backdrop of the natural terrain is perfect to click those Instagram worthy pictures from here. Enjoy a day relaxing under the sun on this beach watching the calm beauty around it.

2. Panambur Beach

Located in the heart of the cleanest city of Karnataka, Mangalore, the Panambur Beach is the most buzzing beach to check in the State. You’ll be dazzled by the beauty of the golden sand here. It’s also the perfect place for a family holiday as you can enjoy the horse rides and street food here on a regular basis. Also, head to this beach during the Kite festival if you really want to see it at its best.

3. Kudle Beach

One of the most frequently visited places during road trips to Karnataka is the Kudle beach. It’s a totally serene and peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. You should visit Kudle Beach if you want to find that divine solitude and peace and relax while you’re holidaying here. 

4. Gokarna Beach

You can call it one of the famous beaches in Karnataka and visit here to have a superb family time both by relaxing on the beach and picnicking around it. Gokarna Beach is said to be the cleanest one of all the rest and even the coolest beach in the State. You’ll definitely be awed by the pristine beauty and ultimate purity found in this place.

5. Paradise Beach

If you want to see heaven in real, do head towards Paradise Beach! It has the unique turquoise water and white sand which can be a treat to your eyes and would adorn your ‘travel-gram’ pictures beautifully. Spend the most peaceful time of your life on this beach as it’s far away from the shouts and roars of the city life and provides the maximum solitude to its visitors.

6. Tannirbavi Beach

It’s one of the nearby tourist attractions from Mangalore in Karnataka and you’ll find people visiting here mostly during the evening to get away from the city life for a while. You will feel at home at this Tannirbavi Beach enjoying the beautiful ships moving from here and watching the tiny fishes swimming in the sea.

7. Nirvana Beach

The Nirvana Beach at Gokarna, Karnataka, is famous all over the world because of the once in a lifetime sight of bioluminescent phytoplankton that you can experience here at night. The beautiful picture it portrays with the splendid lights illuminating in the night is enough to make your jaw drop in awe.

8. Half Moon Beach

Just drive for a few minutes from the Om Beach and reach the Half Moon Beach to view the exotic location this State offers to you. The surrounding woods of this semi circle shaped beach and the pleasant natural beauty is really breathtaking and worth gazing (or even gaping!) at! But remember to not to dip in for a swim when in this beach (because of the high tide), instead enjoy a calm time relaxing at the seashore. 

9. Murudeshwar Beach

We can call the Murudeshwar Beach the most buzzing beach of the State. You’ll always see a rush of tourists and devotees flocking this beach throughout the year. You can actually spend hours here indulging in the water sports activities on these beaches along with bird watching and devouring the street food served here at the local stalls.

10. Maravanthe Beach

Karnataka boasts of this wonderful city, Udipi, which has some really alluring sightseeing places to make it worthy of a nice holiday. But the Maravanthe Beach located here excels in beauty and scenic offerings. You will be totally inspired looking at the high mountains and clean sea that is a feature of this beach. 

These options in beaches in Karnataka are truly magical and can leave you totally amazed by their beauty and charm. You will certainly spend some of the most precious times of your life when you travel here in a car rental from Revv in Karnataka. So, get set go, and start your journey towards awesomeness and relaxation at some phenomenal beaches in the State of Karnataka.


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