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Drive Towards The Happiest Beaches in Kerala!

Whether it’s your honeymoon trip or a much-needed break from work or a fun outing with your buddies, beaching always fits the bill. And what could be a better place to put your feel up and unwind than God’s own country, Kerala? The placid backwaters, lush greenery, the picturesque beaches, sylvan sands, azure sky, cyan sea – all that you need to take a break from the odds. Well, in a nutshell, Kerala offers a plethora of beaches for all kinds of travellers and wanderlust souls. 

Kerala backwaters have been in fame since time immemorial – all around the world. And the beaches that you’ll see dotted in this land add the cherry on top of the cake. The exotic coastline along the Arabian Sea has its own sweet charm and the beaches there too exude the same beauty. So, start driving towards the location of the beaches if you want to enjoy a fun yet relaxing holiday in this amazing land. 

Things to keep in mind when driving towards the beaches in Kerala!

  • Best time to visit the beaches of Kerala — It goes without saying that the best time to travel to the beaches can either be during the summers, when you can get a healthy tan under the sun and can cool dip in the waters; or it’s going to be pleasurable when you hit here during the winters when the sand is cold and the weather is extremely soothing.
  • Activities to do near the beach side — There are lots of things to do on the beaches of Kerala – like, you can indulge in the exciting water-sports like surfing, swimming, fishing, etc. Apart from these you can also go for sightseeing or devour the scrumptious food available at the beach side restaurants.

Take a dip in awesomeness by visiting the exotic beaches of Kerala by road!

Most road trips to Kerala lead to beaches, for these are the most buzzing attractions that the State offers to its tourists and you won’t feel a moment of boredom or dullness when you are here. But it would certainly be an injustice to the place if you are limiting yourself to visiting only the 10 famous beaches in Kerala. There are uncountable (literally) beaches here which are totally remarkable and worth checking for everyone who’s visiting here. 

1. Marari Beach

Marari Beach stands in a very calm and sleepy village in the Alleppey district of Kerala. The golden sand of this beach appears to be made of pure gold under the shining sun and portrays a stunning picture with the huge and unending line of coconut trees guarding the coastline. Do check this beach if you love serenity and purity in the air and want to enjoy a calm holiday on this virgin beach! Pro tip – don’t forget to indulge in the fishing activity when you are on this beach.

2. Kovalam Beach

The Kovalam Beach is rightly tagged as the Crown beach of Kerala. It’s located in the town of Thiruvananthapuram and is considered as the quaintest beach in the State. Basically, it’s a very large beach area divided into three smaller ones — but the Lighthouse Beach here is especially the most interesting one to check. You’ll be amazed by the spiral staircases leading to the top-most point of the lighthouse here, giving you a panoramic view of the entire town around you! 

3. Varkala Beach

If you are looking for lots of excitement and adrenaline rush, then head to Varkala Beach when you are in Kerala. You’ll love the free surfing area provided here — and of course, the elegant ambience of the beach is truly remarkable. Pro tip – indulge in a tasty treat by ordering the freshly caught and grilled fish and beer from the local beach stalls situated here.

4. Nattika Beach

Drive for around 30 kilometres from Thrissur to reach Nattika Beach which is a quiet laid-back destination of this State. You’ll simply fall in love with the serene ambience and clean sand here. Enjoy the cultural performances taking place in this place for a wonderful day spent amidst the fresh sea air on a clear day.

5. Neendakara Beach

The special mention of Neendakara Beach is important when we are talking about the famous beaches in Kerala. The unique fishing strategy by the Chinese net seen on this beach and the stunning view of Ashtamudi Lake’s confluence with the Arabian Sea via the Neendakara Bridge is a sight worth experiencing. 

6. Padinjarekkara Beach

When you drive for about 17 kilometres from Tirur town, you’ll reach Padinjarekkara Beach, which is a fabulous place to visit with your family and friends. Just keep your eyes open while relaxing on the soft sand here because you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of some really exclusive birds from this beach. Apart from this, there are also some really thrilling water sports activities on the beaches here which are truly wonderful to experience. 

7. Kuzhupilly Beach

Located in Vypin town, the Kuzhupilly Beach is one of the most famous holiday destinations in Kerala. The white sand on this beach feels truly heavenly and elegant. The relaxing backwaters, the coconut trees on its borders, and the wonderful scenery that is visible from this beach is truly a unique experience in itself. 

8. Kizhunna Beach

Located just around 11 kilometres away from the Kannur town, the Kizhunna Beach is a paradise for solitude lovers. The delightful sand and absolutely lovely view of the sunset and sunrise from here is what can provide you more relaxation than you can imagine. 

We are sure you are ready with your swimwear and water sports gears to hit these beaches immediately! And if you aren’t still satisfied with the above lists and want to explore more, then do check the Alappuzha Beach — which is another buzzing beach of Kerala, the Chavakkad Beach — which is a famous fishing point of this State, and the Bekal Beach — which has some really famous historical forts here. And to seal your journey perfectly, do visit the nearby sightseeing places from these beaches like Ashtamudi Lake, Poovar River, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary as well. But remember, that your car that takes you towards all these locations should be extremely comfortable and in good condition. And you’ll get this from the car rentals in Kerala from Revv.


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