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Awe-Inspiring Rivers in India to Visit Through Stunning Road Trips

The beautiful, serene, and charming rivers in India are as much a geographical feature of the land as it is a symbol of spirituality. The unique thing to know about the rivers in India is that in the ancient culture they were worshipped as an embodiment of gods and goddesses which made these rivers home to countless pilgrim sites. Today if you want to plan a road trip to the rivers in India, it is as much about the river as it is about the best time when you can witness these rivers at their full glory. The mesmerizing sight of these rivers is sure to make you fall in love with the rivers and grasp the reason behind their charm. Here are some of the best places to visit where you can enjoy a great view of the rivers and maybe even partake in some of the water sports or boating. 

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10 Best Rivers in India with Picture

1. Indus River

Indus River

Indus River is known for its history. It is one of the oldest rivers in India on the banks of which the Indus Valley civilization flourished. Several tributaries originate from the Indus River, which includes the Balram River, Chenab, Dras, Beas, Satluj, Jhelum, etc. The river flows through Leh, Ladakh, etc. 

  • Best place to visit: Kishtwar
  • Best time to travel: June to mid-October

2. The Ganges


One of the holy rivers in India, the Ganges holds a strong religious significance. People from the Hindu community believe that taking a dip in the Holy Ganges can remove all their sins. The river flows through several states such as Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal. In some of the places like Rishikesh, you can enjoy river rafting on this river.

  • Best place to visit: Rishikesh, Haridwar
  • Best time to travel: October to March

3. Yamuna


Another Hindu Holy river, Yamuna is also the second-largest tributary river in the country. It flows through many cities in the country and you can plan your road trip to any of the cities to witness this river. The cities that it flows by include Delhi, Yamuna Nagar, Mathura, Agra, Prayagraj, Noida, Baghpat, Etawah, Firozabad, Kalpi, and Hamirpur.

  • Best place to visit: Yamunotri, Prayagraj
  • Best time to travel: September to April

4. Brahmaputra


It is believed that the Brahmaputra is the son of Brahma and is the only male river in the country. It is one of the largest rivers in the world and a lifeline for the people in Northeast India. The Brahmaputra originates from near Mount Kailash and flows through Assam. It then flows towards Arunachal Pradesh and is called River Siang in the state.

  • Best place to visit: Guwahati
  • Best time to travel: September to April

5. Teesta River

Teesta River

It is a 309 km long river that runs through the Indian states West Bengal and Sikkim. The river further flows through Bangladesh and merges at the Bay of Bengal. Teesta is considered to be the lifeline of Sikkim. One of the major things to do on the banks of this river these days is camping at Triveni. The riverside camping is fun and you can wake up in the morning to the sound of waves and breeze touching your body.

  • Best place to visit: Sikkim
  • Best time to travel: October to March

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6. Chambal River

Chambal River

If you are looking for a river that is free of pollution, you can choose the Chambal River for your road trip. The water in this river is still crystal clear, and you can find a wide variety of flora and fauna in the surrounding areas of the river. This is also one of the tourist attractions as one can find Gangetic River Dolphins, turtles, and several species of birds here.

  • Best place to visit: Bateshwar temple, Bah
  • Best time to travel: October to March

7. Umngot River

Umngot River

You must not have seen a river this clear like Umngot River.  The state of Meghalaya takes a lot of pride in housing Umngot River. Flows through Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Umngot River looks gorgeous as the reflection of the blue sky falls on it and even the base of the boat can be seen in this river. You can even witness fish swimming in the river and even touch them, provided you do not tend to hurt them. try not to visit the state and the river during the monsoons as the rainfall can be heavy.

  • Best place to visit: Mawlynong, Shillong
  • Best time to travel: November to March

8. Mandovi River

Mandovi River

Mandovi River in Goa offers a great sightseeing opportunity to the tourists. The river flows through lagoons and various spice plantations.

  • Best place to visit: Panjim
  • Best time to travel: November to March

9. Mahanadi River

Mahanadi River

Another river that is known for being clean is the Mahanadi. It flows through Chattisgarh and Odisha and offers a picturesque view. You can go for a picnic on the banks of this river.

  • Best place to visit: Kantilo
  • Best time to travel: October to March

10. Kaveri River

Kaveri River

The Kaveri River has several tributaries like Harangi, Kabini, Hemavati, Bhavani, Noyyal, Lakshmana Tirtha, and Arkavati.  The river flows through three states of India Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala. This river in the southern region of India is a much famous one and is the basis of Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary.

  • Best place to visit: Srirangapatna
  • Best time to travel: September to March

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One glimpse of these beautiful rivers is all you need to feel a deep peace or exhilarating joy that can help your spirit breathe. If you have been looking for the perfect occasion to visit the location of the rivers, you can easily organize it by taking a self-drive car rental in India. The car rental from Revv is one of the most practical ways for you to travel to these places and enjoy the breathtaking beauty here. To get the perfect ride on rent by Revv, you can start by installing the Revv app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Before you know it, you will have your own Revv car that you can drive anywhere you want.

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