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Road Trips to the Ultimate Waterfalls in Gujarat

When you think about the vibrant and culturally rich state of Gujarat, many things may pop into your mind; however, waterfalls may not be one of them. All that is about to change as you get familiar with the splendid waterfalls in Gujarat which are completely worth exploring while you are in this beautiful state. Once you have learned about the amazing waterfalls here, you can start planning to cover these with well thought short road trips in Gujarat. Along with these natural wonders, you can also explore many tourist attractions near waterfalls which will also provide a great opportunity to explore the culture of the land and the pilgrim sites that exist there. Here are some of the best waterfalls that are worth visiting and planning a trip with your loved ones at your leisure.

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7 Famous Waterfalls in Gujarat in 2021

1. Girmal Waterfalls

Girmal Waterfalls

Located in proximity to Subir, Ahwa, Girmal Waterfalls is a beautiful fall that can almost be considered noiseless. The peaceful surrounding of this waterfall makes it a wonderful option for a one day trip to Gujarat. To reach this waterfall, you have to make your way through the thick woods of Dang. Security railings have been installed by the Forest Department for the safety of the tourists who visit this waterfall. If you are lucky enough, you may even witness fascinating rainbows here.

Best time to travel: July to December

2. Gira Waterfalls

Gira Waterfalls

This is one of the most popular waterfalls in the state of Gujarat which is surrounded by verdant greenery. You can find a few stalls near this waterfall where the tribal artists sell handmade handicrafts and traditional arts. You can go for a picnic at this spot and can even take a bath in the water of this fall. However, try to avoid bathing in the water of this waterfall during the monsoon season as water during this time can be harsh and may contain debris or sticks which might hurt you.

Best time to travel: June to January

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3. Chimer Falls

Chimer Falls

Also famously known as Chichkund Waterfall, this fall is situated in a hilly region and surrounded by lush green forest backgrounds. Cascading from a height of 327 feet, this is one of the highest and biggest waterfalls in Gujarat. To reach this waterfall, you have to park your car at a certain place and walk the rest of the distance. Located very close to this waterfall, you will find four more waterfalls; two of them are large while the other two are small. You can visit this waterfall even with your family.

Best time to travel: June to August

4. Shiv Ghat

Shiv Ghat

Located near Ahwa, this waterfall looks splendid as it cascades from an altitude. Since it is situated next to a Shiv Temple, it is called Shiv Ghat. Tourists mostly offer their prayer at the temple first and then visit the waterfall. You can spend hours here and still will not get bored even for a second. The location of the waterfall is beautiful and is apt for photography.

Best time to travel: June to January

5. Barda Waterfall

Barda Waterfall

This is one of the places to visit in Gujarat where you can plan your trip without a second thought. To reach the waterfall, you may have to hike for 30 minutes. It is majorly visited by adventure enthusiasts. There are not many eating joints available here; therefore, it is better if you carry your food while visiting this place. Barda Waterfall is an excellent place to go for a picnic.

Best time to travel: June to January

6. Zarwani Waterfall

Zarwani Waterfall

Located in the Shoolpaneshwar sanctuary amid pointed rocks, Zarwani Waterfall is the right choice for people who want to spend their time in solitude. Whether you want a break from the hustles and bustles of the city or are just a nature lover, the idea of visiting Zarwani Waterfall can never go wrong. It is also a well-known campsite. For a day picnic or trek here, you have to contact the Forest Department. Once you visit this waterfall, you can pay a visit to the Shoolpaneshwar temple and Gheer Khadi.

Best time to travel: June to November

7. Zanzari Waterfalls

Zanzari Waterfalls

The Zanzari Waterfalls cascade from a height of 25 feet and falls on huge rocks, boulders, and craters. It is an ideal picnic spot for people living in nearby areas. The best time of the day to visit this waterfall is during sunrise and sunset. You must wear strong yet comfortable shoes while visiting this waterfall. Also, if you are planning to spend quite some time here, it is better if you carry food because of the unavailability of food stalls around this waterfall.

Best time to travel: August to September

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These gorgeous waterfalls in Gujarat provide the perfect picnic spots and you can de-stress at these beautiful places. As the location of the waterfalls is fairly spread across the entire state, you may need several short trips to cover all of these. To plan these effortlessly, taking a self-drive car rental in Gujarat may prove to be the perfect solution for you. The car rental from Revv is available at very affordable and flexible packages that you can take any time through installing the Revv App or visiting the Revv website. You will be pleasantly surprised at the immaculate condition of the Revv cars and rest assured that each vehicle is thoroughly sanitized for your protection before getting delivered to your doorstep.

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