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Exciting Trips to the Magnificent Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

The southern state of Tamil Nadu is known for its rich culture and heritage. Although most of us imagine the state with its variety of south Indian dishes and beautiful beaches; you can find some of the most amazing waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. The waterfalls here can actually make an awesome road trip in Tamil Nadu of which you will cherish the memories forever.

If you are looking forward to the best road trips in south India, to the waterfalls, you should consider post-monsoon as the best time to travel. And while you visit the waterfalls, you can even opt for an adventurous trek through the dense and steep forests. Here are some of the well-known road trips to the waterfalls in Tamil Nadu that you can take.

10 Beautiful Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu for a Road Trip

1. Hogenakkal Falls

This is one of the most famous waterfalls in Tamil Nadu that is visited by several people each year, with immense popularity among tourists from the neighboring states. As the water gushes from a height to the ground, it breaks into a fine mist and creates a heavenly sight. The top attractions of this fall are the medicinal baths and coracle ride that you can enjoy as much as you want.

Nearby tourist destinations: Mettur Dam, Melagiri Hills, Theerthamalai Temple, etc.

2. Gundar Falls

Gundar Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state which is also a popular picnic spot. You can either drive to this fall or park your car near the fall and walk to it. The beauty of this place is unbeatable and bathing under this waterfall is quite safe.

Nearby tourist destinations: Gundar dam and reservoir

3. Silver Cascade Falls

While on your trip from Kodaikanal to Madurai, you will come across this waterfall. The source of this fall is the man-made Kodai Lake. You can also bathe under this fall; however, it can be really cold during the winters.Β 

Nearby tourist destinations: Kodaikanal Lake, Echo Point, Byrant Park, etc.

4. Kovai Kutralam Falls

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit near Coimbatore. Cascading from a height in the deep forest in the picturesque region of Siruvani, this is an amazing place to visit, especially if you are fond of adventure. Tourists are allowed to visit this fall only till 5 pm.

Nearby tourist destinations: Siruvani Reservoir, Malampuzha Garden and Dam, Bethesda International Prayer Centre, etc.

5. Pykara Falls

Located in midst of a verdant green forest, this waterfall looks mesmerizing. The waterfall cascades through the mountains and gets separated into two separate sections. Surrounded by lush greenery, a visit to this waterfall can be one of the best weekend road trips from Chennai.

Nearby tourist destinations: Wenlock Downs 9th Mile Shooting Point, Emerald Lake, Avalanche Lake, etc.

6. Catherine Falls

As the location & height of the waterfall is concerned, it is situated in Kotagiri and falls from an altitude of 250 m. Nestled in the lap of nature, this waterfall is the second highest waterfall in the Nilgiris and is praised for its unique beauty. It is often visited by tourists because of its picturesque view. You can even bathe under the water of this fall.

Nearby tourist destinations: Elk Falls, Kodanadu View Point, Rangaswamy Peak, and Pillar, etc.

7. Thirparappu Falls

This waterfall is man-made and attracts a lot of tourists. Located very close to Kanyakumari, this cascades from a height of 50 m. As the water falls from the altitude, it is further collected into a pool. The fall is enveloped by dense greenery and you can even spot a variety of fauna around here. This is a great place if you are planning to take your kids to a waterfall.

Nearby tourist destinations: Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Thiruvalluvar Statue, Sunset View Point, Nagaraja Temple, etc.

8. Bear Shola Falls

If you ever visit Kodaikanal, do not miss visiting Bear Shola Falls. The unique thing about this fall is that it comes to life only during the monsoons. As the water cascades through the greenery, the waterfall looks fresh and peaceful during the monsoons. The waterfall has got its name after a bear that is believed to haunt the fall as it used to drink water from here when it was alive. You can also spot some common as well as rare species of flora and fauna around this waterfall.

Nearby tourist destinations: Kodaikanal Lake, Coaker’s Walk, Bryant Park, etc.

9. Monkey Falls

You can find both evergreen forest and rocky cliffs as you visit this waterfall. When you are here, you will not only be surprised by the beauty of this waterfall but the humming sound of this fall soothes the ears. This waterfall is perfect for people who are looking for a peaceful environment.Β 

Nearby tourist destinations: Dhyanalinga, Adiyogi, Pattiswarar Temple, VOC Park, and Zoo, etc.

10. Jalagamparai Falls

For a one-day road trip from Chennai, you can certainly choose Jalagamparai Falls. The source of this waterfall is the Attaru River which flows through this quaint hill station and falls from the mountains in the form of a waterfall. The weather here is mostly misty and you can constantly smell the aroma of the Rise gardens and orchards. What is even more interesting is the trekking part. You have to trek at least 5 km to reach the waterfall. To see the fall in its best form, you can plan your trip around November and December.

Nearby tourist destinations: Swamimalai Hills, Nilavoor Lake, SRL Rose Garden, etc

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