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Want a Thrilling Diwali? Travel to Goa with Beaches, Food & Fun!

Since it is Diwali, you obviously have your weekend off. And if you are looking for thrills and fun, wheel towards Goa! They say, there is never a dull day in Goa. And we believe this is extremely true. Goa has some luxurious resorts, lavish beaches, mind blowing nightlife, and breath-taking natural beauty. Of course, the historical sites here are of great importance too!  Not to forget the food and ‘feni’. A trip to Goa is a heady cocktail for sure.

Diwali means lots of late-night parties, crackers, and happy vibes. And we believe Goa is the best place that can bring it all together. It is the best place for amazing nightlife, music, crackers lighting the night sky, and when you reach to the brim – the calming sea to make you feel grounded and serene. Every restaurant deck up like a wedding venue, the beaches light up and play gracious hosts, all the resorts are abuzz with activities curated to celebrate the festival of lights – all you need to steep it all in is to drive and explore all the fascinating places to visit in Goa. 

Important things to remember while you travel to Goa during Diwali.

  • Best time to travel Goa — The best time to travel in Goa cannot be quantified. The State abuzz with tourists all year long and each season brings its own charm to the natural beauty – never restricted by weather or climate. You will see the sun glowing with all its might and the beaches looking inviting in the summer, the monsoons are super fresh though cosy and wistful, and the winters are cold but inviting.
  • Types of visits recommended in Goa —Historical, Leisure, couple holidays, beach fun, adventurous and religious.

Fun and celebrations in the State of Goa!

If you want to explore Goa, nothing can stop you except an unworthy travel arrangement. That is why take the best car you can get your hands on and drive through this State so that no boundaries or timings and regulations can halt your exploration. But of course, since it is Diwali, you are bound to get some traffic on the roads, which is absolutely normal – turn on the music and enjoy the slow and safe drive. So, let’s get ready to be charmed by the exceptional hospitality and culture in Goa. 

1. Beaches in Goa

The beaches are the main tourist attractions in Goa. No matter if it is the cool Calungute Beach, the buzzing Baga Beach or the Madrem Beach, the charm and excitement in these places are contagious. Park your cars outside the beach area and start your trail towards the swaying sea and the sylvan sands. And since the Festival of Lights is in full swing, you can reverberate in the festive fervour. You can enjoy the sea, sand, and the water sports during the day, while the lights and festive décor can only be witnessed during the nights. Not to mention the nightlife and parties! 

2. Panjim

Panjim is one of the prominent cities in Goa. And when it’s Diwali time, you will see the lights, crackers, and even celebrations of Puja going on all around the city. Even special processions taken out on the roads during the days of Diwali, and they are something really joyful and happening to witness. This city speaks of the long-lasting Portugal rule on this land that influences their way of life even today. This city offers you all the exciting things to do in Goa – like — cruising, visiting historical places, and even going for a long romantic drive. 

3. Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Visiting Goa and missing out the Dudhsagar Falls is not something you should do. This place prides in having the most lustrous and milky water cascading from a very high altitude and is actually the highest one in the country. So what if it’s the festival time in Goa, but visiting Dudhsagar Falls should be in your wish list when visiting here. You can click some charming pictures with this glorious backdrop of the waterfall and create some cheerful memories for tomorrow.

4. Fort Aguada

So, let’s try adding spice to your Diwali vacation. A trip to Fort Aguada helps you see the intrinsic Portuguese architecture that is upheld perfectly in this historical Fort. If the sheer vastness of acreage fails to stun you, the spectacular artistry of exceptional architecture surely will. You will actually be transformed to the ancient times of Portugal’s rule over here and if you are someone interested in history and culture, a visit here would be an absolute treat.

5. The Flea Markets in Goa

Goa is a hub of astounding items that showcase Indian handicrafts and fashionable accessories. But since you are here during Diwali time, you can check the various markets like the midnight flea market, the Panjim Market, Calangute Market, Info’s Market, etc. These shopping places in Goa are of repute far and wide. So, turn your car towards these markets as you enjoy your festival in this dynamic place. Also, while you hobnob with the locals, and explore the localities, don’t forget to devour the traditional seafood and Goan cuisine (not to mention the oh so famous feni!) that are served proudly everywhere – from the star resorts to every roadside food outlet in Goa. 

Well, this is just the start, you may indulge your wanderlust and explore some really fabulous nearby places from Goa for road trips like the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Terekhol Fort, Ambola, Vengurla, and many more. We are sure after spending such a fun and eventful Diwali in and around Goa, you’ll be instigated to enjoy the Christmas festival in Goa as well. And of course, as we said before, you only require to hire a car from Revv and start the journey of awesomeness in this happening location.


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