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Benefits of Hyundai Cars in Rental in Delhi-NCR and How We Get?

New Delhi, being not just the capital city of India but also a metropolitan is often visited by countless visitors from around the world. Commuting in the Delhi-NCR region is best through cars. Whether you are a tourist keen to explore the various tourist attractions of Delhi-NCR, or a new Delhiite, who doesn’t know much about the shortest routes to reach different places. Car rental services won’t disappoint you. Instead of booking cabs from various cab services, renting cars in Delhi-NCR is more convenient and affordable. 

Now, if you are thinking about which is the best car available for car rental in Delhi-NCR and how to get it? Here is our answer. Opt for the most comfortable Hyundai car hire in Delhi-NCR through none other than Revv, your car rental partner. If you rent Hyundai Car in Delhi-NCR with Revv, it means you are opting for convenience and affordability, both at the same time. At Revv you can also feel free to hire self-drive car, or a car driven by a professional driver. Furthermore, you can pick a car on rent per hour or per month basis. Up to 5 passengers can easily travel in Delhi-NCR in a Hyundai car rented with Revv. So, no compromise is required for the comfort factor when you choose a Hyundai car on rent to commute anywhere in Delhi-NCR. 

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We suggest you hire Hyundai cars by models, pricing, and mode of drive. Options are galore when it comes to picking a Hyundai car hire in Delhi-NCR. The cheapest rate of Hyundai car rental in Delhi-NCR starts from Rs. 339 per day for a minimum of 1 month. Hyundai Eon at Rs. 1344 per 120 km, Hyundai Santro AT at Rs. 1488 per 120 km, and Hyundai at Rs. 1584 per 120 km are some of the most affordable Hyundai cars by models available for rent at Revv. For people who can afford a higher car rental in Delhi-NCR, there are options like Hyundai Creta available at Rs. 2640 per 120 km, Hyundai Verna AT at Rs. 2784 per 120 kms, and Hyundai Venue AT at Rs. 2520 per 120 km. All these models can be picked as per your preferred mode of fuel like petrol or diesel. Moreover, you can also have a choice of manual transmission or automatic transmission Hyundai cars.

5 Benefits of Car Hire in Delhi-NCR with Revv:

Listed below are the 5 top benefits of car rental in Delhi-NCR with Revv:

Affordable Pricing

The first main benefit of opting for car rental in Delhi-NCR with Revv is to get the best car rental services at affordable prices. You can check the affordable price range of Hyundai cars by models by browsing at the official website of Revv. To save money, you are free to rent a car without a driver because for a driver you will need to pay extra charges. 

Safe and Sanitized

During the ongoing pandemic, no wonder everyone is keeping sanitization as the top-most priority. So, if you are looking for a safe and sanitized car rental in Delhi-NCR, then choose it from none other than Revv. The company keeps customer safety as its prime goal. It ensures that the whole vehicle is properly sanitized before and after every ride. Besides, the drivers are always wearing a mark to ensure the safety of the customer who has opted for a Hyundai Car Rental with Revv. 

Convenient and Flexible

Many people don’t prefer driving their car themselves especially in a place like Delhi-NCR that is often jammed with traffic. Revv offers convenient and flexible car rental in Delhi-NCR to save you from this issue. You can easily get drivers along with the rented car to save yourself from the hassles of driving in the traffic of Delhi-NCR. However, if you are a tourist keen to explore the capital of India by stopping at each famous hangout space, then hire self drive car and enjoy your tour to Delhi. Alternatively, Revv also offers you to rent cars with drivers, who will not deny stopping at multiple stoppages as per your desire in this beautiful capital city. 

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Privacy Guaranteed

No matter, whether you are alone or with someone, Hyundai car hire in Delhi-NCR you can rest assured of top-notch privacy in a car rented from Revv. The professional drivers of Revv won’t make you feel uncomfortable at any point of your journey in their rented car. Still, if you have privacy concerns, there is always an option to get self drive car rental in Delhi-NCR. 

Pickup at Doorstep and Delivery

When discussing the various benefits of Car hire in Delhi-NCR with Revv, we can’t stop ourselves from appreciating the pickup at doorstep and delivery service offered by the professional Revv drivers. Make sure to fill in the right information about your pickup spot and delivery destination while booking a Hyundai car rental in Delhi-NCR, and the drivers will pick you from that spot saving your time and money to reach any other place. 

Just download the Revv app from Google Playstore or iOS App Store and rent Hyundai Car in Delhi-NCR to avail all the above-mentioned benefits. We bet you will be spoilt by the plethora of options available at Revv app. Just keep your budget and model preference in mind and you can easily pick a suitable car for hire in Delhi-NCR from Revv.  

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