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Important Questions to Ask When Buying Used Cars

No one can match your skills when you tend to bargain for a used car. But surely, money isn’t everything. (Though undoubtedly it is a huge deciding factor when purchasing a car!) You need to take into consideration various important matters as well when you are buying a used car. Not all used vehicles are junk and not every car that you put your fingers on might be as spic and span inside as it looks from the outside. So, whenever you are buying a used car, ensure that you are inquiring about the important matters in depth.

Questioning is a great way to increase your knowledge and awareness is an asset when you are buying something (and in this case, it is a high-value purchase!). So, when you are purchasing a second-hand vehicle, ask the relevant questions, and the answers you get could ultimately help you decide whether or not to seal the deal. So, as you weigh the benefits of buying used cars and think about investing in one, why don’t you prepare a list of questions to ask the sellers before the official purchase? 

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Some frequently asked questions when buying a second-hand car!

If you require any reference for the questions to ask the seller when purchasing a used vehicle, then we have some of the FAQs listed below. Remember to ask the important questions to know about the car mileage, model, price, warranty, etc.

1. How old is the car?

The very first question that you need to inquire is, “How old is the car?”. It is important because as per the year of manufacturing of the vehicle, you can calculate its depreciation rate and the ideal price you should pay for the car. 

2. Why are you selling the car?

Unless and until you aren’t buying a certified vehicle through a reputed and reliable company who specialise in selling used cars (like – Revv), you have to ask the seller the reason they are giving away the vehicle. Who knows there might be some serious issue in the car because of which they might be selling the vehicle?! The seller should know — the inspection before buying the vehicle would reveal the rightful condition of the car, and as such should honestly answer this question.

3. How much mileage has the car covered till now?

Something that every used car buying guide would recommend you to inquire about! We all know that car mileage is very important. You need to be aware of the exact miles the car has traversed till now. Even this helps in deciding the final price of the vehicle in the end.

4. Is the car under a warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty is an added perk when buying a used car. So, if you are having this advantage, don’t ignore such a vehicle. It can actually be a great catch at second-hand rates.

5. Is there an accident history?

You should definitely be aware of the car history and report if you are serious about buying it. It lets you assess your decision carefully during this time. Like, if you know that the car has faced a huge accident and was revamped all over again, it makes no sense in buying such a vehicle. And if the accident was minor, you can bargain big-time.

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6. Can I bring a car inspector along?

This is the most frequently asked question among the buyers of used cars from Revv. Not all companies allow you to bring along a car inspector, some of them provide their own inspection reports to you at the time of selling the vehicle. But it is important to inspect the car thoroughly. Either you do it yourself or call an expert in cars, don’t ever miss this step when you are purchasing a used vehicle. The important areas that you have to check before purchasing the car are the hood, the bonnet, the body of the car, the headlights and taillights, the engine, the filters, and even the brake and gear movement. Apart from these, remember to check the interiors of the car like the upholstery, the ceiling, the windshield, glasses, etc. Only after you have finished a thorough inspection of the vehicle, think about buying it seriously.

7. What are the financing options to buy the car?

Not all of you can afford to pay instant cash at the time of buying a second-hand vehicle. Some of you have to think a lot about a finance option like a loan.  So, it is better to ask the seller in detail about the financing options available to buy the car. Would they accept payments via other banks if they disburse a loan after processing? Or do they require a cheque or instant cash payment? Accordingly, you have to decide if you are ready to buy or not. 

8. Can I purchase the car in accordance with my present insurance plan?

If you already have an existing insurance plan, it’s always wise to see if your new car can replace the old one and you can continue with the plan. Though this is something that your insurance advisor will guide you about, it’s always better to ask the seller if the used car you are buying already has an existing plan of its own. You may require dissolving any one plan in such a case.

9. Is the vehicle certified?

If you are purchasing the vehicle from a car dealer like Revv which provides subscriptions and car rentals and even sells used cars, then you have to enquire if the vehicle they are selling is certified or not. This inquiry is important because certified used cars are highly recommended and the best options to consider when buying a second-hand vehicle.

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10. Do they have a car title in hand?

Basically, the rule is that if there is no car title with the seller, you should opt out of the purchase immediately. It’s because without the legal proof that the person selling you the vehicle is the rightful owner of the vehicle, you should dodge buying it. 

Now when you are buying a vehicle after inquiring all these questions in detail, there are fat chances that you will get your hands on a bad deal. We wish you best of luck and hope to see you ride a nice vehicle soon.

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