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12 Awesome Waterfalls a Short Drive Away from Bangalore

Did you know that just looking at waterfalls can relax your mind? So, if you have been swamped with work lately, you can plan to visit waterfalls which will soothe your eyes and mind. If you live in Bangalore, one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan cities in India, it will be really easy for you to find some of the most pristine waterfalls nearby. Now if you are all set, you can plan road trips to the waterfalls around Bangalore. Let us take a look at the several waterfalls that are located near this city.

12 Famous Waterfalls around Bangalore

1. Thottikallu Falls

Also called Swarna Mukhi Falls, this is one of the waterfalls near Bangalore that you can visit any day. While you visit this waterfall, you can also indulge in various activities such as hiking, trekking, and biking expedition. The trails here are rugged and you can trek to the Muneshwara temple. The best time to travel to this waterfall is during the monsoons.

Distance from Bangalore: 32 km

2. Muthyala Maduvu Falls

As far as you can see, you will find lush greenery surrounding the waterfall. For a one-day trip from Bangalore, visiting this waterfall is a prudent idea. This is an amazing place for adventure enthusiasts, especially the ones who love hiking. While you are visiting this place, you can also explore the tourist attractions near waterfalls which include a Shiva temple and Thattekere Lake.

Distance from Bangalore: 40 km

3. Chunchi Falls

Chunchi Falls is famous for being a picnic spot. Located in Shivanahalli, it is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore, where you can see a magnificent waterfall. The waterfall cascades from a height of 100 feet and forms a small pool where it falls. Some of the famous activities to do here are camping, trekking, and swimming.

Distance from Bangalore: 90 km

4. Mekedatu Falls

The other name of this waterfall is Goats Leap. To reach this fall, you have to trek through rocky terrain. You should note that the undercurrents are very strong here; thus, you need to be extra careful while exploring the place.

Distance from Bangalore: 99 km

5. Shivanasamudra Falls

The Rover Kaveri splits into two waterfalls Gaganachukki and Bharachukki on the island of Shivanasamudra and is called Shivanasamudra Falls. To get the best view of the waterfall, you have to make it to the Shivanasamudra watchtower.

Distance from Bangalore: 130 km

6. Hogenakkal Falls

The Hogenakkal Falls is famous for having 14 channels and the drops vary from 15ft to 65 ft. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, this waterfall is also called the โ€˜Niagara of Indiaโ€™. It is said that some of the oldest carbonatite rocks can be found near these falls. To see these falls in their beautiful form, you can plan your trip between July and October.

Distance from Bangalore: 146 km

7. Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls

This is definitely a favorite place for many of the photographers. Located very near to Mysore city, you will find this waterfall on your way to Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. There are jagged stones and deepening waters here; therefore, you must be careful while you visit this waterfall.

Distance from Bangalore: 175 km

8. Chunchanakatte Falls

Originating from the River Kaveri, this is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls that you can visit near Bangalore. The shade of the water in this fall is turmeric yellow. This waterfall is also much appreciated for the scenic view that you can see from here, and you can even visit the hydropower plant, which is an attraction here.

Distance from Bangalore: 190 km

9. Talakona Falls

Located at the Sri Venkateswara National Park in Andhra Pradesh; this waterfall cascades from an altitude of 270 ft into a valley. Since it is situated at a Biosphere Reserve, you can spot several endangered species of wild animals such as the Mouse Deer, Golden Gecko, and the Indian giant Squirrel, etc.ย 

Distance from Bangalore: 241 km

10. Irupu Falls

This waterfall is called Lakshmana Tirtha Falls by the locals here. The waterfall is surrounded by green dense woods of the Western Ghats and as it cascades from a height of 170 ft, the sight looks mesmerizing.

Distance from Bangalore: 248 km

11. Mallali Falls

Situated on the foothills of Pushpagiri Mountains in the beautiful Coorg district, this waterfall cascades from a height of 200 ft. You can enjoy a picturesque view of the valley, the verdant woods, and the majestic mountain ranges. To enjoy the best view and weather here, you must plan your trip around monsoons or post-monsoons.

Distance from Bangalore: 251 km

12. Jog Falls

This is one of the biggest waterfalls in Karnataka and is precisely located in Shimoga. The waterfall drops from an altitude of 830 feet and looks absolutely divine. To get the best view of the waterfall, you can visit the waterfall post-monsoons.

Distance from Bangalore: 414.3 km

These falls present you with a mesmerizing sight that you can explore to your heartโ€™s content. If you have any difficulty in planning the transport for the trip, getting a car subscription in Bangalore is the best option to go around the city and beyond. The car subscription in Bangalore from Revv starts at just INR 11,899 and includes all maintenance and insurance costs which make it a pocket-friendly deal. You can download the Revv app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, and discover the plenty of cars available at different monthly subscription fees within Bangalore.


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