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If you ever want to visit a place with a glorious colonial past, you can plan your visit to Kochi. The city has been under many foreign powers such as Arabs, British, Dutch, Portuguese, and Chinese. However, over the years, the city has developed its own identity and now witnesses several tourists all through the year. From the unique artistry to the mouthwatering cuisines, there are various reasons to visit this city. While Kochi is the next destination that you want to explore, here is some more information about the place for you.

  • Best time to visit: October to February
  • Best attractions: Mattancherry Palace, Paradesi Synagogue, Kathakali Center, Kashi Art Café, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Fort Ayurveda Spa, Fort Kochi, Princess Street, etc.
  • Things to do: Go-Karting, Trying South Indian Cuisine and Thattukada Street Food, Taste Indian Wines, Witnessing Kalaripayattu, etc.

Kochi is certainly not a small town which you can cover in one day. Also, if you have your private vehicle with you, it would be a lot easier and convenient for you to explore each nook of the city. What about the ones who do not have a private vehicle or cannot drive such a long distance all the way to this city? Fret not! You can very easily opt for a self-drive car rental in Kochi. Wondering which company to trust for one such service? Well, you can choose Revv monthly rental in Kochi without a second thought. Before wonder more about the service, let us discuss some of the benefits of a self-drive car rental service from Revv.

5 Advantages of self-drive cars for monthly rental

Here are some of the top advantages of monthly self-drive car rental mentioned herein below:

Book self drive car rental

1. Privacy

When you are on a long trip, privacy matters a lot. Not every time you would want someone to hear everything that you are discussing with the people who are with you on this trip. And if the driver is bad, you would be more concerned about his attitude than enjoying your trip. However, when you choose a self-drive car for an outstation, you can maintain privacy. You do not have to think about what you are saying to whom.

2. Hygiene

Hygiene has always been an important factor. However, after the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become even more significant. When you are taking the car from Revv, you can be assured of a safe and sanitized car rental service. The moment you choose a car and book it, the company gets the car deep cleaned and sanitizes each area of it before handing it to you. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the hygiene part for the self-drive cars that are offered by Revv.

3. Flexibility

When you are covering a long distance, you would often feel like taking many stops. Also, if you get tired, your co-passenger can cover some distance. This becomes easier when you are driving the car. If the car is driven by a driver, it can be a bit awkward to ask him to stop after every hour. When you get the service from Revv, you get a flexible car rental in Kochi. You can do whatever you want on the way and as many hours as you want to reach the place as you are driving the car.

Book self drive car rental

4. Cost-effective

When you hire a car with a driver, not only the cost will go higher but you have to pay extra for the driver, on a per-day basis. This does not happen when you choose self-drive car rental for outstation. You just have to pay for the car on either a per-day basis or a monthly basis. Even if you want to extend the period of your car rental service, you can do it just by getting in touch with Revv.

5. Safety and Security

When we are traveling in a hired car, we can often see the driver too tired and as a result feeling sleepy. This can be too dangerous as a single mistake can lead to a road accident. This will not happen when you are driving the car. Even if you feel sleepy, you can take a break and rest for some time. When you feel good, you can restart the trip.

When you especially choose a self-drive rental in Kochi, it can be a truly fun-filled trip with your favorite people accompanying you. The best part of taking the self-drive car rental service from Revv is that you can choose the car that you find is the best for the trip. You can choose a car as per the condition of the road and the seating capacity. All that you need to do is to either visit the website of the company or download the Revv app on Android and iOS by visiting Play Store or iOS App Store. In just a few seconds the app will be on your smartphone and you can go ahead with booking the car. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow:

  • Have access to the app on your smartphone
  • Select the car that you find interesting or right for your trip
  • Choose the date and address where you want the car to be delivered 

Book self drive car rental

Once all the information is sent to the company, you will receive the sanitized car at your mentioned address. You can use it for as long as you want. Once done, you can update the company about it and get it picked up. If you want to give a try to the service, all that you need to do first is download the Revv app.

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