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5 Reasons Why Car Rental is a Necessity during Novel Coronavirus

The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus turned the world upside down. Going out of the house has become so challenging that most of the people prefer staying inside their home and go out only when it is necessary. In such a situation, taking a taxi or cab to get groceries or commute to the office is even riskier. One of the best ways out is to opt for monthly car rentals. 

Let us discuss how a car rental service during the Coronavirus outbreak is a great help to many of us.

5 Reasons of car rentals are best during pandemic

  1. Social distancing norms can be followed
  2. Traveling with precautions
  3. Freedom to travel anywhere
  4. Affordable monthly rates
  5. Easy return

1. Social distancing norms can be followed

While we take public transport, it is obvious that we cannot follow the norms of social distancing. And the more we come in contact with people, the chances of getting infected by the virus increases. Car rental service is an actual savior at that point, especially for people who do not own a car. You can opt for a monthly car rental service and use it for as many months as you want. The process is just like paying rents for the house. For the number of months you use the car, you have to pay the charges accordingly. When you think you do not need the services anymore, you can discontinue taking the services.

2. Traveling with precautions

Almost all the car rental companies are taking all sorts of precautionary measures to ensure that their customers are getting the best possible services. They provide pick-up and drop facilities to the customers. Car hygiene during Covid-19 is of utmost importance, thus the companies ensure sanitizing each part of the cars, such as the seats, boot handles, door, and gears before they deliver the car to the customer. The employees of the car companies are being trained in all the safety measures that must be taken to keep the hygiene level higher.

3. Freedom to travel anywhere

Most cars of these companies are equipped with all-India permits. Therefore, you can travel to any corner of the country without any problem. You can even go on a short road trip. The companies also offer 24×7 roadside assistance. If any customer comes across any kind of problem while traveling in the car, they can contact the company immediately, and they will be provided with the necessary help. 

4. Affordable monthly rates

The car rental services of the majority of the companies come in very pocket-friendly rates. The monthly fee usually starts at INR 10000, and things like insurance claims and maintenance are covered in the package. You can enjoy driving the car wherever and whenever possible. The monthly rental that the customer pays is much lesser than the monthly cost of a new car with the down payment, EMI, insurance, road tax, maintenance, and other associated expenses.

5. Easy return

When you find the need to return the car, you can just contact the company and return the car. Someone from the company will come and receive it from your doorstep. When you get bored of the car that you are driving or just want to try out a new car for a few days, you can take the car of your choice on rent and enjoy the drive.

You can find several companies that are offering car rental services. One of the best car rental services providers at present in India is Revv. To take car rental services from Revv, you do not need to visit them at the office physically. You can just visit the website of the company or install their app from the iOS app store or Google play store. You can choose the car of your preference and reserve it online. Once you select the car online, you will receive a call from the staff of Revv. They will take some information from you, and share some information about the company with you. You can then wait for a couple of days to receive the car, as they deep clean the car and sanitize its every corner. The car is then delivered to your doorstep, and the staff member who delivers it, wears a mask, gloves, and even PPE kit. There is also a doorstep sensitization that can be carried out for your satisfaction.

Revv also offers a completely contact-less delivery and pick-up facility for the cars to the customers. Their self-drive car rental service is one of their best services, and they keep all the measures so that their customers can enjoy the services without any problem. The booking process for the car takes a maximum of 2 minutes, and there is absolutely no hidden charge. You are required to furnish some of the personal details for the basic identification purpose. You will also receive a follow-up call from the team with further KYC questions and more information about your booking.

To opt for car rental from Revv, you can either sign up with the website of Revv and if you are already registered, you can log in and get started with the booking process. You can also book through the Revv app on your Smartphone and follow the same process. 

At a time when Covid-19 does not seem to take a pause, and instead of spreading a bit more every day, car rental services from Revv is no less than a blessing in disguise. You can take the car rental from Revv and avoid coming directly in contact with other people and have better protection against the disease.

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