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A Step-by-Step Car Subscription Guide for Bangalore

Owning a car is everyone’s dream! But not everyone can buy one. The reasons can be myriad – not necessarily financial. So what? Would you remain without a four wheeler your entire life? Or do you have to wait until you are financially or locationally stable? Not necessarily. From the financial perspective, there are some other ways of buying a car too – like, say, through a loan or an EMI option. But are these options as relevant and trustworthy as they portray?

You would have certainly heard about car subscription plans. These are almost trending in the entire world. Especially in India, this plan is getting lots of positive responses from car users. It’s always better to quit the commitment and adopt a policy that provides you great benefits yet don’t tax you in any way. We all love flexibility, don’t we? Well, don’t you think it’s time you thought about car subscription as well? After all we all know that leasing a car is like carrying a tremendous load on your shoulders constantly. And if you compare car subscription plans to such methods, this process is always hassle free, convenient, and absolutely safe.

The exact procedure to let you subscribe for a car in Bangalore!

You know the tough life a city dweller lives. No matter how sugar coated it seems, but living in a metropolis city like Bangalore is never easy. You are constantly struggling to get a better and quick way to reach your work and other destinations. Public transport is available (without a doubt), but you know the dense population in such cities and therefore even approaching these is very difficult. 

And if we consider the present time, that is, during the pandemic, it has become highly unsafe to travel via the public transportations. In such a situation, cars with subscription plans in Bangalore seems to be a heavenly option. You don’t have to pay a large sum as your down payment, you just have to pay a certain fixed amount monthly which covers your monthly maintenance and insurance as well, and you can enjoy the usage of your car as long as you want. Don’t you think it’s an awesome option to go for? And if you want to know the details about subscribing a car in Bangalore, continue to read the below listed pointers carefully:

1. Select the car model you Iike

Whether you lease a car or subscribe for it, your selection and choice stay of prominent importance. You can visit the website that provides car subscription plans in India and type your city’s name. Then start searching for the car models and brands they offer. Presently in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, you’ll find lots of people opting for a Hyundai car subscription. And why not, it’s a great car brand which provides excellent performance on the road. Accordingly, you can pick your preferences from the many available on the list.

2. Reserve your choice

No matter if it’s a Mahindra car subscription or any other brand or model you are opting for, it’s necessary to reserve your choice on the company’s website. Only after this sign off from your side will the company take your request forward.

3. Your subscription will be processed

Now that you have done your part, the company offering you the service will carry out an easy car subscription eligibility test of yours. They’ll check all the necessary documents related to your refundable security deposit, address proof, identity proof, and even the KYC procedure. This procedure through Revv car subscription in Bangalore hardly takes fifteen days and you’ll soon be contacted by the team about your eligibility in the matter.

4. The car will be delivered at your doorsteps

Now you just have to wait eagerly for your dream car to arrive at your doorstep. And if you subscribe for a Revv car in Bangalore, it will reach your place in the best condition under the guidance of a reliable person who’ll verify your presence and handover the keys to you.

5. Enjoy your drive through and around Bangalore

Now you can drive this car and head towards your favourite destinations in and around Bangalore without any stress of the EMI dates and payments. It’s a pretty hassle free process and the car is totally yours. But since it’s a Revv subscription, the review of this car and its routine service and insurance claim will be done by the company itself at your doorstep. You won’t have to drive your car all the way to their office in Bangalore and waste your time and effort. 

6. Return, halt, or extend

If you are leaving Bangalore for some reason or you don’t want to continue with the car now or you are impressed by some other model and want to start a new subscription plan, then you can easily halt your present plan with the company. And if you are totally in love with the vehicle now and even if your subscription period is over, you can approach the company and ask them to continue your subscription for some more years. You have all the rights for the same since it’s an open subscription plan with the company. And in case your subscription is over, and you want to end the coordination and don’t want to continue further, even then you are welcome — and the entire process will be carried out very pleasantly and smoothly for you.

These car subscription plans are totally designed and worked out on your personal choices and aim at providing maximum satisfaction to you. That is why,  it’s the best and most convenient way of owning a car. And now that you know how you can follow up with the entire process in your city, we think it would be quite easy for you to opt for the same. Just contact the car subscription providers in Bangalore near you and carry out the entire process listed above. But before going for the option, we request you to carefully read the terms and conditions listed in the website. You definitely wouldn’t want any inconveniences after you have signed the subscription forms and the car is almost yours.

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