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Witness the Janmashtami Fervor at these Outstanding Destinations in India

Celebrated during the months of August or September, Janmashtami is one of the most colorful festivals in India. It celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna and you can see the vigor of the festival all across the country. However, there are some places where it is more than just a festival. And if you are wondering “Janmashtami is celebrated in which state”; it is not celebrated in any particular state but across the country. From colorful decoration to forming a human pyramid and breaking the Dahi handi, there are lots of ways people celebrate this festival. 

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Significance of Janmashtami

As we discuss Janmashtami’s significance, it is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, who is one of the most important and popular deities in the Hindu community. Devotees celebrate this festival in India by bathing the idol of Lord Krishna, putting the idol on a swing, staying awake all through the night to celebrate the birth at midnight. 

If you wish to see the zeal of people and the various things they do to celebrate this festival, you must plan road trips during Janmashtami in India. The date of the Janmashtami celebration in 2021 is 30th August and you must start preparing for the road trip.

Let us check out the places that you can cover during Janmashtami.

1. Mathura


One of the best places to visit in India during Janmashtami is Mathura. According to the legends, Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. Therefore, it is one of the most important places for the Hindu community in India. And as we talk about Janmasthami, the festival is celebrated with great zest. There are two parts in which the celebration takes place. The first part is Jhulanotsav and the second is Ghatas. In Jhulanotsav, people put swings for Lord Krishna in their homes. The idol of Lord Krishna is bathed with honey, curd, and milk and people even apply ghee to the idol. This happens early in the morning and the name of the ceremony is Abhishek. Once the bathing ceremony is done, people decorate the idol with new clothes as well as ornaments and place it in the swing. The swings can be found in the courtyards of the temples and houses in Mathura and the idols of Lord Krishna are swung on them. Another beautiful thing about Janmasthami in Mathura is Ras Leela. Kids not older than 10-12 years perform drama describing the various stages of Lord Krishna’s life. People from nearby towns and cities also visit Mathura to see Ras Leela.

2. Vrindavan

kusum sarovar vrindavan

Located very close to Mathura, Vrindavan is another place where Janmashtami is celebrated with enthusiasm. It is believed that Lord Krisna grew up here. It is also believed that it is actually the place where Lord Krishna did Ras Leela with Radha and gopis. The celebration starts 10 days ahead of Janmashtami in Vrindavan. You can find the temples decorated and the city is dazzling with lights.

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3. Gokul

Gokul is certainly one of the top attractions in Janmashtami since Lord Krishna was taken immediately to this place after his birth. Janmasthami in Gokul is called Gokulashtami and is celebrated one day after the rest of the country celebrates this festival. During the celebration, devotees chant mantras, sing bhajans, ring chimes, blow shells, etc. A road trip to Gokul will not only give you the pleasure of witnessing the beautiful celebration of Janmashtami but you can also see rural India.

4. Dwarka


One of the oldest religious cities in the country, Dwarka is believed to have been the kingdom of Lord Krishna. Dwarka is considered to be the place where Lord Krishna lived for five thousand years after leaving Mathura. Janmashtami here is a month-long celebration which is characterized by Mangal Aarti that is performed all across the city. You can even find people performing Garba and Ras during this celebration.

5. Mayapur


As you travel to Mayapur during Janmashtami, you can find people celebrating the festival at the ISKCON. The temple illuminates with lights, and your soul will be filled with the non-stop kirtans. The celebration starts with Mangal Aarti and then continues with Srimad Bhagwatam class, Darshan Aarti, Kirtan Mela, Rajbhoga Aarti, Sandhya Aarti, Mahaabhishek, and Mahaarti, all step by step.

6. Mumbai

mumbai in janmashtami

Bollywood, nightlife, lavish parties are the things that we usually associate Mumbai with. However, this city is also known for celebrating Janmashtami in the best possible way. It is certainly one of the best places to visit, especially during Janmashtami. You can find large groups of people visiting the Dahi handi venue in their respective costumes and enjoying the ritual of breaking the earthen pot of curd. One of the things to do here during that time is participating in the ritual. This is no less than a lifetime experience. 

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7. Udupi

This city in Karnataka is famous for its Sri Krishna Mutt. The Mutt was formed after the city of Dwarka submerged underwater. The temple is famous for its location and architecture which is worth witnessing. Eight monasteries surround the temple, and the deity is placed on a golden chariot. You can find clay idols of baby Krishna are taken around the city and many devotees participating in the procession. You can also try the local meal “Gunda” or “Kottige” here which is prepared especially during Janmashtami.

As you plan road trips in India during this one-of-a-kind festival, you can make it even better by taking a self-drive car rental service. You can contact Revv through their website or app to get safe cars on rent. The self-drive option will make your trip way convenient. 

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