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Get Behind The Wheels to Explore The Exquisite Beaches of Maharashtra

Confession time — though we always sing praises of rocky hill stations and fascinating wildlife tours, deep inside we all need a relaxing getaway to a beach occasionally! Yes, it’s the only place where you can throw off the burden of stress from your shoulders and gaze endlessly at the roaring sea! Relaxing on the soft sand while being touched softly by the rays of the sun is awesome, serene, sensual – all in one. So, aren’t we tickling those beach loving nerves in you and instigating you to think of a beach holiday soon?

When we talk of beaches, how can we not mention Maharashtra?! It’s a vast Indian state located on the coastline of the gigantic Arabian Sea. So, you can well imagine the number of rich and lush beaches it would take pride in! And if you want expert advice, then we would say that don’t delay exploring those peaceful beaches it holds under its kitty!

Things to keep in mind when driving to beaches in Maharashtra!

  • Best time to visit Maharashtra — Maharashtra bears a very scorching summer and visiting the beaches during the heavy rains during the monsoons isn’t logical too. So, practically, the best time to travel towards the beaches in Maharashtra is during the winters.
  • Activities in store for tourists on the beaches in Maharashtra — For fun and excitement loving tourists like you, there are hundreds of things to do in Maharashtra beaches. From experiencing the thrilling water-sports to indulging in a food porn treat at the stalls near the beach, and even experimenting with fishing, the activities are uncountable, and the fun is always unlimited.

Relax on the laps of sylvan beaches in Maharashtra this holiday season!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to relax under the warm sun and spend times around the serene sea? Well, the experience is certainly divine and if you want to experience all of that, then road trips to Maharashtra should be your ultimate goal. The State prides in having some really exotic looking and buzzing beaches to offer to its travellers. And even if you aren’t a crowd lover, still try driving towards this State, as there are at least more than 10 beaches in Maharashtra especially dedicated for the solitude lovers as well. But before we head towards the beaches, let’s talk about Marine drive! One of the most talked about sightseeing places in Maharashtra, Marine Drive is a jewel on its crown! You’ll just love watching the crazy waves of the sea playing havoc against the rocky terrain and the view stretching to infinity — something extremely captivating. Drive towards Marine Drive in Mumbai to spend a quality evening gazing at those hyperactive waves and enjoying the fresh breeze playing around your face. Done? Now wheel towards some other hidden and not so hidden gems:

1. Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli Beach

If you really want to see through the clean sea, visit Tarkarli Beach. One of the most outstanding and famous beaches in Maharashtra, it’s known for its powdered white sand that forms such a heavenly plush bed for you to sit and unwind. What’s more, you can actually spot the dolphins appearing here occasionally — and the fun doesn’t stop here — There are some beaches located very close to it like Kolam and Achra – and you can experience them all in a single trip.

2. Kashid Beach

For natural beauty lovers, Kashid Beach is truly a paradise. Located just in between Alibaug and Mumbai, this beach promises a quality and calm time on its lap. The white sand, blue water, and the large growing palm trees make it the most pristine beach of the State. And if you want to add to the fun, visit Murud Janjira Fort, one of the best nearby tourist attractions from this beach to explore its historical significance.

3. Harihareshwar Beach

Harihareshwar Beach

A simply outstanding and religiously important beach, Harihareshwar Beach, is famous because of the Harihareshwar Temple located in this region. You can easily reach this beach after driving for about 200 kilometres from Raigad city of Maharashtra. Though the sea and the beautiful sand are enough to keep you busy over here, but you can always attend and enjoy the various fairs and events that take place on this beach during the festival times.

4. Alibaug Beach


Alibaug and the beaches located here don’t need any introduction. Alibaug beach is a black sand beach of the State and particularly famous as one of the most soothing holiday destinations in Maharashtra. Enjoy a calm day at the beach enjoying the panoramic view from here and don’t forget to take a trip to the ancient ruins and the forts around this beach.

5. Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach, Mumbai

The longest and most famous Juhu Beach of Mumbai has its own sweet charm. You’ll see a rush of locals and tourists flocking this beach every day and the local food stalls outside it are the most enticing part of the beach. Explore this beach to have a fun time with family and friends.

6. Ganapatipule Beach

Ganapatipule Beach

If the monotonous and hyper lifestyle is making you feel claustrophobic, then you should go towards the Ganapatipule Beach near Ratnagiri. It’s a wonderful beach with silvery shining sand and clean sea. You’ll love the welcoming ambience over here and the diverse flora including the coconut trees and mangroves. Pro tip — Check the 400 years old Ganapati Temple near the beach which holds so much importance in the Hindu religion.

7. Diveagar Beach

Diveagar Beach

If you are a soul who always searches for water sports activities on beaches, then this beach should be the one you should check. The Diveagar Beach is an exciting little beach area for active sports freaks like you who like to enjoy the serenity of the beach and also the rush of adrenaline.

8. Murud Beach

Murud Beach

The most exclusive and sophisticated beach of Maharashtra, the Murud Beach is a perfect example of beauty and serenity. The pristine water of the sea and clean crystals of sands make it all the more alluring. And what’s more enticing, you can always spot some dolphins over here.

9. Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

Girgaum Chowpatty Beach

Located just adjacent to Marine Drive in Mumbai, Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is another exciting location to check. The buzz and rush of the people here is truly admirable. The positive vibes coming from this famous beach is infectious and the yummy local street food served at the stalls isn’t something that you should miss at all.

10. Manori Beach


Good news for all those who hit the beaches for a quiet time, Manori Beach is a special treat for you! Located in Mumbai, this beach is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sound of waves and have a sweet time under the sun.

Well, now that you have read everything about these beaches, from their special features to the location of the beaches, from the nearest tourist attractions to the culinary delights, you just need to climb on your vehicle and rush towards them now! And for better convenience and ease of reaching out, hire a car from Revv in Maharashtra and hit the locations in a jiffy!

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