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Divine Trips – Drive to The Temple Towns on Seashores

When you travel to a temple town, it’s mostly to pay homage. But that’s only the spiritual aspect of your trip. When you broaden your perspective for a while, you’ll feel inclined to marvel at the unique architecture and artistic sculpts, and even enjoy the area surrounding it, know of the land and its people, try the flavours and delight at the local fare and festivals. And if you are a traveller who likes to explore the myriad hues of a trip, then there’s a lot in store for you in this post.

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When you plan road trips in India to a certain temple, you obviously inquire a lot about the area around it too. If sea and sand invoke spirituality in you, if the waves of the sea make you think about the ebbs and tides of life, then you can enjoy a confluence of sea and shrine at the towns with temples near seashores. And what could be a better way of connecting to a land and its people than taking a road trip.

Things to keep in mind when travelling to the temples near seashore in India!

  • Ideal time to visit the temples near the seashore — The best time to travel towards these temples located near the seashore is from October to March because during the monsoons, the roads are often closed for tourists near these temples.
  • Other things to do near these temples — After you have paid homage to the temples, you can try certain things to do near the seashore like water sports, bird watching, sightseeing, lazing on the beach, and trekking.

Take the ideal road trip in India to these temples near the sea shore

So, did you know that many of the famous temples of India are located near the seashore? Yes, it’s quite an interesting fact. And you’ll find a never-ending rush and queue of devotees and tourists alike flocking these temples all-round the year. And if you want to join the queue, then read about the famous ones of the country and plan a visit soon.

1. Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple

One of the very famous temples located on the seashore in India is the Murudeshwar Temple in the city of the same name. But do you know what is the most interesting part of this temple? Well, a huge statue of around 123 ft (around 20 storeys) of Lord Shiva is placed outside this temple facing the Arabian Sea. Lots of tourists from across the world just visit this temple to view the fascinating marvel of this temple. The buck does not stop here, the Murudeshwar Beach is the most famous one in the South of India and you can spend a fabulous time with your family enjoying the beach site as well.

Location: Murdeshwar, Karnataka

2. Shore Temple

Shore Temple

Listing on top amongst the old temples in India, the Shore Temple is a grand monument in itself. Located in Mahabalipuram facing the Bay of Bengal, its architecture and structure is surely very intriguing. This world heritage site is an admirable and important temple no doubt, but you’ll be surely mesmerised by the picturesque beauty around this temple and the buzzing beach in its neighbourhood.

Location: Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

3. Harihareshwar Temple

Harihareshwar Temple

Situated just around 130 kilometres away from the famous city of Maharashtra — Mumbai, this is a very significant temple for the Hindus. And as it’s overlooking the Arabian Sea, you’ll get to see a very calm and peaceful beach located near it where you can just spend some peaceful time in retrospection.

Location: Maharashtra

4. Mahabaleshwar Temple

Mahabaleshwara Temple

Gokarna in Karnataka is one of the most happening beaches in India. But the spiritual counterpart of this beach is the iconic Mahabaleshwar Temple located at its shore. This mighty temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a prominent pilgrimage centre and that’s why the buzz of the devotees is always present here. However, if you are looking to chill after the prayers, you can try the water sports at this beach and even relax comfortably on the soft sand.

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka

5. Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

Thiruchendur Murugan Temple

This is one of the most prominent temples in Tamil Nadu. Well, it’s actually a complete complex of a number of important temples to be more precise. Visiting all these temples and locations is important when you are here. And since this temple complex is located near the seashore, you get to view mesmerising natural beauty around it too.

Location: Tamil Nadu

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6. Ganpatipule Temple

Ganpatipule Temple, Ratnagiri

Let’s not forget the very famous Ganpatipule Temple of Maharashtra near Ratnagiri which also has a coastal location. There are whole lots of adventurous activities awaiting you at Ganpatipule apart from the mandatory trip to this temple.

Location:Ganpatipule, Maharashtra

7. Konark Sun Temple

Sun Temple, Konark

How can we miss listing the Konark Sun Temple of Odisha when we are talking about famous temples near the seashore? This temple situated near one of the busiest beaches of Odisha — Chandrabhaga Beach — is certainly very famous as one of the most primitive temples of the country with sculpting that makes your jaw drop, and a gorgeous beach lacing its perimeters.

Location: Odisha

8. Ramanathaswamy Temple

Ramanathaswamy Temple

One of the very popular tourist attractions of the south, the Ramanathaswamy Temple, located in Rameshwaram, is also a very significant temple for the Hindus. It’s one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of the country and even ancient enough to be considered as a proud heritage. Apart from the impressive architecture of this temple, the island where it’s built is an enticing destination to head to as well. The unending line of the coconut trees and the rich water gushing by makes it all the more inviting!

Location: Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

9. Azhimala Shiva Temple


When you take a car rental from Revv in Thiruvananthapuram, it’s very easy to drive to Vinzhinjam and reach this significant temple of the South. It specifically got its name as Azhi and Mala because it’s located on a hill and faces the sea. This makes it easy for devotees like you to pay homage in the temple and then enjoy the sea view as well. Pro tip — you can try hill climbing and go trekking to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the temple.

Location: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

10. Bhagawati Amman Temple

Bhagawati Amman Temple

We are sure you opted for a safe car rental to explore these prominent temples of India. So, when you have the convenience of a car, why don’t you drive to the southernmost part of India, Kanyakumari? In Kanyakumari, Devi Kanyakumari Temple is located just at the confluence of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean. So, after you have visited this temple, you can enjoy a calm time on the seacoast and enjoy the picturesque view.

Location: Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

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All these temples have been standing proudly near the sea for all these years against all the odds. We are sure you are most curious to visit them soon and even enjoy the easy access to the waves and sands around them. Well, why wait anymore?

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