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Book Self-Drive Car Rental in Mangalore from Revv to Enjoy Benefits

Mangalore is a beautiful city in Karnataka that everyone should visit at least once. From the pristine seas to gushing rivers, and even the giant green mountains make Mangalore a wonderful place to live in and even go on a road trip. Apart from the natural beauty of this place, you can also come across many attractions in this city which are worth witnessing. However, if you have plans to stay in this city for a month or so, you need a car which can help you to move from point A to point B. Relying on public transport all the time can not only result in spending way lot of money but you may also have trouble during the hours of an emergency. Buying a car for such a short term will of course not be a great decision; therefore, the third option that you can have is going for self-drive cars in Mangalore.

The best thing about monthly self-drive car rental services is that you do not have to depend upon public transport, especially during the times of COVID-19. You will be safe and can maintain hygiene. If you are also giving thoughts about self-drive car rental in Mangalore, you can find one company and get in touch with it. Now finding a car rental company in Mangalore can be a little challenging since there are several options. This is why you can choose Revv without a second thought. The self-drive cars you will get at Revv are of the best quality.

Let us discuss the several benefits of self-drive car rental from Revv.

1. Convenience

Taking self-drive rentals in Mangalore will make everything convenient for you. Once you have the service, you can use the car as if you own it. Even to travel around the city and out of the city, you do not have to think twice. You can use the car the way you want and not have to depend on any other option.

2. Flexibility

With the self-drive option, you can enjoy flexible car rental in Mangalore. This means, you can of course take the car for one month but you can extend the period of use if need be. And if you are taking the car rental service for a few days, you can extend it to one month or even more. In the same service, you can also enjoy self-drive car rental for outstation. Since it is a self-drive service, you can use the car for driving around the city and even outside it. The only thing that you need to be careful about is updating the company about it.

3. Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the major concerns in today’s world. Especially, when we already have an ongoing pandemic, we need to be very careful about maintaining hygiene. However, when you are taking the service from Revv, a safe and sanitized car rental service is ensured. The executives in the company make sure that they clean and sanitize each corner of the car before handing it over to you. As a matter of fact, right before finally delivering it to you, they sanitize the car. They ensure that their customers are safe.

4. Privacy

Privacy is also an important factor that is covered when you choose Revv monthly rental in Mangalore. This is something you will not be able to enjoy when a driver is driving the car. You will always have a feeling that whatever you say the driver is listening to all of it. However, when you take a self-drive car rental service, you will not have to face any such problem. You can speak your heart out and laugh out loud without worrying about anybody listening to you or getting disturbed by you.

5. Cost-effective

We all look for options that can help us save some penny, don’t we? Well, in that case, you will totally love the self-drive cars for monthly rental from Revv. You can get the service at the most affordable rates, depending upon how many days you need the car for. If you compare the rates with the money you have to spend on public transport, the latter will certainly cost you more. However, the cost for car rental services varies from one city to the other and you must check it before deciding of taking the service.

6. No loans

If you are moving to Mangalore for some months, and you are not fond of traveling in public transport, you might feel like buying a car, even if it is second-hand. Well, there is no need for that if you have the option for a self-drive car rental service. Also, since you are not buying a car, there is absolutely no need of taking a loan. You just can pay a certain amount in which even the maintenance amount is included. 

Opting for self-drive cars in Mangalore is any day a smarter choice. And if you are a travel freak who uses his long holidays to explore new places, then this is something you will love. To book a self-drive car from the company, you can download the Revv app on Android and iOS phones. You can enjoy a glitch-free service. You can take a thorough look at the options for cars that are available and choose the one that you think is perfect as per your need. Make sure you enter the right dates for using the service.

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