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Easy Self-drive Car Rentals in Hyderabad for a Whole Month

The City of Nizams, Hyderabad is one of the oldest cities in India that is frequented by tourists from across the globe. While there are several tourist attractions in the city which include Salarjung Museum, Ramoji Film City, Charminar, etc., in the outskirts of Hyderabad, you can find ruins of forts and also forts and buildings that have been well-maintained.

The city is so big that to go from one point to the other, you cannot always depend upon public transport. And if you happen to take public transport always, it will cost you more. And if you are taking a trip to this beautiful city, even then you will need a vehicle that can make the overall experience convenient and wonderful. One of the best solutions for this is getting a monthly car rental in Hyderabad.

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Now the biggest question that you have in mind is the company from which you can get the monthly car rental service, right? Well, if you are looking only for the best services for monthly rental cars in Hyderabad, then you have to consider Revv. The car rental service they provide is not only just the regular car on rent service. You can actually get self-drive monthly rental cars in Hyderabad from them. This means you can drive the car on your own, without depending on anyone else. Like this, there are several benefits of taking car rental on monthly basis in Hyderabad from Revv. Let us take a look at them.

5 Benefits of Car rental in Hyderabad

1. Affordable

As you rent a car for a month from Revv, it will be super affordable for you. The charges for car rental service vary from one car to the others. It also depends on whether you are taking the service for just one month or more than that. To check the price, you can visit the website or app of Revv and take a look at the various cars that are available for rental service, and see the charges.

Book self drive car rental

2. Flexible

The service for car monthly rental in Hyderabad is very flexible. This means you can extend the period of the car rental service if need be. The only thing that you have to be careful about is infrming the company about it. And just because the car is delivered to your address, you do not have to drop it at the same location. While taking the service, you will get the option to choose whether you can leave the car at any location in the city. The car will be picked by the Revv executives.

3. Clean and sanitized

When you are taking the service for car monthly rental in Hyderabad, you do not have to worry about the cleanliness part. As soon as the car is booked by a customer, the Revv executives take it for cleaning. The car is deep cleaned and each part is sanitized properly. Even before delivering it, they sanitize the car right in front of the customers. Once they receive the car from a customer, they again deep clean the car and then sanitize it. Therefore, if you are a cleanliness freak, you are absolutely going to love the Revv cars.

4. Cars are in good condition

When we take a car for rent, we mostly think that we will receive a car with lots of scratches and dents. Well, it is not the same in the case of Revv cars. Each of the cars from Revv is properly maintained and is older not more than three years. The cars are properly serviced and there is no way that you will face any breakdown while using them. The majority of the Revv cars look completely new. You might even not be able to find out if the car that you have received is brand new or used.

Book self drive car rental

5. Privacy

Privacy plays a vital role in our life. We all want to be at places where we can talk louder without worrying about people hearing us and then judging us on the basis of that. This cannot be enjoyed when you have a driver in the car. Well, when you take a self-drive car rental for 1 month in Hyderabad, you can totally enjoy your privacy. Since you will drive the car and not any driver provided by the company, you can discuss anything with your friends or family and take as many breaks as you want during the trip. And if you feel like taking a certain route that you think will help you to reach your destination early, you can do that without any hesitation. You also can start the trip at whatever time suits you. 

Apart from the self-drive car rental service, Revv also offers car subscription services. The best thing about a car subscription service is that you can even get a brand new car. There are two options such as brand new car and used car. Both the options are good as even if you go for a used car, it will neither look like nor feel like a used one. However, if you subscribe to a brand new car, you cannot return it before one month. 

Now if you have made up your mind to go for a car rental service from Revv, you can start looking for the car at their website. You can also download the Revv app on your smartphone and start browsing through to check the car that you would need.

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