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Reasons for Popularity of Mahindra Cars Ownership and Rental in India 

Taking a closer look at the Indian automotive market, you will find many excellent choices for car brands. And if you are a new driver, it is certainly confusing for you to choose a particular brand that can be opted for without a doubt. One such car brand is Mahindra and Mahindra. Ever since the Mahindra cars were launched, they became a favorite of many Indians, from common people to Bollywood celebrities. Apart from ownership, Mahindra cars in rental services are also very popular. Let us dig deeper to find out the reasons for the popularity of these beautiful machines.

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Why Mahindra cars are popular in India?

1. Local

Mahindra and Mahindra is an Indian brand that started in 1945 as Muhammad and Mahindra and later changed into Mahindra and Mahindra. Apart from private, rented, and commercial cars, the Mahindra Racing cars also compete in the Formula E car racing championship.

2. Robust

One of the best features of Mahindra cars is its sturdiness. These are so well-made that Mahindra cars like Mahindra MM50 are used by the Indian Army. Mahindra MM50 is perfectly designed to be used on rough terrains. The other cars that are used for the safety of border patrols are Mahindra Rakshak and Mahindra Marksman.

3. Safe

No matter which Mahindra car you are choosing, you can rest assured of the safety factor. Several safety features make the Mahindra cars safe. For child occupancy at crash test, the Mahindra cars scored a 4-star rating. The robust build also brings safety elements.

4. mHawk engines

Mahindra cars come with mHawk engines, which are considered some of the best engines in the industry. Some of the SUVs where you will find this engine include Bolero, Scorpio, Thar, XUV500, etc. Mahindra even showcased mStallion engines in one of the Auto Expos.

5. Best SUVs

Mahindra is known for coming up with some of the best SUVs in the market, which include Scorpio, Bolero, Thar, Alturas G4, etc. The compact SUV XUV300 and XUV500, which are some of the safest cars on Indian roads, are also from Mahindra.

6. Great Resale Value

Most car lovers have this dream of driving various types of cars. In that case, they resale their present car and buy a new one. If you are also one of them, you must go for Mahindra cars as you are likely to get a good resale value of the car. You will never feel like running at loss.

With so many advantages of Mahindra cars, you must have got a good idea of the benefits of Mahindra car rental as well. However, in this case, apart from choosing the car model, you also need to focus on the car rental company. One of such companies that you can totally trust is Revv. You can get some of the best Mahindra car models from Revv, which are in the best condition. They have several models and you can choose from a wide range of options.

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Why should I take Mahindra car rental from Revv?

Mahindra is one of the most sought-after brands when it comes to cars, and for car rental, services and cars offered by Revv is reliable. Let us shed some limelight on some of the reasons that may convince you to take Mahindra care rental from Revv.


You can take flexible car rental from Revv. This means you can take the car and return it as per your need and convenience. In case you want to extend the tenure of the car rental service, you can update the company about it and enjoy the service for as long as you want or have the need.

Monthly rental

The option of monthly car rental enables you to pay the car rental fee every month. This will certainly help you to maintain your budget. There is no hidden amount added to the monthly car rental fee.

Safe and sanitized

With Revv, you get a safe and sanitized car rental service. The cars offered by Revv are deep cleaned and then sanitized. The team at Revv ensures that each car is sanitized and then handed over to the customers with staff wearing PPE gear.

Self-drive car rental

Revv offers a self-drive car rental service, which means you do not need to be dependent on someone to drive you to certain places. You can drive the car all by yourself and use it like your own.

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Pocket-friendly fee

The fees charged for the car rental services from Revv are absolutely pocket-friendly. You can browse through the cars listed on the app or website of Revv and choose the one that suits your needs and budget. 

The numbers of cars offered by Revv for car rental services are many. From Mahindra KUV100 to Mahindra KUV300, from Mahindra Scorpio to Mahindra XUV500, there are several cars from this brand that you can go for. As the color of the car is concerned, it is not promised in the car rental service and depends on the availability.  

Getting a car from Revv is as easy as ordering something online. You can either visit the website of Revv or install the Revv app on your smartphone or tablet and check out the vast collection of cars available for the car rental service. As you confirm the car you want to take on rental, the Revv team will contact you and soon you will get the car for as many days as you want.

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