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Moved to a New City and Missing Your Car? Try Car Subscription

Transferable jobs or businesses will take you from place to place, and taking all your stuff wherever you go is not possible. Particularly, you can’t take your car to a distant part of our country, so you need to manage some alternative solution. We all love our cars like our children and get dependent on them after a certain time of use. Hence, when we cannot drive our vehicle we start missing it, and our life gets hampered. In such a scenario, you can avail of a car subscription instead of purchasing one. 

In the following section, we will emphasize the benefits of a car subscription vs. buying a car. So you can easily understand why you should get a rental car in a new city.

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Car subscription is available in all major cities:

Whether you are changing your job to a new city or have a transferable work schedule, or need to be on business tours, it is better to have a car to assist you in the new place. Now purchasing a new car is a pretty costly factor, and if you are in a monthly or half-yearly program to stay, then buying a car with registration and taxation will be very expensive. In such cases, half-yearly or monthly car subscription plans are most suitable. You can find rental cars in all major cities across India at a reasonable cost. Book your favorite car, and you will get total control to start exploring the nearby places. 

1. No need for load or down payment

Getting a car loan is pretty easy these days. But, for a new address, it is not the same. Also, the down payment, processing charge, registration charge, and taxation for purchasing a new car will break your bank. While, for rental cars, you only have to pay a security deposit, which is refundable once the tenure is over. Also, the amount for the down payment will be around two lakhs, while the refundable security deposit for an average car will be Rs. 15,000 to 20,000. Hence, the benefits of car subscriptions are quite convincing, and you can try it in a new city, where your personal vehicle isn’t available. 

2. Can return the car when your stay is over

You need to sell your car to a legitimate buyer when you leave the place. For that, not only finding a suitable buyer but also accomplishing the ownership transfer process is essential. Transfer of a vehicle’s ownership requires several documents, and you need to be physically present at RTO in time of name change. It will engage your precious time and energy in fulfilling the requirements, and so a car subscription from Revv is the most convenient option. You can select any available cars for any tenure from monthly to yearly. Once your stay is over, just drop off the vehicle and move on to the next place. 

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3. Avoid the maintenance expenditures

Maintenance of a car requires several procedures like cleaning and servicing, insurance, pollution clearance, and taxations. The servicing cost can range from Rs. 3,000 to 15,000 depending on the type of vehicle. Also, the other charges, like insurance and taxation require a considerable amount yearly, and you won’t need to pay for any of this in the case of a rental car. You can tally the car subscription plans and prices with the cost of servicing and maintenance, and you will find subscription is pretty cost-effective in the short run. But, if you plan to use a car for ten years long then purchasing will be beneficial.  

4. Get your dream car at easy subscription terms

Your pocket may not assist you in purchasing your dream car because luxurious cars are pretty expensive, and the maintenance costs are also higher. But, you can always rent it from self-drive car subscription portals like Revv at a much lesser expanse. Once you subscribe to a car, you will get full ownership of it for your selected tenure. Hence, you can get the full benefits and pleasure of driving your favorite car, while you won’t be responsible for its heavy maintenance. If you have never tried a car subscription, then you can subscribe to any top-rated car model and see the benefits yourself. 

5. Don’t block a hefty amount for car purchasing

The price of a new car usually ranges from 5 lakh to 15 lakh, and if you purchase a car, then an ample amount will get blocked. Even, if you opt for a car loan, then also you need to pay at least 10% of the total price, which is also a considerable amount. While you can get top models in the car subscription plans at a much lesser price and only you have to pay the security deposit and monthly rental charges. Also, for car subscriptions, the insurance, maintenance, and other expenses are not applicable. That makes it a very convenient and cost-effective option.  

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6. Get a flexible car subscription plan

A rental car is a hassle-free solution for your mobility-related issues in a new city, where you can’t avail your personal car. You can get the best car for subscription plans in healthy and well-maintained condition. Also, the rental cost will be much lesser than purchasing as we have discussed earlier. So, you can deal with your car rental plan more flexibly and can pay the rent typically for the tenure you drove the car. Once you purchase a car you need to fulfill all the maintenance requirements no matter you drive it frequently or not. For car subscription plans, you pay to use the car, and when you finished your journey just return it to the service provider.  

Hence, when you shift to a new place always go for rental cars, because you will get a well-maintained car for personal use. Then you will only miss your car for the emotional attachments and not for the purposes. Also, during this pandemic situation, it is safer to move in personal vehicles and for this reason, get the best-sanitized car for subscription from Revv at easy and reasonable terms to explore the new city at your control. 

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