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Planning to buy a car? Try Car Subscription First

Owning a car is the best thing for freedom of transportation, and during this Covid-19 lockdown, most public transports are withdrawn for safety purposes. So, during this crucial time personal vehicle is the best option for moving independently. You can purchase a car, but that might break your bank while subscribing to one is the most convenient option to retain the balance. The monthly rental charges cover the entire maintenance, insurance, and registration costs, and roadside assistance. There are several other benefits of car subscriptions, and we will discuss these in the following section. 

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8 Most Important Benefits Of Car Subscription

Car subscription is a cost-effective option

Purchasing a car isn’t cheap in India at all, and the down-payment and registration charges will cost you at least 2 lakhs at the time of purchasing the vehicle. Also, you need to pay for the monthly EMIs, along with maintenance and insurance charges, whether you drive your car regularly or not. In the case of a self-drive car subscription, you won’t have to pay for hefty down-payment and maintenance charges. It requires a nominal refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000-15,000, which you will get back at the end of your subscription tenure. Also, from a financial perspective, subscriptions are way beneficial than purchasing a car.  

Subscription offers better flexibility

If you have to move between cities for your job or business, then a car subscription is the most suitable option for you. You can go for a monthly car subscription or any other customized plan as per your requirement, and this is not possible in case you purchase a car. If you rent a car, then you only have to pay for the exact tenure you like to drive the car and not any extra. Also, you can switch between car models, for example, if you don’t like the first car then you can always go back and get your preferred model at subscription plans.  

Drive the car in its trouble-free years

The average longevity of personal vehicles in India is more or less 9 years. So, for car ownership, you need to pay all the maintenance charges for the duration, and as your cat gets old, the maintenance requirements get higher. Finally, after years of maintenance, you need to discard your car at a much lesser cost. Now, you only need to pay rental charges for the car in a subscription plan for the period you drive it. So, you can drive the vehicle in its trouble-free years and after the tenure just change the car. 

Subscription plans include all-inclusive prices

The various charges for owning a personal vehicle range from vehicle registration, daily maintenance, servicing, pollution certificate, taxation, and insurance payments. It often becomes trickier to manage all the cash flows on monthly basis. In the case of a car subscription from Revv, you only need to pay the rent for the flexible tenure, and the more the tenure, the less will be the rental price. So, get a car for subscription, refill the fuel, and hit the road towards your destination. 

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Subscribe to the latest car models

The most recent models that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty are available for flexible car subscriptions. These cars will deliver the best mileage and service as well as you can take your car for scheduled maintenances at the branded service center, like free servicing, oil change, etc. It ensures you can drive the latest car as your own without paying a huge lump sum for purchasing it. Also, you can change the car once its performance starts to decline, and for that, you won’t have to search for a buyer. Just visit the portal and change your car.  

Drive an expensive and better-equipped car

You might not able to afford an expensive car, but you can always subscribe to one. You can get the latest and top models in car subscription deals at a much lesser cost than purchasing the car. Many of us dream of driving high-end cars but, our pockets don’t permit it. So, the best plan to drive the top-rated and luxurious cars is to get them for rental agreements. Select your favorite car at an easy subscription plan from Revv, and enjoy your long drive with family or friends.   

Get digital assistance for car subscription

When you plan to purchase a car, you need to go through the dealers and paperwork for a physical signature, which requires a significant amount of time and energy. It is an analog process, and you need to attend physically, to fulfill every requirement like cleaning and servicing, accident repairs, and other maintenance requirements. Now, you can get the different plans and prices for car subscriptions in a mobile app and accomplish your transaction digitally. Customer service of the subscription platform like Revv is very prompt and satisfactory.

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No difficulties for selling an old car

A car can run for approx ten years at its top performance, and after that, it becomes more hectic and expensive to maintain the vehicle. So, it is better to sell out the old car and purchase a new model. But, selling a vehicle isn’t that simple, as it requires searching for a proper buyer and then the hectic vehicle ownership transferring procedure. In the case of a rental car, you can simply return it and get the best car for a subscription plan instead.  

Hence, there are several benefits of car subscription, and for these reasons, many people are now choosing the latest cars to drive in their trouble-free years. That eradicates the servicing and maintenance requirements along with the other hassles of owning a vehicle. Only you need to pay the rental price and drive the car as your own. So get a sanitized car for subscription from Revv, and change it every few years for the latest models. 

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