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Explore 10 Serene Beaches in West Bengal to put your Mind at Ease

West Bengal is famous for its rich Bengali culture, heritage, literature, and cuisines. One more thing for which it is gaining a lot of attention is the numerous holiday destinations in West Bengal. From verdant hills to serene beaches, you will get varied options to enjoy the natural splendor of West Bengal. Those who want to stay close to beautiful green hills and the misty weather choose North Bengal, and who are fond of beaches and water, choose South Bengal. If you fall into the second category, this piece will get you everything you need to know for your next vacation to this beautiful place. Let us go through some of the best beaches in West Bengal that you can visit.

10 Best Beaches to Visit in West Bengal 

1. Mandarmani


Mandarmani is one of the most famous beaches in West Bengal that is visited by several tourists. Mandarmani is also famous for having the longest motorable beach in the country. The stretch is almost 13km long. It is one of the most serene beaches in the state where you will witness the most beautiful sunrise as well as a sunset. While you take a stroll at the beach, you can take sips of the coconut water, and even grab some delectable seafood available in the roadside eateries.

Best time to travel: October to May

2. Shankarpur


Shankarpur beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in West Bengal where you can witness sun rays kissing the sea waves. You can also see the fishermen trailing their nets in the sea with their boats. This is an excellent place for photography enthusiasts.

Best time to travel: December to April

3. Bakkhali


The location of the beach being in the Sundarbans, Bakkhali beach should be visited by people who have been longing for some tranquil environment. There are liquor shops at this beach but you can also get some fresh coconut water if you are a teetotaler and enjoy boat rides while you are here.

Best time to travel: October to March

4. Tajpur


Tajpur is an offbeat beach, surrounded by lush greenery and blue waters. The beach has lately gained a lot of attention for the sumptuous seafood that you will get at the eateries on the beach. You must try crab curry here. The dense tamarisk trees at one side of the sea make this place beautiful. One of the main attractions of Tajpur beach is the on and off the visibility of red crabs.

Best time to travel: October to February

5. Digha


Digha beach is perhaps one of the most popular beaches in West Bengal that is visited by families over the weekend. The nearby tourist attractions to this beach include Science Center and Shiva Temple. There is a 7 km long stretch of land near the shore where you can sit for hours and witness the waves come and go. There are also various water sports activities on the beach that you can indulge into.

Best time to travel: October to February

6. Junput Beach


Junput beach is another serene beach that you should visit if you are looking for solitude. The beach is famous for Brackish Water Fish Cultivation and Research Center Museum. While you are here, you must visit the museum here to witness some rare species of fish, snakes, and many other aquatic creatures. The sightseeing places near this beach include Kapalkundala temple and the lighthouse.

Best time to travel: October to March

7. Falta Beach


Falta beach is not only famous for its beauty and is one of the most frequented beaches in West Bengal but also for its historical significance. As per history, in 1756 Siraj-ud-daula captured Kolkata from here; and after many years British Raj was initiated by Robert Clive by entering Kolkata from this beach. This can be one of the best road trips to West Bengal beaches over the weekend.

Best time to travel: October to February

8. Sagar Island

Sagar Island

This beach is located on an island in the Sundarbans. Also popularly called Sagardwip, this beach witnesses Ganga Sagar Fair that is held annually in mid-January every year. The beach is usually calm and quiet and is perfect to spend some quality time with your favorite people. The lighthouse at the beach adds a mesmerizing beauty to this beach.

Best time to travel: January and February

9. Udaipur Beach

Udaipur Beach

If you are in the mood to spend some laid back time on a lazy weekend, Udaipur beach is the destination for you. Along with exploring the destination, you can also take a stroll along the deserted stretches. You can try some exciting water sports like speed boats to get an adrenaline rush. Try tasting the local delicacies when you are here.

Best time to travel: October to March

10. Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour is not precisely a beach but a famous weekend getaway located close to Kolkata. This is the spot where the River Ganges takes a turn to the South and meets the Bay of Bengal. You can visit this destination to experience peace at its best.

Best time to travel: October to March

There is a heap of things to do in West Bengal beaches such as indulging in varied water sports, walking along the beaches, and trying several mouthwatering local cuisines. Each of the beaches has something to offer to the tourists. You can choose any of these as per your choice and to make the trip even more fun-filled, you can go for Revv car rental services. This will help you save time and money and you can even make changes in the trip at your convenience. Just install the Revv app or visit their website to get started with choosing the perfect car for your road trip.

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