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The Amazing Benefits of Renting a Car in Delhi – NCR

There’s something about road trips that never lets you get bored all through your journey. Especially if you are visiting a new location, it is very important that you consider a way of commuting that lets you enjoy the entire place seamlessly. Well, if you are new to Delhi NCR and want to explore the entire place, then obviously you just can’t rely on the cabs and the local transports available. Apart from wasting your time on entering and exiting the stations of these local transports, you also are going to lose a lot of money in hiring the cabs. And being constricted because of these transportations is another factor that never lets you enjoy your journey fully.

So, you obviously are thinking about a solution to this matter (and still enjoy your journey to the hilt). That is why we suggest you opt for a car rental in Delhi- NCR. These rentals provide you the convenience of using the car as per your wish and convenience. Explore paths that you like, take your own sweet time while you are exploring Delhi. Well, doesn’t this idea seem extremely welcoming?

Benefits of opting for a car rental in Delhi NCR!

We are not proposing the idea of going for car rentals just like that. We have some really strong reasons to recommend you the same. And even you would agree with this option once you read the below listed benefits of car rental in Delhi NCR.

1. Multiple options of cars available

When you want a car rental – say, from Revv– you get lots of options to choose from. Whether you are driving solo or with a group of friends, you can get a car as per your need. You can simply pick a Sedan or go for a SUV. The choice and comfort is all yours when you are looking for renting a car in Delhi NCR.

2. Your freedom to choose the price

Another benefit of renting a car is that you can select if you want a vehicle with the fuel included or if you’d prefer to fill up the tank by yourself. And according to this matter, you can select the price of the car rental.

3. Doorstep delivery and return

When you opt for a car rental, you just don’t get a car, but you get the same at your convenience. This is totally opposite to the cabs that you have to hire or the public transport that you commute by. But when you are renting a car, you can let the company know whether you want it at the airport or at your hotel or at some other place that is near you.

4. No boundaries of kilometres

Most companies offering car rental in India do not limit you to kilometres. Like – you can use this vehicle and take it to the farthest corner of Delhi NCR, the company isn’t concerned about the kilometres the vehicle ate up as long as you are returning the vehicle on time.

5. You can even choose a different start and end point

With your car rentals, you can even choose a different location to drop the car off and another one for picking it up. Your car rental company will oblige and receive the vehicle from that point. 

6. You save lots of time and money

We think this is the biggest point of difference when we talk about car rental v/s car lease. Getting a car as rental saves a lot of your money because a fixed sum and some deposits are decided mutually by the company and you even before the car is provided to you. And later you just have to return the car and get the deposit back. Even if we compare with the local cabs and public transport, getting a car rental saves a lot of your money. What’s more, you even save the time that otherwise gets wasted in standing in a queue for the public transport or waiting for the cab. 

How to get a car rental in Delhi NCR? 

We are sure you are super impressed by the above benefits listed about renting a car. And that is why you are looking for the best guide on how to get the car on rent in Delhi NCR. And that’s what we have mentioned in detail below.

a. Check the websites of good car rental companies

There are no doubt lots of companies offering you car rentals in Delhi NCR. But the best one is Revv. Check the website of this company or simply download the Revv app. Now you’ll get all the information you require about how to rent a car from Revv.

b. Select the car you are interested in renting

Now the next procedure is selecting the car you want to rent. There are lots of brands and models available in the rental sections of these companies and you can prefer the one that is the most suitable for your requirement.

c. Provide your details and fix a price

You will have to provide your identification details to the company when you are going for a car rental. Your driving licence, your address proof etc. are also required to be submitted at this time. You shall also fix the rental price and tenure. You can opt for the vehicle including the fuel or without it.

d. Get the delivery

When your car booking is done, you just have to wait and watch. The company executive will drop the sanitized and safe car rental from Revv at your doorstep or at the location that you decide. 

e. Return when the time comes

After you get the car rental, use it wisely in the city. Later when the tenure is over, you will be required to handover the keys of the car to the agent who comes to pick it up. But yes, they’ll check the car thoroughly for the damage that might have happened to the vehicle through you. And when everything is OK, you’ll get your deposit back instantly.

Now that you know the proper way to get a car rental in Delhi NCR and the benefits of the same, we believe that you won’t even think of going after the cabs or public transport anymore! 

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