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No Worries about High Fuel Charges, Opt for Car Rental from Revv to Save Money

Having a vehicle with you is not only a symbol of your affluence but also a real need for people who must commute and travel. While these needs are extremely important for most of us, many times we cannot have a car due to the limited financial resources. Having a car is one of the big financial decisions for any household. There are several components of car ownership cost such as down payment, EMI, registration, road tax, insurance, and many more which may have a serious effect on your financial situation. There are some other ways such as car subscriptions and car rental which are coming up as a great substitute for traditional car ownership. One of the best parts of opting for these services is that you can also save money from the car rental. This becomes especially important when you consider the several car rental benefits during fuel price hike which has affected all parts of the country over the past years. There are several advantages of using these services that enable you to save money from rental cars such as below.

7 Benefits of Car Rental During Fuel Price Hike

1. Be EMI free

Having a shoulder a loan EMI is not an easy thing, especially in these times of economic uncertainty. Once you have taken a car loan, you need to start paying the EMI, even if you meet an unexpected financial problem. This puts a lot of burden on a person, especially in an economy that is slow and unstable. Going for a car rental in India can save you from the cycle of EMI. As you return the car to the car rental company you no longer have to pay any daily or weekly monthly rental. There is also no need for you to come up with any down-payment amount since there is no need for it in the car rental model.

2. Maintenance included

The regular maintenance and upkeep of the car usually make for one of the biggest recurring costs of car ownership. It is also one of the costs that differ from one make and model of the car to another. That is why sometimes you may not go for a high-maintenance car although we desperately want to have it simply because we cannot afford it. Well, with the car rental from Revv you need not worry about it since the car maintenance is included in the car rental fee.

3. Transferable

With the rising fuel prices, you may not want to drive your car to another city if you get transferred since the resulting amount can turn out to be too much. Even sending the car through a cargo may incur a lot of costs. The easy way out of it is going for a car rental. As you move from one city to another, you can simply return the car to the old city and take a fresh rental in the new city. Many times you do not even have to change the rental company since the premiere car rental companies such as Revv have services in bigger cities.

4. Shared

Once you take the car on the rent, you also have the option of sharing the cost of the rental, especially if you are going for a trip with some friends. In the case of using your car for the trip, the sharing of cost often becomes a problem and that may even lead to some people avoiding the trip altogether. Also in the case of using the car, you can calculate the cost of fuel however the maintenance and other charges may be difficult to calculate and therefore divide among friends.

5. Flexible duration

Once you have bought a car, you cannot easily sell it off to upgrade or downgrade your car according to your financial condition. That’s not the case at all with the car rental, as you can easily switch between different makes and models of cars according to your pocket. This also comes as a great option to the people who are looking for a change and get bored easily while driving the same car year after year. Instead of the car rental, they can change their car each month. You can also take the car for only as long as you need it, be it hours, days or weeks. This helps you save money by returning the car when you don’t need it.

6. Freedom to drive

Unlike the taxis which often turn out to be much costlier than car ownership, with the self-drive car rental there is no need for you to pay the extra amount to have the driver available to you. You also have complete freedom over every part of the trip such as which route to take and when do you want to start and stop driving. These options also ultimately affect the total cost of the trip or the utility that you want from the rental car. You can also choose the kind of car that you need, as you can prioritize fuel efficiency over other factors.

7. With or Without Fuel

The best car rental companies such as Revv also provide you the option of taking a car with the fuel prices included or excluded. With the fuel prices included option; you do not need to worry about any sudden hike in the already high fuel charges. It provides you an even greater level of cost efficiency, and it is the best option for taking a car on rent for shorter durations.

If you too want to book a car on rent for your next trip, you can simply head to the Revv website or install the Revv car to experience the full benefits of taking the car on rent in these times of high fuel charges. The Revv cars are immaculately maintained and cleaned to avoid any unpleasant experience to the customers and you can totally depend on their service.

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