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Car rental in Trivandrum by Revv- Plan, Price, and Documentations

So, you landed in Trivandrum to explore the iconic location with your family and friends? Or perhaps for a couple of weeks or months for a work-related project? Yes, it’s an absolutely amazing place with lots to offer for travellers and even locals. But commuting around the city can become very difficult sometimes. Almost all the tourist attractions are at a good distance away from each other and you can’t reach these by walking obviously. And public transport is like a difficult challenge you have to face each day, especially in the pandemic situation. And forget the times when a festival going on or people are visiting for pilgrimage. So, in such a case, you have to think of a convenient and easy option to travel to all these places most conveniently and safely in the least amount of time.


What we suggest you is, try car rental in Trivandrum to ensure that your journey across the city is hassle free. You won’t have to wait for cabs and stand in long queues for the public transports. But if you are opting for a car rental, ensure that the company is good. Not all service providers are as reliable and awesome about renting you a car as Revv car rental service provider is! 

Why hire a car from Revv?

Revv has a fantastic website providing you innumerable options of cars and their plans for the ease of traveling in Trivandrum. Their cars have successfully completed more than 50 million kilometres across the prominent locations in India. Their plans are extremely customer friendly and they have more than 1 million happy Revvers to flaunt. And yes, you can hire a car from Revv in more than 22 cities of India and be amongst the twenty thousand satisfied reviewers they have. 

The proper procedure to rent a car in Trivandrum from Revv! 

Now that you have decided to get your vehicle from the best company – Revv car rental in Trivandrum, let us tell you the exact procedure to enjoy their services properly during your stay in this city. 

1. Get the Revv application

Though Revv is a great company providing you car rentals, but we suggest you inquire about them thoroughly as well. And do you know how you can do it? Just open their website or simply download the Revv app. There you’ll get all the details about their process of renting the car, the options they have for you, their customer care policy, and even the reviews. When you are certain that they are the best people to trust for a car hire, move on with the other procedures.

2. Select a nice car

You’ll see the option of choosing your favourite car from their application. There are lots of SUV, five seaters, and even luxury self-drive cars available with them. Choose a one that is fit your purpose. You would also require a car that is enough to let you travel the roads of Trivandrum properly, safely, and conveniently.

3. Check the plans suitable for you

There are certain car rental plans and prices in Trivandrum mentioned in the app. Accordingly, you have to choose the one that’s most suitable for you. Like, if you are renting a car for a week, you should select the plan for this time period only. And the same goes for picking up the best plan for a big or small car or opting for a plan of renting a car with or without fuel. It’s according to this plan that you have to pay the price for the vehicle. And believe us, as compared to other car rentals in India, Revv charges you really reasonable remuneration. 

4. The documentation process

This process is extremely important when you want to get a car on rent in Trivandrum. You’ll have to submit your legal age and identification proof when you are filling in the details. You’ll also have to sign a contract related to your and the car’s safety along with other legal documents. After this documentation process, you are ready to enjoy your rented car. But we request you to read each and every point thoroughly before signing the documents.

5. Enjoy your ride

Well, with the above procedure, everything is done. Now the company will see that the car is properly sanitised, checked, updated, and cleaned. They will then deliver the car where you require it and you can enjoy its comfort and benefits. And yes, don’t worry about the kilometres and miles your car travels because their policy of unlimited kilometres grants you the freedom to do so.  

6. The time of return

So, you are done with exploring Trivandrum, thanks to Revv car hire plans! Now that you are heading back home, you have to ensure that the vehicle gets back to the company. No issues, it’s easy too. You don’t have to travel all the way to their workshop to deliver it. (Which mostly happens when you return a car hired from the locals.) You just have to notify them through the app or website, and they’ll send an agent to pick up the vehicle from your location. And this service can be so useful that if you want them to pick up the car from the airport so that you can head to your destination easily from there, they’ll pick up from there as well. And yes, they’ll carry a minor inspection of the car to be aware of any dents or damage that happened to your car when it was with you. And if in case there’s an issue, then it’s your liability to pay for the repair of the same. Otherwise, you are good to go. 

Now that you know the exact procedure of how to book a car from Revv and its plans and prices, you can go ahead with the procedure. You can enjoy the privilege of exploring a fabulous city like Trivandrum easily when you rent a car from them. It’s personal, it’s clean, and it’s hygienic, convenient and even efficient. What else can a traveller like you ask for? 

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