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Plan to Book Car Rental Services in Delhi NCR with Revv during The Festive Season

The festive season is roaming around the corner. People are pulling up their socks and are planning vacations and trips to enjoy this season to the full extent. And no vacation is successful without the perfect rented car for you at the right time. Because of their affordability and convenience, many people prefer car rental services in Delhi NCR for a hassle-free trip. Indubitably, in the holiday season, the prices and demand are on the higher side. Thus, you will get only a few expensive and limited options if you want to hire car rental services in this festive season. That’s why you should plan early for a car rental in Delhi NCR for this upcoming festive season.

During this festive season in Delhi, you should opt for self-drive car rental services from Revv instead of conventional travel modes.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose car rental in Delhi NCR without driver from Revv.

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1. Insane bus fares

During this festival season, bus owners used to create artificial scarcity to enhance ticket fares manyfold. If a one-way ticket for a nearby place used to cost Rs 500 under normal times, then you need to pay Rs 1500 for the same journey during this peak demand. If you are travelling with your friend, then the cost of a round trip was Rs 2000 earlier. But during this festive season, due to the high demand for buses, you need to pay Rs 5000. At that price, you can book a car rental from Revv for your journey. With Revv, you will get an opportunity to choose a car as per your taste and choice for your journey. If you are travelling with 5 people during this festive season in Delhi, your travel expenses will be the same if you choose flexible car rental services. Moreover, you can travel as per your suitable route and time. Thus, you can save a chunk of money by choosing a car hire from Revv as compared to local travel (cab, taxi, etc.). So, for a smart and enjoyable trip, you should opt for rental car booking in Delhi during this festival season.

2. Over-exhausted drivers

To earn more money during this festival season, bus drivers and taxi drivers used to do extra shifts. This means they hardly get any time for rest and thus, there can be increased chances of accidents on the road. To avoid this, you should opt for self-drive car rental services from Revv. By submitting your car booking request, you will get your selected rented car from Revv at your doorstep for your trip in this festive season.

3. Discard train routes

Most train tickets for all prime destinations and dates are already sold out to avoid rush during this festive season. You will be lucky if you get a waiting ticket for your destination from Delhi. Though you can go for a Tatkal ticket (24 hrs in advance), still, there is a lot of uncertainty. So to reach your destination comfortably, you should rent a car from Revv.

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4. Flexibility

If you want to travel by bus or train, you need to specify exact passenger names during the time of booking. Moreover, you need to stick with your destination on that particular date and timing. If you want to cancel or modify your booking, you need to pay a hefty amount. If you are not sure how many people will be travelling with you or the exact date and time, then a self-drive car rental could be the best option. Car rental services offer flexibility so that you can alter your plan if required.

5. Combat the traffic

With a self-drive car from Revv, you can save a chunk of time and combat traffic in many ways.

  • Most buses and trains leave Delhi in the evening for prime locations.  During this time, the roads are packed and jammed. If you opt for a car rental in Delhi NCR for your trip, then you can plan your journey early in the morning or midnight when the traffic is not dense. Thus, you can reach your destination on time.
  • With a rented car, you can choose roads that are less travelled. You can take any parallel road or side road from Delhi to beat the traffic.

Book self drive car rental

These are some reasons that you should book car rental services in Delhi with Revv during this festive season. But always go for an early booking during this festival season to avoid a rush. If you book early with Revv, you will be blessed with many packages at affordable prices for your destination. With enough time, you can compare each package and go through all the deals properly before selecting a rented car from Revv. But if you book at the 11th hour during this festival season, you may not get the best deals for your journey.

If you are planning for a trip during this festival season, then always choose car rental services like Revv to reach your destination safely. Revv also offers budget-friendly services for car rental during Navaratri festival and other prominent festivals in Delhi. 

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