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How to get a Car Subscription in Ahmedabad through Revv

The world is changing every day, and even the way of owning assets is evolving! Like, owning a car, for example. It’s a necessity nowadays to have a car at your disposal. But yes, affording it isn’t something easy. And leasing a car means a bundle of debts on your shoulders which you won’t be able to lift for the next ten years. Well, that’s where the new form of owning a car enters! And it’s called car subscription.

If you stay in Ahmedabad, the rapidly progressing and developing city, you would have definitely heard about this phrase. It’s basically a very convenient way to get a car and not pay much for it either. Yes, you can actually get a brand new or second-hand car, whatever you desire, and pay only a minimal amount for the same. And the vehicle is just like the Aladdin’s genie for you. It goes and comes with you everywhere you go. 

What is Revv car subscription?

Revv is a famous car rental and subscription company of India that also provides you its services in Ahmedabad. The company has significantly made its name in the realm of car subscription because of the following features they offer:

Best quality cars

No matter if it’s second-hand or brand-new cars on subscription in Ahmedabad, Revv guarantees you good quality and a finely working vehicle. From the exterior presentation to the engine, everything is top-notch and well looked after.

Contactless delivery

Their delivery agents provide you the cars at your doorstep without any physical contact with you. (Keeping in mind the present pandemic situation.) The second-hand cars are cleaned and sanitised before they are delivered to your doorstep.

Cheaper than other car subscription

The best feature of Revv car subscription is that it is relatively cheaper than other options available in the market. 

No down payment

If you are worried about paying a heavy sum as a down payment for your vehicle, then stay assured! With Revv, you aren’t liable to pay any such amount for your car subscription.

Free service and maintenance

Do you know why the regular car subscribers from Revv continue to use their services? Because they offer free services and even maintain the vehicle regularly for you. 

Provides freedom of extension or cancellation of the service

Revv offers you freedom to either extend the service or cancel it whenever you like in between the subscription period. 

Exact procedure to get a car subscription from Revv in Ahmedabad!

Now that you know the amazing features that make Revv so very good for car subscription offers, you can as well check the procedure of opting for the same. 

1. Select and reserve your choice of vehicle

Whether you would like a Hyundai car subscription, or it is a Mahindra car subscription you are looking for, you need to select the model, brand, and colour of the vehicle you like the most. Now just click the next button and reserve it for yourself.

2. Get over with the processing

Next comes the important part of processing your request. The company checks your car subscription eligibility by a certain simple KYC process and by checking your legal documents which mostly include your age, identification, and address proof. They’ll also inquire about your security deposit in exchange for the car and then approve your profile.

3. Preparation of your car

The next step of the Revv car subscription is preparing of your vehicle for you. If your car is brand new, they’ll just order the same for you. And if it’s a used car, the same would be cleaned, sanitised, and rechecked before being delivered to you. In all, this procedure hardly takes 14 days to get completed.

4. Home delivery of your car

Now comes the big day of your life. Your car is ready to be handed over to you and you receive your bundle of happiness all looking awesome and beautiful at your doorstep. An agent from Revv would arrive at your destination with the vehicle and after confirming your identity would hand over the keys and the car to you. 

5. Enjoy your car

Now that you have your car with you, there’s no need to look back. You can enjoy its services as you like and don’t even have to worry about its maintenance, insurance, and upkeep. Revv looks after everything for you — and guess what, you aren’t charged anything extra for this service.

6. Revoke or continue with the subscription whenever you like

With Revv, you can enjoy an open subscription plan in Ahmedabad. This means that if you really love the vehicle and its working fine even after the subscription period gets over, you can continue with its subscription by extending the contract. And if it’s not that satisfactory, or there are some other reasons that you aren’t happy with the services, you can simply call the company and revoke it.

Important things to keep in mind when opting for a car subscription plan from Revv!

Though subscription of a car from Revv is anytime better than when you lease a car, still if you want to enjoy the best of privileges, do keep in mind certain important things.

1. Check the features of the car properly before selecting it

It is important to check about all the features of the car before subscribing for the same. For better understanding of the vehicle and even for confirming that the ones from Revv are the best, read the Revv subscription review highlighted on their website. 

2. Read the contract thoroughly before signing it

It is always wise to read the documents or contracts properly before signing them. 

3. Check the car properly when it’s delivered to you

It’s your right to check the vehicle closely and properly when it’s delivered to your doorstep. You can let the company know of any issue that is present in the car and you won’t be liable for the same.

We hope now that everything is crystal clear for you about Car Subscription in Ahmedabad from Revv. So, don’t delay to subscribe for a Revv car and enjoy the convenience of riding in your own car as per your choice and convenience! 

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