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How to Have a Car Without Any Down Payment or EMI in Kolkata

If you are residing in Kolkata, you probably are already tired of traveling via the local transportation. Yes, we understand that it can be a headache to enter and exit from public transportations fighting a battle daily with a huge crowd. And if you are hiring the local cabs, the money that goes in travelling in these is almost half your salary. Well, you definitely neither own a car nor want to take up the responsibility in the near future. Have you thought a lot about securing a convenient mode of travel for your daily conveyance?

If you let us suggest, we have an excellent solution for you that doesn’t even dig a deep hole in your pocket and provides you the efficiency and comfort of a brand-new car. Yes, you read it right – it’s a new car. And believe us, you won’t even have to break the bank and your savings in buying this. These are the latest plans that are entirely made for your convenience — the car subscription plans. 

Everything you need to know about the car subscription plans!

When the matter is as serious as opting for a car subscription in Kolkata, we know you are full of questions and queries. So, read about the essential information related to the plans, models and strategy of the car subscription plans in Kolkata:

The exact meaning of car subscription!

Car subscription is basically when you don’t actually buy the car you want but still enjoy its benefits. Wondering how? Well it’s quite simple. A company that you choose for this purpose purchases your choice of car or provides you the car from their inventory and lets you enjoy its benefit for a proposed period of time according to your preference. Well, you don’t have to pay any hard and fast sum to own this car — just a simple monthly fee is enough for the same. Later, you can return or keep the vehicle as per your preference after the proposed period is over. (What’s more? They even pay the taxes and maintenance fees for the car on your behalf.)

The procedure to get a car subscription in Kolkata!

If you are wondering about how to get a car subscription in Kolkata, then just follow our guidelines:

1. Choose the best company

Select from the many options available for you in the city of Kolkata and pick the company that offers you the best cars and plans for them on the subscription basis.

2. Pick your favourite model

Your choice of the vehicles is of utmost importance when you go out to select it for your subscription. So, pick your preferred car subscription model and brand and book it with the company.

3. Select your plan

There are many customer friendly options that would prove to be the best car subscription plans in Kolkata. You pick the one that suits you the most. Like, it would depend on whether you want to own the car for a year or two or five years, and what kind of payment cycle you find easy to manage, etc. The Revv car subscription plans for Kolkata will totally respect your wishes and let you have a car entirely as per your convenience.

4. Own the car after documentation

Now you just have to fill in the legal details and documents to ensure that your car is subscribed and owned. You will have to provide identification and address proof and sign on the papers required for the subscription of the car. Later you can pay the amount on a monthly basis as decided and enjoy its comfort. 

5. Return or extend the subscription period when you like

Suppose, you don’t want to drive the car for more than 6 months, and you have a subscription plan that lasts for 3 years. Then you can feel free to end the subscription even right after these 6 months. And if you think the period was only for 2 years and you still want to continue with the subscription, then you can even increase the duration of the contract.

Frequently asked questions about car subscription plans!

Like everything else, you will see lot of FAQs about car subscription plans. It’s time to resolve all your car subscription FAQs:

Q. How much am I required to pay at the time of owning the car? 

Ans. If you are opting for a brand new car, then you have to pay a small refundable deposit to own the same. And if you are opting for a used car, you just have to pay the first month’s instalment in advance before you get the delivery of the car.

Q. How much do I have to pay each month during the subscription period of the car? 

Ans. Your car subscription prices are decided totally upon your convenience and preference before you start the subscription. You can select the amount you want to pay each month by filling the form at the time of subscription. 

Q. How long can I enjoy the car subscription? 

Ans. Again, the car subscription policy lets you enjoy the benefit of keeping the car and subscription as long as you desire. This may be as little as only a 3-month period or as long as even 13 years.

Q. If I decide to keep the car, will you help me to own it formally?

Ans. Yes, if you really love the car and want to acquire it fully, then the company certainly helps you in all the legal documentations and ownership of the vehicle. 

Q. What if I want to change the model of the vehicle I use after some months?

Ans. If you are getting a Car subscription from Revv, then they provide you the flexibility to choose your favourite model and brand of the car again after some months. You’ll just have to close the previous subscription and get a new one for the new vehicle. 

We understand that you would have received all the information you desire about car subscription plans. Now, don’t you think that this is a nice medium to own a car and have no commitment about maintaining it or paying the taxes? And you will also be surprised to know that the car subscription company even fulfils he insurance liabilities (instead of you having to take the headache). So, how can you not be enticed by such an amazing plan and make your life in Kolkata easier and better?  

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