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Your Guide to Renting The Best Self-Drive Cars in Vijayawada

Have you just landed in Vijayawada and are totally without a private vehicle to travel? It’s really sad that you can’t explore one of the most paradigmatic cities of Andhra Pradesh just because you don’t have a car. And we know that travelling via public transport isn’t suitable because of the huge rush. Also, you just can’t follow the schedule of a public transport while exploring the bounties of this place! And cabs may or may not be safe and clean to travel in! Then what’s the way out of such a situation when you are so eager to travel around Vijayawada? 

Have you heard about self-drive car rental? Yes, these are amazing ways to enjoy a seamless experience of driving a car simply at your own convenience. The car would be totally clean, sanitised, and in a good working condition — which makes your journey throughout the city safe and convenient. And guess what? You don’t even have to pay heavy rents or taxes for the same. You’ll be surprised to know that these car rentals are actually a very budget friendly option to consider. 

The right steps to get a car rental in Vijayawada!

If you are worried about how to book self-drive car rental from Vijayawada, then do follow the below listed guidelines:

1. Search for the best car rental providers in Vijayawada

The first step to get a nice self-drive car rental in Vijayawada is to search for the best provider of the same in the city. You can search for the same on Google and no doubt you’ll have lots of providers listed there. But we suggest, don’t rush in picking the service provider. Select the one that shows the maximum positive reviews and offers you good cars at reasonable rates. Also, check if the cars are available for your usage for the time span you need.

2. Select your preferred car

Now the company offering car rental in Vijayawada lets you select your preferred model and brand of the vehicle you like. You can pick the vehicle according to the people who are travelling with you across Vijayawada and your budget of course, apart from any other shortlisting factor that you may have in your mind. Most of the car rental providers have multiple varieties of the cars to select from – so, you shall have ample choices for sure.

3. Choose the prices strategy

The next step is to choose a car rental plan in Vijayawada from the vehicle providers. If you want a car filled with fuel completely, then pay for the same and enjoy the seamless driving experience. And if you think you’ll require less or more fuel and you can manage the same on your own, even then there is a plan suitable for you. You can also pick a plan as per the duration for which you require the vehicle. 

4. Finish the important paperwork

Since you are renting a vehicle worth some lakhs, you’ll obviously need to submit some documents for car rental in Vijayawada. This basically includes your identification proof and driving licence. The company should be assured that you are capable of driving the vehicle perfectly and are of legal age to drive a car. 

5. Get the car delivered at your place

Now you just have to sit back and chill in this diverse city! Provide your hotel details or share your live location to the car rental providers and let them do it all for you! They’ll confirm the exact time of your availability and drop the car at your address on the scheduled time. (Just be wise enough to check if the car is in good condition and has no dents or marks on it. If these are there, do let the agent know of the same so that you aren’t liable to pay the damages of these marks which were already present in your rented car when the handover was made.) And considering the present situation, do ask if the vehicle has been sanitised by the company. There are actually lots of companies offering sanitized car rental from Vijayawada like Revv who do the same for you without any additional cost.

6. Enjoy the drive

Now when you did rent a car from Revv in Vijayawada, why not use it to the fullest? You can drive through the narrow alleys and vast stretches of roads of this rich city and visit the famous heritage sites of Vijayawada like the Undavalli Caves, Kanaka Durga Temple, Gandhi Hill, Prakasam Barrage, and more. And since you have the option to pick the plan of unlimited kilometres count, the miles you eat up don’t add up to your rent. Just remember to follow the road discipline, drive safely under the speed limit. and don’t drink and drive! 

7. Get your car picked up from the destination you prefer

So, don’t you occupy the hotel you previously stayed in anymore? Don’t worry! You can just call and let the company know your present location. As long as you are within the boundaries of Vijayawada, they don’t mind picking up the vehicle from your location for your convenience. And if you want the car to stay with you till the end, then take it to the airport with you. Call the company and let them know that you’ll hand over the keys from this point and they’ll do the needful. But yes, you are liable to be on the spot on time so that there is no inconvenience and waste of time in this procedure. Also, the agent will check the vehicle in front of you to understand if there has been any problem in the vehicle after you took it over. In case they find any such problem, you’ll be responsible for paying the expenses for the repair. 

So, isn’t getting a car rental in a busy city like Vijayawada easy and super convenient? And when you are considering this option, then why not check for a reliable company like Revv for car rentals in Vijayawada? It’s a great company that has a history of having more than 1 million happy and satisfied customers, provides you this convenience and service in more than 22 cities of India, prides in having 50 million plus kilometres travelled via their vehicles, and have earned 4.8 out 5 stars from the loyal and happy customers! Now that you know everything about car rentals and the best medium to help you out in this procedure, we doubt if you’d still worry about transportation whenever you travel in a city like Vijayawada.

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