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Enjoy a Car without a Commitment – The longer The Better!

We all love enjoying privileges. But yes, we are very much hesitant to be held down by commitments. Life would be simply easy if there were no liabilities or commitments. From getting into a relationship to buying a car, everywhere commitments are required. Do you, perhaps, at times, feel trapped? How you wish there would have been some way to get rid of these commitments and still enjoy the privileges that life offers for you! And what if we say that the Universe has finally fulfilled this wish for you. At least in the genre of enjoying a car without a commitment. 

Today when managing the normal necessities and affording some minor luxuries has become a tougher and stressful journey for everyone (thanks to the big C and the post pandemic challenges), it’s not easy to own and maintain a vehicle for your day to day task. But what if we say that you can now enjoy all the benefits of owning a car and yet be free from any liabilities? Yes, this is not a joke, but it is very much a truth and will soon be a way of life for almost every individual in the world.

The long term benefits of car subscription plans for you!

Car subscription is basically a specially curated and adapted plan offered by most of the automobile companies today! In this procedure, you subscribe for a vehicle of your choice and provide some of your details that assure the providers that you are a genuine person. After this, you mutually fix a small amount to be paid at the time of the commencement of the subscription and the car then gets delivered to you within a span of a week or two. After this, you can enjoy the vehicle as long (or as few days) as you like. But if you want to precisely know as to why you should opt for the subscription plan on a long-term basis, then you have to read everything written below:

1. Car subscription is better than car leasing 

To know the benefits of opting for car subscription plans, you’ll first have to understand the difference between car subscription and car leasing first. Basically, in the case of rental cars or leasing cars, you pay a certain amount as a deposit at the time of leasing and then after a fixed period of time, return the car. And sometimes, you even have to pay a monthly charge as rent. Well, even the maintenance, insurance, and repair work are to be looked after by you in the case of a rented or leased car. But in a car subscription plan, you just have to pay a minimum amount that is fixed by a mutual agreement between the company and you during the time of subscription. And then you are stress free! You have absolutely no commitment or responsibility for its regular maintenance or insurance, etc. Everything is taken care of by the company for you. 

2. The reasons to opt for a car subscription plan 

Now even you would have understood that to subscribe for a car in India is always better than leasing it. And to quickly touch upon the benefits of it, just understand the fact that you don’t have to pay a large amount of money on a monthly basis to own it. But only the mutually consented monthly charge. Apart from this, you can easily enjoy the comfort of riding the car and the privileges of owning it (even by not paying the entire amount for the same). And in any case, if you want to swap the car for a better subscription plan, this is possible as the contract can be revoked at any time. Plus, imagine if you get totally hooked to the vehicle and want to own it! Even then you can cancel the subscription  plan and buy it immediately from them. So, isn’t the temptation to subscribe for a car immediately much more rather than to go for the hefty formalities of buying or leasing it?

3. Why car subscriptions for long-term are the best 

Well, so far car subscription plans would have been an enticing offer for you. But we suggest making it as a long-term subscription! Why? Because the benefits of Car subscription services for long term use are more. When you are subscribing for a car for a long time, you are actually opting for a budget friendly plan. If you compare both the short-term and long-term usages of car subscription, you will find out that the long-term ones are cheaper than the short-term ones. Apart from it, it becomes very difficult to adjust to a new car every now and then. And even renewing the subscription plans after every month or six months is a waste of time, money, and effort. But if your car is in a really good condition and when the company is maintaining it properly and even providing you with the insurance benefits of it, then it is better to enjoy its long-term benefits rather than swapping the vehicle every now and then (causing inconvenience for you as well as the automobile companies).

So, basically, with a vehicle subscription for long-term usage you are undertaking a very wise decision. It is because of this plan, you build a very healthy relationship with the automobile company providing you the subscription and get some amazing discounts and better benefits in your next subscription as well. And do you know that many companies providing car subscription services in India also sell the vehicles? So, you can get some enticing benefits and privileges during this purchase as well.  Well, maybe these are the reasons that you will find lots of individuals around the globe who were previously opting for car leasing and rentals are now subscribing for vehicles. It’s basically enjoying the perks without any problem!

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