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9 Best Places to Visit in Tirupati for Peace, Spirituality, and Relaxation

While there are numerous exciting places to visit in Tirupati, there is always an urge to step away from the madding crowds and experience the vibe of the religious hotspot at its calmest. If you have such desires, fret not! There are quite a few places to visit near Tirupati that will cater to this desire of yours. However, while talking of places to visit in Tirupati Tirumala, it should be stated that some of the temples and religious sites here are of immense importance. As a result, some of them will also be covered here.

Best visiting places from Tirupati- A Handy Guide

  1. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple
  2. Srivari Padala Mandapam
  3. Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple
  4. Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple
  5. Srikalahasti Temple
  6. Sri Venkateswara National Park
  7. Deer Park
  8. Srivari Museum
  9. Chandragiri

1. Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple


Image result for sri venkateswara swamy temple

This Vaishnavite temple is hugely famous and one of the biggest shrines for Hindus and other pilgrims. It is one of the world’s richest centers of pilgrimage and witnesses visits by anywhere between 50,000 and 1 lakh people each day. This can go up to even a few lakhs on festive days. This is called the Tirumala temple or the Tirupati Balaji temple and the Dravidian-esque shrine worships Lord Venkateswara. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular places to visit near Chikka Tirupathi.

  • Timing – 2.30 AM-11 PM
  • Seva Charges – Rs. 25 onwards
  • Fees for Darshan – Between Free to Rs. 500 for VIP Darshan

2. Srivari Padala Mandapam

Image result for srivari padala mandapam

Located neatly at the foot of the beautiful Tirumala Hills, it is one of the top places to visit nearby Tirupati. This is a must-halt for pilgrims who are taking the route to the Tirumala temple on foot. This ancient temple worships the feet of Lord Venkateswara or the Padala Venkateswara Swamy. The huge footwear or padukas offered by pilgrims here make for an interesting sight by all means.

  • Timing – 5 AM-8 PM
  • Fees for Darshan – Free
  • Seva Charges – Rs. 5-20

3. Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple

Image result for tirupati govindaraja swamy images
Image Source: Go Tirupati

This is one of Tirupati’s largest temple complexes and was built by Saint Ramanuja back in 1130 AD. Local lore has it that the wealth of King Kuber was used by the residing deity for conducting the fabled wedding of Padmavathi Ammavaru and his younger brother, Lord Venkateswara. Thousands of pilgrims pay a visit to this temple, believing that the blessing of the deity will help them create and manage wealth better. This 7-storied temple is a sight to behold for architecture lovers as well.

  • Timing – 5 AM-12.30 PM/ 1.15 PM-4.45 PM/ 6 PM-9.30 PM
  • Fees for Darshan – Free/ Rs. 5-20
  • Seva Charges – Rs. 10

4. Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple

Image result for sri padmavathi ammavari temple

This temple is situated in a pilgrimage town located near Tirupati and is one of the best places to visit near Tirupati, home to the temple of Goddess Padmavathi, the wife and consort of Lord Venkateswara. Pilgrims usually come to seek her blessings before they visit the home of their beloved Lord.

  • Timing- 5 AM-9 PM
  • Fees for Darshan- Free
  • Seva Charges- Rs. 25 onwards

5. Srikalahasti Temple

Image result for srikalahasti temple
Image Source: The Hans India

This is one of the most famous South Indian temples that worship Lord Shiva and has been neatly carved from a monolithic hill. This shrine is one of the iconic Pancha Bhoota Sthalams where Shiva is worshipped as a composition of 5 elements from nature. In this case, the Lord is worshipped in the form of Air. There is a Vayu-linga housed in the sanctum sanctorum along with a lamp which keeps flickering without any wind or air inside, thereby indicating the presence of the Lord here. Such are the mysteries that curious minds will attempt to unravel for sure!

  • Timing – 6 AM- 9 PM

6. Sri Venkateswara National Park

Image result for sri venkateswara national park

This national park is named after Lord Venkateswara and offers amazing views, waterfalls, landscapes and lush greenery. This park was constructed in the year 1989 and was made into a national park in the year 1998. You will find several species here including golden gecko, nilgai, hyena, flying lizard and treeshrew

  • Timing – 8.30 AM-5.30 PM/ 9 AM-5 PM
  • Entry Fee – Rs. 10 (Kids)/ Rs. 50 (Adults)
  • Safari Charges – Rs. 30 (Kids)/ Rs. 50 (Adults)

7. Deer Park

Image result for Deer Park

The Deer Park is where you can spot panoramic landscapes and lovely deer species. You will love the experience of feeding deer with your own hands at this park and this is the ideal place for escaping from the bustling crowds.

  • Timing – 10 AM- 5PM
  • Entry Fee – Free

8. Srivari Museum

Image result for Srivari Museum

The Srivari Museum is a great place to visit if you are a history and culture buff. The museum showcases the history of the Tirumala temple when it was being developed in the initial phases. The photographs, scriptures, sculptures and artifacts all showcase the temple’s history and the museums remain open for visitors round the year.

  • Timing – 8 AM- 8 PM
  • Entry Fee- Free

9. Chandragiri

Image result for chandragiri

Chandragiri is an ancient and charming town which was the fourth capital of the Vijayanagar Dynasty. The town is famous for its 11th century Chandragiri Fort which is situated at an elevation of 183 meters. The fort covers 8 temples, Rani Mahal and other famous ruins. The Raja Mahal has been transformed into a lovely archaeological museum where you will find some of the best artifacts from Vijayanagara architectural styles. There is a beautiful sound and light show organized here as well.

  • Timing – 10 AM- 8.45 PM
  • Entry Fee – Rs. 10

There are several places to visit in Tirupati like the ones mentioned above and these promise ample spiritual pleasure, tranquility and peace for visitors. Embark on a wonderful holiday with your loved ones to this famous temple town and feel its charm pervade you at every nook and corner.

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