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Top 10 Embarking on Safe Monsoon Road Trips in India

Monsoon comes to India to engulf the land in a kaleidoscope of colors and relieve the heat of summers. The fresh showers and lush greenery make for a welcome sight and the perfect setup for a road trip with your friends and family or even a solo trip. You need to know the safe roads though, since you need to choose roadways that do not pose any hazards due to rains. Here are the best road trips in monsoon, ready for your next adventure:

10 Best Places to Visit in Monsoon in India 

  1. Mumbai to Goa
  2. Mumbai to Malshej
  3. Shillong  to Cherrapunji
  4. Bangalore to Ooty
  5. Chandigarh to Kasauli
  6. Manali to Leh
  7. Pune to Surat
  8. Hyderabad to Tirupati
  9. Udaipur to Mount Abu
  10. Chennai to Puducherry

1. Mumbai to Goa

Bombay Goa Highway ( NH 66)

Safety is a major concern during the monsoon season, and you will feel safe in the Mumbai to Goa road trip. The condition of the road is great and you can admire some of the most breathtaking views of nature on your way to Goa. The misty weather will add beauty to the trip. You can stop by food joints to enjoy the local Konkan cuisines.

Distance between Mumbai and Goa: 586.8 km

2. Mumbai to Malshej

Malshej Ghat

One of the monsoon road trips from Mumbai can be to Malshej. The best thing about the trip is that you can plan it on any weekend as per your convenience. The verdant greenery and picturesque beauty of Malshej is something you must witness. Do not forget to visit several waterfalls and historic forts here.

Distance between Mumbai and Malshej: 126.2 km

3. Shillong  to Cherrapunji


While you are planning for monsoon road trips in India, you must count in Shillong to Cherrapunji road trip. Cherrapunji is well known for receiving the highest rainfall in the country, and during monsoon, it gets even better. The weather remains gorgeous and you will be mesmerized by the beauty of nature. Make sure you carry extra clothes, as chances of getting drenched are higher.

Distance between Shillong and Cherrapunji: 54 km

4. Bangalore to Ooty

Road trips Mangalore to Ooty

The misty spiraling roads from Bangalore to the hill station of Ooty can be your ideal road trip. The hills are perfectly covered with greenery which will soothe your senses. You can also stop by the Bandipur Reserve Forest and experience the wildlife there. The monsoon road trip from Bangalore to Ooty is also a favorite amongst many photographers to capture the beauty.

Distance between Bangalore to Ooty: 290 km

5. Chandigarh to Kasauli


Ride into the hills of Himachal for a short drive from Chandigarh to Kasauli with Monsoon providing the perfect backdrop to your road trip. Although only a couple of hours long, the ride is worth it for the lovely view of the mountains and the trip is preferred by many as a weekend getaway.

Distance between Chandigarh to Kasauli: 59 km

6. Manali to Leh

Manali to Leh

For an unusual yet rewarding road trip, you can choose Manali to Leh, which is popular amongst the adventure enthusiasts due to the challenging driving conditions. Monsoon adds even more difficulty to the drive yet grants spectacular views to the sprawling meadows following the snow-capped mountains and raw terrain.

Distance between Manali to Leh: 479 km

7. Pune to Surat

Pune to Surat

Enjoy the Sahyadri range during the monsoon while on the roads from Pune to Surat, with greenery covered hills and natural waterfalls that make for a great picnic spot. You can also stop by Saputara, a hill station around 1000 meters above the sea level, on the way, and enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills there. It is one of the best road trips from Pune in monsoon. 

Distance between Pune to Surat: 441 km

8. Hyderabad to Tirupati

Chennai to Tirupati trip

This surreal drive through a hilly forest during the rain makes for one of the best road trips from Hyderabad in monsoon. The enchanting jungle of Nallamala, which is a forest reserve, has some of the most thrilling roads, and the monsoon rains add to the overall ambiance. The rugged beauty of the jungle roads shifts you to a different world as you get mesmerized by the sprawling greenery.

Distance between Hyderabad to Tirupati: 348 km

9. Udaipur to Mount Abu

Mount Abu

The drive from the lake city of Udaipur to the best-known hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is absolutely gorgeous due to the great weather that Monsoon brings in. The roads are in great shape and due to that the road trip is one of the safest in the country. The hills surrounding Mount Abu make for awesome scenery for the perfect road trip.

Distance between Udaipur to Mount Abu: 161 km

10. Chennai to Puducherry

best road trip from chennai

You get to travel along the amazing East coast road, along the sea, in rain. How much better can the setting for a road trip get? The drive can allow you to enjoy the sight of rain falling in the ocean and you can take a break to see it for as long as you want.

Distance between Chennai to Puducherry: 165 km

These beautiful places to visit during monsoon will leave you in awe of the beauty of India which can be best experienced through a road trip. As a necessary precaution, however, always check the road information and weather information to avoid any unpleasant surprises on the roads and drive carefully during monsoons. If you take a self-drive car rental by Revv, you can also use it for outstation travel including these road trips. The great thing about Revv vehicles is that they are fully maintained and insured, while also having roadside breakdown assistance in the off chance you face a problem.

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