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The ohh so awesome road journey to Mumbai during Diwali!

Who doesn’t want to visit Mumbai? Whenever you read about the places to visit in India, you come across this financial capital of India – Mumbai. It is a dynamic, cosmopolitan city with multi-faceted offerings – that would entice all and sundry to explore. From the high green ranges in the suburbs to the vast sea adding serenity in the concrete jungle, and the deep-rooted heritage sites peppered in every nook and corner, Mumbai is never without excitement! They call it the city that never sleeps and you will find that this sentence is absolutely true when you roam across the Queen’s necklace at 2:00 AM in the morning and you still find people hovering in crowds over this area. And especially during the Diwali period, the city seems to be buzzing full of lights and life!

This say, if you want to enhance the spirit of a festival, celebrate it at a place that lives the festivities to the hilt. And that is why Mumbai is the best place to celebrate your beloved festival – Diwali. The festival is of lights and happiness and this is best celebrated in Mumbai for days! (And nights in real terms.) So basically, the festival time in Mumbai is like a royal coronation time – people from all walks of life celebrate shattering the monotony of mundane everyday living. They celebrate everything wholeheartedly and with lots of diyas (earthen lamps), sweets, colours and even lights that can be seen adorning this city like the bevy of stars in the night sky. And remember wise advice from the experts — explore the rich culture and tradition of Mumbai along with its fantastic infrastructure only through a road trip. That is how you can enjoy your festivities to the fullest and explore the incredible city in its true essence.

Important points to remember when visiting Mumbai!

  • Best time to travel Mumbai —  The best time to travel in Mumbai can be almost all year long. The weather is never too extreme in this city and you’ll always find a welcoming charm in the ambience whenever you step on this land. But we suggest, you visit Mumbai during the time of autumn when the festival of Diwali is celebrated with zeal and feel in this city. 
  • Types of visits recommended— Basically, there are lots of things to do in Mumbai like taking a historical trip to the heritage locations, a leisure journey around the city, an educational trip, a spiritual journey and an adventurous one as well.

Explore the 5 prominent destinations of Mumbai during Diwali.

You can never feel any dearth of places to visit in Mumbai. Whether it is a festival time or not, this city is always buzzing with tourists and devotees from the entire world. But since you are here during the Diwali time, let us take you through a journey across some places which look astounding during this festival and shouldn’t be missed at all when visiting this city. So, gear up, wear your seat belt, and get ready to visit those fascinating destinations now:

1. Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Take a drive through the wide roads of the gracious Queen’s Necklace or Marine Drive during the Diwali festival in Mumbai. Especially during the nights of Diwali, you’ll find lots of crackers in the Sky and the place will be buzzing with kids and elders alike excited to burn crackers and share merriment. The natural breeze coming from the sea and the joyous ambience around are perfect ways to spend your festivities in the most exciting city of India.

2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Now don’t stop here. After you spend your Diwali night burning crackers and watching people making merry at Marine Drive, take your car towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. This place is a heritage site built by the British during their reign in the country. It is a symbol of architectural glory and utmost talent that the craftsmen exuded and would surely leave you fascinated, and awe struck. Apart from the exceptional architecture and craftsmanship, this terminus is gloriously decorated with lights during the festival times. A selfie here is mandatory in the regal backdrop – it is sure to bring you a plethora of likes in your Social Media channels.

3. Siddhivinayak Temple


The Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the main tourist attractions in Mumbai. This is the most influential Ganesha temple of the country which is frequently visited by celebrities and prominent people of the country. This temple gets a rush of devotees every day throughout the year, but the buzz around Diwali is commendable. Remember, park your vehicle at a good distance away from the temple. Also beware that you shall have to face a long queue.

4. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves

When we talk about Diwali celebrations, we just can’t forget the spiritual value of Elephanta Caves during this festival. This cave has some very famous and important temples of the Hindu religion that are centuries old. You’ll steep in the culture in Mumbai gracefully while celebrating this festival in this location. While you are here, experience the marvel of the exceptional sculpture and carvings on the walls of these caves. 

5. The Beaches of Mumbai

beaches in mumbai

We hope you know that Mumbai is an island. It is surrounded by sea on its major sides. That is why you will also see lots of beaches in Mumbai. You can start your car and move toward the southern side of the city where you will visit the Girgaum Chowpatty which is a fabulous place to view the enticing decor and excitement of the festival. Or you can just wheel towards the western part of Mumbai, where the Juhu Beach boasts of the festivities with pomp and glory. There are also some famous beaches like Aqsa Beach and Ghorai Beach which are located in the suburban Mumbai that again show how the locals here celebrate the festival with lots of zest and happiness. Pro tip – Devour the delectable street food of the city in a food outlet in Mumbai – many of such stalls are dotted on and around these beaches. 

Well, a trip to Mumbai is always filled with excitement, awesomeness, fun, adventure. and knowledge! And if you still want more, try exploring the shopping places in Mumbai! And when you are using a car rental in Mumbai from Revv, you have the freedom and ease to drop into some astounding nearby places from Mumbai for road trips as well. We are sure you’d be spoilt for choices amongst the Ellora Caves, Shirdi, Mahabaleshwar, etc. And since it’s time for the glorious festival of the year, you shall be overwhelmed by the warmth and hospitality! 

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