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Thorough Sanitization and Cleaning Standards Maintained by Revv Cars Rental

None of us had ever thought that a virus can change the way we live, yet now when India is entering the second phase of COVID-19, it has become extremely important for us to maintain hygiene in every way possible. When we talk about hygiene, we usually consider keeping our home clean and sanitizing our hands every now and then, but, what about the times when we are using public transport? We cannot sanitize the facility 100% in public transport, but we can surely opt for a car rental service to keep ourselves safe and maintain the social distancing norms.

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As a matter of fact, the amount of money you spend on public transport, you can actually use that money for a car rental service. The only thing you need to take care of is choosing the company from which you are taking the car rental service. One of the topmost companies in India that offer car rental and car subscription services is Revv. From Hatchback to Sedan and even SUV, you can get all types of cars from Revv.

The best thing about choosing a car rental service from Revv is that you do not have to worry about the car sanitization and cleanliness part. The executives at Revv ensure that before a car is delivered to the doorstep of a customer, it is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized overall. Let us check the rental car sanitization process to be sure about the cleanliness before hiring a car from Revv.

5 Cleanliness and hygiene activity is adopted by Revv for car rental

Exercise personal hygiene

Before the executives start sanitizing a car, they wash their hands with soap and then sanitize with an alcohol-based sanitizer. This helps in disinfecting their hands to minimize any chances of transmission. PPE gear such as a face shield, face mask, and gloves are used to avoid any cross-transmission.

Cleanse the cabin thoroughly

The cabin of any car is cleaned thoroughly. They first get rid of the dirt and grime, and then use disinfectant chemicals, to deal with any of the microorganisms present on the surfaces. To maintain the car seat hygiene, they mostly use a high-duty vacuum cleaner that can take out even the smallest of dirt from the seats. Special care is taken in vacuuming if the seats are fabric upholstered. After it is done, they use a sanitizer with 70% isopropyl alcohol in it. Even if there is any virus, it will remove all of it.

Cleansing the glasses

The window panes are cleaned with chemicals and the executives make sure that these areas are thoroughly disinfected. Glass cleaning is one of the most critical areas that is covered by the Revv executives while sanitizing a car.

Disinfecting the most-touched surfaces

It is very important to disinfect the frequently touched areas. Starting from the door handles, hand brake, steering wheel, gear shifter, sun visors, seatbelt buckles, seat adjustment levers, dashboard, grab handles, touchscreens, each of the buttons and knobs, and all through the cabin, everything is disinfected by them.

Air-conditioner servicing

While they sanitize a car surface, they also make sure that the air-conditioning system is also serviced. Even if there is no virus in the air-conditioning system, many times fungi or bacteria also harbor in there. This is why they get the air-conditioner serviced by professionals.

Once car washing and cleaning are thoroughly done, they deliver the car to the address of the customer. The delivery is contactless, the one, who drops the car at the address of the customer wears a PPE kit and before delivering the car, sanitizes the car once again.

If you have been considering Revv, you are sure to get clean and sanitized cars for rental. You can trust the company without a doubt and use their car for as long as you want. Let us also focus on the other positive attributes of taking a car rental from Revv.

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5 Benefits of Car rental from Revv

No Loan and EMI

You can take the car rental service from Revv and use it just like your own car. You do not have to take a loan for buying the car; therefore, there is no need to pay any EMI. The only payment is the monthly fee that you need to pay on time.

Free maintenance

Revv offers free maintenance on the car rental service. The executives from the company will pick the car from your doorstep on a particular day of the month and get the maintenance done. While carrying out the maintenance, they will also get the sanitization of the car done. And as everything is done, they will deliver the car back to the same address. 


Unlike owning a car, you can take a car rental service from Revv whenever you want for a certain period. Once the period is over, you can return the car. In case you want to return the car before the period, you may have to pay a minimal penalty amount.

Low cost

Once you take the car rental service, you can forget about spending money on public transportations. The car rental service for the Hatchback cars starts from as low as INR 10,000. Therefore, at the end of the month, you will save some money as you take this service.

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Variety of cars

There is a wide variety of cars offered by Revv for car rental service. You can choose any car that suits your taste and budget. And if you are bored with the car you have chosen, you can upgrade it after some months, once your rental period is over.

So you see, with the Revv car rental service, you can not only enjoy a car that is there 24×7 at your service but you can also keep yourself away from the virus. Just download the Revv App or visit the website to get started on getting your dream ride.

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