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Save Your Hard-earned Money with a Car Subscription Service Avoiding EMIs and Down Payments 

With so many latest models of cars coming up every year, it is quite confusing to decide the one that we should take. We get heartbreak when we want to buy the latest SUV but it turns out to be out of our budget. But gone are the days when we had to depend solely on buying a car. The advent of car subscription services has changed many things. If you want to have an SUV and ride it just like your own, you do not have to think twice. All that you need to do is to pay the monthly car subscription fee, and you can use the car for any period you want.

Car subscription in India is preferred by many. Ever since the recent pandemic has hit the country, people are found to be going for this service more than ever before. As we compare car subscriptions vs car buying, car subscription comes with several advantages. Here are some benefits of a car subscription that will help you to understand what a car subscription is, and decide whether you should take this service or not.

  • Monthly fees: When you buy a car, you have to pay the maintenance and insurance cost, registration, road tax, etc. On top of it, you also have to pay the EMI. However, in the case of a car subscription service, it is not the same. The payment will be all-inclusive. The only payment you have to make is the monthly subscription fee. Apart from this and parking and petrol, the company will take care of everything else.
  • No down payment: Down payment plays a vital role while purchasing a car. No matter how much of a loan you are ready to take, you have to make at least some downpayment, and that becomes a hindrance for many. When you are taking a car subscription service, however, you do not have to worry about the down payment part. There is no down payment in a car subscription. You just need to pay for the much reasonable security deposit. Once you pay the security amount, you then have to pay only the monthly fee for the period you are using the service. 
  • Safe from depreciation: The value of a car always depreciates. No matter how much money you are putting into it, and how well-conditioned your car is, while you resell it, you will never get the same amount back that you spent on buying it. But with a car subscription service, you do not have to worry about the depreciating value of the car. You will have to pay only for the period you are using it. 
  • No loan requirement: In a majority of cases people take a loan while buying a car. And with every loan comes an amount of EMI to be paid every month. But it does not happen when you subscribe to a car. You do not need to take any loan to take the car subscription service. The only payment is the monthly subscription fee. And if we talk about car loan vs car subscription, the latter is any day a better financial decision for people.
  • You get options: When we buy a car, we have to use it until we sell it to someone, or maybe for the rest of our lives. If you wish to have a new model of car, you have to buy it. On the other hand, you can use a subscribed car for any length of period you want. Once you want to use some other car or model of it, you can change it by just getting in touch with the company. The minimum period of using an unboxed car is 1 month, and if after using the car for a month, you wish to use a different car, you can easily do that by just contacting the car subscription company.
  • Zero maintenance and servicing: One of the major benefits that will come along with a car subscription service is that you do not need to take the responsibility for the maintenance part of the car or taking it for servicing. Executives from the company will visit you every month and pick up the car for servicing. Once the service has been completed and they have thoroughly checked it, they will drop the car at your doorstep. And all the charges are included in the monthly fee for the car subscription. However, when you are the owner of a car, you not only have to devote your time to the servicing of the car but also have to spend money on it. 

Car subscription service is a much cost-effective option as compared to buying a car. You not only save a lot of money but also save time but investing it in something else rather than taking the car every month for servicing. 

Now, if you are considering a car subscription service, you can contact Revv without a second thought. The cars offered for subscription services by Revv are well-maintained and you can use a car just like your own. They offer two types of cars for the subscription service; unboxed and brand new. The unboxed ones are used cars which are in good shape. And for the brand-new cars, you get to choose the color of the car. The monthly subscription fee starts from INR 10,000, and you can choose the car of your choice accordingly.

If you want to take a car subscription service from Revv, you can visit their website or book the car from their app which is available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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