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The 7 cities of Western India to hire a car from Revv

Are you touring western India or simply planning a destination wedding? We understand the merry go rounds you are going to do in the entire place during this course of time. Obviously, you’ll require a nice conveyance to save time, efforts, and money! Well, the thought of hailing a cab each time you move out of the hotel is slightly uncomfortable. Not to mention the wait time for public transports. Even the concept of taking dozens of guests in a bus seems weird (and oh so very passe). So, why not opt for the best and most convenient way out? Like, hiring a car for instance!

There are dozens of companies offering car rental services in Western part of India. We are sure you won’t have to worry about this service. But it’s very important that the company you are opting for is reliable and the best. And one such suggestion we have for you is to hire a car from Revv in West India. They ensure a solution for your needs for a vehicle no matter what sort of requirement you have.

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Cities in Western India where Revv provides car rental services!

Surely, the idea of hiring a car to make your movement smooth in the Western India is enticing. And if you want to know the cities where you can exactly find this service, here is the list of car rental cities by Revv in Western India —

Benefits of car rentals from Revv!

So now you got to know that the city you are visiting has this car rental service from Revv. Naturally, you are looking for the benefits of Revv car rental. Read about them below:

Multiple choices for self drive purpose

When you want to get a car on rent in West India, you just have to check their website and get numerous options for your need. There are different brands of cars with the latest models and even in distinct sizes. You can pick the model (or models) as per your convenience for the rental purposes.

Get price quotes with or without fuel

While you rent a car from Revv, you can opt for the pricing either with fuel or without the same. Depends totally upon your convenience and preference.

Doorstep delivery and pick up

You just don’t have to worry about searching the car rental company’s office in these cities and travel all the way towards them to pick up the vehicle. They gladly drop the vehicle wherever you require it and even pick it up from any point once you schedule a return. Oh, and the pick-up and the drop locations need not be the same!

Unlimited kilometres

With Revv, you don’t have to worry if the rented car crosses a certain number of kilometres. You get limitless options to drive the car as much as you desire. Just take care that there are no damages happening to the vehicle at all and follow the road discipline well.

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Steps to get a Revv car rental

Now that you know all the features and advantages of getting the car rental from Revv, why don’t you get to know of the exact procedure required for the same? This will help you a lot when you are visiting Western India and you can get your desired car quickly and easily.

Do you have a valid and active driving license?

Before you opt for a car rental from Revv, you have to be very sure that you have an active and valid driving license. Obviously, you should be of the legal driving age for that and even a resident of the country to rent a self-driven car.

Download the Revv app or check their website

Before you visit the western part of India, it is always better to have the Revv app installed in your mobile phone. It shall make it easy for you to check the availability of the vehicle that you require. And if you are not comfortable with downloading the app, you can always check their website anytime to get to know more about their services and read about the important terms and conditions or FAQs about hiring a car from them.

Select the vehicle of your choice

Now you have to select the vehicle that’s most suitable for you and your stay. You have limitless options available — and rest assured that each and every car from them is in great condition, looks presentable, is serviced well, and even sanitised and insured for your safety.

Get your profile verified

After you have applied for the vehicle, they’ll quickly verify your profile. There are certain eligibility criteria of Revv car rental that includes having a valid license and of being in the legal age bracket, etc. They’ll even ask for some legal proof to verify your address and identity and then you can proceed to further steps of hiring a car from them.

The payment and filling the legal documents

After enquiring about your profile, the company provides you a simple legal document that you have to fill while renting the car. They only require all your necessary details and the amount of money you have to pay as a deposit for renting the vehicle. The amount maybe with the fuel charges included or without —you have the flexibility to choose.

Book self drive car rental

Get the car delivered at your destined place

Now just let the company know when and where you require the vehicle to be dropped. An experienced agent from their company will drop off the vehicle to the address at the desired time. Remember to check the vehicle very thoroughly while taking the keys from the agent so that you aren’t held liable to any damage that was already present in the car. (Though there are very low chances of that happening!)

The benefits and advantages of a car rental are far better than any other options available to tour across towns, especially in the post pandemic world. We are sure now whenever you’ll visit these cities of western India, you’ll surely think of hiring a car from Revv to avail all these benefits and have a super convenient mode of conveyance at your disposal.

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