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How Car Rental is Beneficial During Fuel Price Hike

The recent fuel price hike has shaken many of us. Those who own cars are making many changes in managing their monthly budgets, and the ones who are planning to get a new car are reconsidering the idea. And it is not only about having or buying a new car; it is also about taking a cab as the charges of the cabs are also getting more with the higher fuel price. In such a situation, car rental services have come as no less than a blessing for many of us. Whether you want a car for daily use or have a plan to visit nearby places over the weekend, the self-drive car rental service is a wonderful choice for many. The rates charged by the companies are pocket-friendly and you can actually save money from car rental services.

Car rental 3 best benefits during fuel price hike

1. Use the car for a certain period

If you own a car, you would need to stick to it until you sell it off. And in all these times, you have to keep driving it and refill it with fuel. As a result, you cannot stay away from refilling fuel, which is growing higher. However, if you opt for a self-drive car rental service, you can forget about always sticking to it, as you can use it for as long as you need it. Once your need of using the car is over, you can return it to the company. 

2. No need of spending a big amount on a car

If you have been planning to buy a car, you would need to make quite a big investment. Even for a decent hatchback car, you would at least need to spend INR 5 lacs. On the other hand, when you choose a self-drive car rental service, there is no need of spending such an amount of money. You just have to pay for the deposit amount that is needed to book a car as an initial step, and then you just have to pay the monthly fee.

3. Affordable fee

The fees charged for the car rental services from the users are actually reasonable. However, it all depends on the car you are choosing. 

There are several advantages of choosing a car rental service, especially when it has become really challenging to keep up with the hike in fuel prices. But the only concern is choosing the company that you are taking the service from. One of the leading companies that started its operations a few years ago in India is Revv. In just some years, the company has gained the trust of the users and spread its services in many cities of the country. Along with the friendly services, Revv is also known for providing some of the best models of cars that are in the finest condition. Their supportive team of professionals makes every step easier for the users to get the car and then use the service for the period they want. Now that we are considering car rental from Revv, let us take a look at ways that their services can help you to save some money at a time when fuel prices are making a hole in the pockets.

How will you save money from Revv car rental?

1. No loan

Have you been saving money to buy the car that you have been eyeing on for so long, and you have even been planning to get a loan for the same? Well, forget all of it. Revv offers a wide range of cars and you can choose from the selection as per your choice as well as needs. There is no need of taking a loan and paying EMI. You can just pay the monthly charges for the period you use the car.

2. Maintenance and insurance included

When you own a car, it is not just the fuel prices, but the maintenance and insurance also cost quite some money. However, if you take a self-drive car rental service from Revv, you just have to pay for the fuel prices as long as you are using the car. The maintenance and insurance charges are included in the monthly fee.

3. Depreciation free

The monetary value of a car always depreciates. Therefore, when you buy a car, you cannot expect to get a good return when you resell it. However, as you take car rental service from Revv, there is no worry about your money getting depreciated. 

4. Cost-effective rates

The charges for car rental services from Revv are totally pocket-friendly. Also, you can choose the car that suits your budget. There is a wide range of cars and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

5. Flexibility

With buying a car, you get stuck with it until you resell it. Even if you want to upgrade it, you need to buy a new one and either sell the existing one, off or keep it as a secondary car. However, with the Revv car rental service, you get the flexibility of changing the car when you want. In case after using a car for 6 months, you want to switch to a better car, you can do it by just paying a bit more.

And if you are now considering taking Revv’s car rental services, you can either visit their website or install their app on your phone and book the car of your choice. In either case, you can book a car and have it delivered to your doorstep. Once your period of using the car is over, you can even extend it by contacting the company and keep using it. 

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