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Revv Provides Amazing Unboxed Car Subscriptions in Delhi-NCR

Having a car has become one of the unavoidable necessities of modern life. Many of us living in the metropolitan cities in India have no choice but to get a car for personal use. If you live in Delhi NCR then the need for a reliable car is undeniable due to the overwhelming spread of the city and the distance one needs to travel daily to reach their place of work. This is why Delhi NCR is one of the biggest markets of cars in the country and you can even find some of the most luxurious vehicles in the world running on the city roads. That being said, most of the city residents still avoid getting a car since it requires a huge investment including the down payment, the EMI, insurance, road tax, registration, and so on. An easy way out of this situation is to go for a car subscription in Delhi-NCR. There are many options of monthly car subscription models available from various providers that you can opt for.

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What is a car subscription?

A car subscription is a service where a customer can opt to have access to a car by paying the monthly subscription fee of the car. The ownership of the car is retained by the car subscription provider company and the subscription fees usually include miscellaneous car ownership charges such as maintenance, insurance, and road tax. This model helps the customer get a car that they can use just like their own and the resulting amount is much lesser than the combined cost of ownership under the traditional model. 

If you want to opt for this model, you can further save a lot of money by going for unboxed cars for subscription. These are the pre-owned vehicles that have been used for less than three years and have been maintained in excellent condition. Compared to the subscription fee of a new vehicle, if you opt for a used car subscription you can also get additional benefits such as a lesser waiting period and a much lesser subscription fee. The benefits of a new car subscription include that you can choose the color of your vehicle, and you get a brand new car with the new car feel. Many car subscription services can provide you the vehicle of your dreams on an easy subscription plan in Delhi NCR; however, Revv is one of the services that is consistently rated on top.

The flexible car subscription from Revv comes with a lot of benefits that you can enjoy if you opt for an unboxed car subscription from Revv.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of getting a Revv used car subscription.

Flexible plans

The Revv subscription plans are completely flexible with the possibility to change your vehicle anytime. If you get bored out of the vehicle that you have taken or want to upgrade your vehicle, it is all easily possible through Revv. All you need to do is reach out to Revv and ask for a change of vehicle to your new favorite. You would only need to pay the difference in the subscription fee of both vehicles.

Insurance and maintenance included

Insurance and maintenance are two big components of car ownership that many people do not consider when taking a car. The maintenance can vary according to the car make and model so some of the models can have high maintenance charges than others. These all charges are not your concern when you go for the Revv subscriptions as these charges are included in the subscription fees.

Easy Returns and Extension

You can return your subscribed vehicle anytime you want. There is no minimum period for which you need to take the vehicle. You can also extend the vehicle subscription to any length of time without any problems.

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Buy out benefits

Once your subscription period of the car finishes, you can opt for buying the car. The car prices are determined based on their age and kilometers are driven and by paying the amount specified in the contract, you can own the car.

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Doorstep pick up and drop

With Revv, you do not need to take the car anywhere for maintenance or any other reason. The car is picked up for maintenance by Revv executives every month after consulting with you on your free dates. Once the maintenance has been done you will be getting the car at your doorstep, fully maintained and sanitized. The same process of sanitization is followed when the car is dropped at your doorstep for the first time when you take a fresh used car subscription.

Once you subscribe to a car from Revv, you can use it just like you would use your own car. There are no limits of minimum or maximum kilometers, and therefore if you want you can take the car for long trips to the nearby beautiful places such as Chandigarh, Jaipur, Agra, and many others. If the idea appeals to you, you can visit the Revv website or install the Revv App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. You can browse the Revv inventory by specifying Delhi NCR as your city and make a customized car subscription plan by choosing the car, subscription period, and other details. With Revv plans, you will never have to worry about being without a car in Delhi NCR as the Revv cars are also available on hourly, daily, and weekly rental.

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