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Alluring Winter Festivals Celebrations You Must Attend in India

Winters in India are the most exciting times of the year when the entire country is bathed in a festive vibe. Despite the subzero temperature in some parts of the subcontinent, the enthusiasm and warm hospitality of the people is enough to battle the cold weather and enjoy some of the most colorful festivals celebrated in India during winter. Although many festivals are dotted across the calendars throughout the year, the best winter festivals in India are definitely worth attending due to the perfect weather. To help you plan for these festivals, we have made a quick list of road trips to winter festivals in India where you can best experience these festivities in their full glory. Here are the best places to visit in India in winters for the amazing festivals they host.

10 Best Winter Festivals in India

1. Nagaur Festival at Nagaur

Nagaur Festival at Nagaur

Ramdeoji Cattle Fair also called the Nagaur Festival is the second biggest cattle fair in the country, the first one being the Pushkar Cattle Fair celebrated in November. Trade of 75,000 cattle is carried out in the fair every year including camels, horses, and cows. The dates for 2021 are between 30th January and 2nd February. Apart from the cattle trade, various cultural activities and celebrations begin at sunset every day where you can enjoy watching cockfights, bullock races, tug-of-war, folk music and dance performances, contests such as turban tying, mustache, juggling as well as puppet shows are also carried out.ย 

Celebrated in โ€“ February

2. Jaisalmer Desert Festival at Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

The 4-day festival celebrated between 16th and 19th February is a cultural experience that gives you a glimpse of true Rajasthan. The culture and tradition of Rajasthan are put on a brilliant display during this festival. You can enjoy plenty of Rajasthani delicacies, camel rides, mustache competition, folk music, and more.

Celebrated in – February

3. Manali Winter Carnival at Manali

Manali Winter Carnival

Celebrated yearly in the first week of January, this amazing winter carnival in Manali is one of a kind. It exhibits the culture of Himachal and provides many opportunities to indulge in winter sports. Apart from skiing and other winter sports, you can also enjoy cultural activities and performances.

Celebrated in โ€“ January

4. Rann Mahotsav at Kutch

The Rann Utsav at Rann of Kutch

This surreal festival that takes place in Rann of Kutch is one of the most famous cultural fests in India. Popularly advertised by the Bollywood celebrities the Rann Mahotsav is gorgeous with the backdrop of white sand and luxurious accommodation at the tents. The place looks out of this world in the moonlit nights and the folk music playing in the background.

Celebrated in – December to March

5. Lohri at Amritsar

Lohri at Amritsar

Lohri is one of the biggest festivals in Punjab, but celebrations of Lohri at Amritsar are one of the best ways to celebrate it. The colorful city of Amritsar fills up with gorgeous spectacles of dances and the vibration of dhol rise in the air. Falling on the winter solstice, the Lohri festival is celebrated by making bonfires at night, pray for the wellbeing of the family, and dance around the fire.

Celebrated in โ€“ January

6. Makar Sankranti Kite Festival at Ahmedabad

Makar Sankranti Kite Festival at Ahmedabad

At the same time as Lohri, which is the day of the winter solstice, the Makar Sankranti festival is celebrated widely in many areas of India. The best place to attend this festival is in Ahmedabad in Gujarat where it is celebrated with the International kite festival and also known as another name Uttarayan.

Celebrated in โ€“ January

7. Thai Pongal at Madurai

Thai Pongal at Madurai

The Pongal festival in Tamilnadu is another unique way in which farmers welcome the harvest home during the winter solstice. During the Pongal festival, which lasts for 4 days, the main day is the second day called Thai Pongal when the Pongal rice is prepared and the sun god is worshipped. On the third day called Mattu Pongal, you can see the controversial sport Jallikattu being played where men try to catch a bull that tries to escape the crowd.

Celebrated in โ€“ January

8. Magh Bihu at Assam

Magh Bihu at Assam

The lunar calendar month of Magh falls during the winter solstice and is celebrated with the festival Magh Bihu. It is also a harvest festival and celebrated with customary food and the Bihu dance performances by the Assamese. There are special huts of bamboo that are used for preparing the food for these festivals. Takeli Bhonga is a traditional sport that is celebrated here.

Celebrated in โ€“ January

9. Festa De Diu at Daman and Diu

Festa De Diu at Daman and Diu

The Festa De Diu is celebrated in the UT of Daman and Diu, you will be amazed by the choice of location for this beach festival. The celebration lasts so long that it is Asiaโ€™s longest-lasting beach festival from 1st December to 15th February. The venue chooses each week and you can have plenty of performances such as stand-up comedy, music and dance performances to heritage walks, and adventure sports.

Celebrated in – December to February

10. Goa Carnival at Goa

The Flea Markets in Goa

Goa carnival has it all, from music to dance and food and cultural events, all of that in the magical land of Goa. Lasting four days this carnival is one of the kinds, and the weather is just perfectly warm but not uncomfortable. Participants and attendees for the carnival come from all parts of the world.

Celebrated in – March

These winter festivals in India are perfect to welcome the new year in style and enjoy some of the best places to visit in the country. The winter festival dates for 2021 in India should be checked before finalizing the plans and for the travel, you can go ahead with taking a self-drive car on rent from Revv. The self-drive car rental from Revv provides you with a well-maintained and dependable vehicle at affordable daily, weekly or monthly packages. Just install the Revv App or visit the Revv Website to get started on your trip to enjoy these winter festivals.

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