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Adventure & Camping Lure – Explore These Up Close by Taking a Road Trip to Karnataka

Adventure and risks add essence to your life? You count days to your next road trip for days? You feel the nudge again? Set out, oh wanderlust soul! Where to, you ask? We say — some place where travel and adventure can go hand in hand. You get to enjoy and explore new locations and learn about new places while you experience a roller coaster ride to the adventures the site offers. And yes, don’t forget, opting for driving to that exciting location also adds in to the adventurous quotient.

Let’s talk about that place in India which excels in providing some exquisite locations to enjoy adventure and camping thoroughly. You get that adrenaline rush each time you take a trip here, because the activities you get to experience here are totally mind-blowing and challenging. Yes, we are talking about the very alluring Karnataka! Road trips in Karnataka have tremendous adventure and fun enveloped in a package of thrill for you. So, are you ready to travel there to enjoy thoroughly?

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Top most things to keep in mind when travelling to Karnataka

  • Best time to travel Karnataka— Karnataka is ready to welcome you with open arms whenever you intend to enjoy yourself thoroughly. So, the best time to travel is all round the year!
  • Best activities to enjoy in Karnataka— Get ready to dive into some fabulous experiences when you think of the great many things to do in Karnataka. There are amazing historical places to explore, lots of temples to visit, exquisite wildlife to view, and even fascinating adventurous activities to keep you totally hooked.

Adventure road trip in Karnataka peppered with camping – the best holidays ever!

We think you already know the fascinating beauty of Karnataka. But even the adventurous road trips to Karnataka are totally magical if you enjoy that kind of a vacation. Can’t decide where to start? Here’s a list!

1. Dandeli


The place that is peppered with waterfalls, and rivers sides along with fabulous activities to enjoy thoroughly is Dandeli in Karnataka. The immense beauty of the natural scenery, the river rafting opportunities, trekking along the slopes, ideal camping sites, and even going for a safari in the second largest wildlife sanctuary of Karnataka – there are a lot to fill up your days, and even evenings. Isn’t it the ideal place to head for your adventurous kick?

2. Mullayanagiri


When you drive for about 20 kilometres from Chikmagalur, you’ll reach one of the topmost trekking sites in Karnataka, the Mullayanagiri. It’s the highest peak of the State of about 1950 metres that lets you trek amidst the most stunning natural surroundings and greenest meadows. You’ll love climbing this hill further and reach a small temple at its peak while you camp here for a day or two.

3. Baba Budangiri

Baba 123

Baba Budangiri is one of the very famous camping sites in Karnataka where you’ll find misty weather and spectacular greenery surrounding you. Dedicated to a Muslim Saint, this place also holds a special religious importance, but mostly you’ll find the adventure loving souls heading towards this location to climb the hill and enjoy trekking and camping near the wonderful hills.

4. Kavala Caves

Kavala Caves

One of the most challenging and adventurous places to visit in Karnataka is the Kavala Caves. This cave is said to be in existence since the pre-historic times and that is why they have innumerable religious stories anchored around them. Since it lies in the heart of the Dandeli National Park and is inhabited by snakes and insects too, reaching it is a challenge in itself. Imagine the dare to explore this place!

5. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

The perfect place for indulging in adventurous activity would be at the highest hills! Visit here to try fun activities like trekking, camping, and mountain climbing, for the Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is an ideal hill-station near Bangalore. It’s also one of the highest hills of this State and you can also try reaching the extreme top of it if you love adventure to the core. The joy of camping and picnicking in this naturally dense location is unparalleled.

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6. Nandi Hills

nandi hills

Looking for a stunning hill-station for camping? Nandi Hills is a fabulous location to head for some adventure and fun! This place provides some really enchanting views to capture in your photographs while you climb the hills to more amazing locations. If that was not enough, you can trek at some gorgeous meadows and valleys of this splendid location and even enjoy watching the gurgling of waters at the splendid waterfalls.

7. Shivaganga Hills

Shivaganga Hills

What if you see a thick rush of fog on the hills that you climb for about 2 hours? And imagine if you get to see a magnificent view from this hill of the metropolis city of Karnataka – Bangalore! Magical, isn’t? Yes, we are talking about one of the top attractions near Bangalore called the Shivaganga Hills. It lies at an altitude of 4599 feet height and also holds many Shiva Temples where you can visit after climbing this challenging hill.

8. Yana


Located just around 100 kilometres away from Jog Falls (an enticing waterfall of the south) lies Yana — an admirable village in Karnataka. Rock climbing at Yana is truly famous and most challenging. You’ll even find some waterfalls near the hills to admire while you are trekking near this location or climbing this hill. Pro –tip – it is one of the best places to camp since the greenery around is truly enticing.

9. Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg

Jungle camping at Gonikoppal, Coorg

About 220 kilometres away from Bangalore lies the Jungle camping at Gonikoppal in Coorg. But when you have a self-drive car on rent, the distance would be the least of your concerns. The dense forest and luscious greens make it the perfect place for trekkers who love the idea of jungle camp-fire and late-night barbecue. This place is tucked away from the city lights and perfect to spend your weekend at!

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10. Nature Adventure Camp

Nature Adventure camp

With your safe and sanitized car rental, you’ll easily reach the best resort of Karnataka, called the Nature Adventure Camp. It’s a totally happening place where you’ll find like-minded adventurers occupying the tents and trying the various activities like trekking, hill climbing, and even strolling across the forests and watching the various species of birds. With everything taken care of by the resort owners, your adventure trip would be totally awesome and full of daring activities.

These places in Karnataka give you a totally challenging experience and extreme adrenaline rush. But if you are still in Karnataka and want to try out some more activities then head over to any one of the famous beaches of Karnataka to try the amazing water sports, opt for the nature camps organised by the adventure enthusiasts like the Team Huddle Adventure Camp, Frolic Boonies Nature Camp, et al, or simply head to Madhugiri to view the largest monolithic hill of Asia and Charmady Ghat to enjoy camping near the river and the mountains.

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