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Looking for a Car Subscription from Revv in South India? Note The Cities

Indians are accepting the new trend in car ownership. Now they don’t mess with the idea of paying a lump-sum amount when buying the car. Neither do they worry about loans and then stressing on paying the EMIs regularly. Instead, they have found a great solution to their needs of owning a car — which is both very convenient and user friendly. Yes, it’s called car subscription! You will find that most of the car owners today have their vehicles subscribed through a reliable agency which obviously brings lots of benefits, but with no commitments attached.

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And when you seem to be so much interested in car subscription as well, let us tell you more about car subscription services by Revv. They’ve spread their branches all over India and provide you excellent car subscription opportunities to own your favourite vehicle without much hassle. Well, for this blog post, let us concentrate on one region — the South of India. This part of India is progressing rapidly and the requirement of a car is imperative. You need a vehicle to commute from one corner to another on a daily basis in these progressing cities. Obviously, the convenience of public transport is present, but you know the growing population of India and the ongoing pandemic situation. Naturally, you feel the need for a personal vehicle. Well, that is why if you are considering a car subscription in South India, then you need to know all the details of opting for this service.

Benefits of car subscriptions

Before you opt for the car subscription services, it’s very essential to know how you are going to benefit from it. 

No commitment at all

Whether it is buying a new vehicle entirely with your savings or getting a loan for the same, you are bound by some rules and liabilities. You have to pay the regular road taxes, insurances, maintenance fees, etc. While in car subscription, you don’t have any strings attached and still have the convenience of a car at your doorstep. Do you know how? Well, car subscription requires just paying a minimum amount each month which includes all your insurance fees and maintenance expenses as well. Rest everything that is required to upgrade and keep your car in the top-notch condition is managed by the company providing you the subscription.

Your preferred plan

One of the best benefits of Revv Car subscription is that it works entirely on your convenience. You have the complete freedom of choosing your preferred plan to own a specific vehicle. Like, if you require a certain model of Mahindra car, then you can opt for the payment method and the amount of fees you can pay each month or whenever that is convenient for you. In short, apart from getting so many benefits even the plan is designed according to your choice.

Continue or break ties whenever you want

We were serious when we said that car subscription is a no strings attached relationship. Here you can end your ties with the company or discontinue the contract whenever you want to give up the subscription. Even if you want to continue it for a longer term, you are allowed the same. And if you want to switch the vehicle in between and want to start a new subscription plan — even that is possible as per your convenience.

Why to opt for Revv car subscription?

After learning all the features and advantages of car subscription, you are wondering why we stressed upon the need to subscribe a car from Revv so much. Well, Revv earned themselves tremendous response and popularity after starting this service. They have got more than 2500 happy subscribers, are providing their services in 22 and more cities of India, have almost 5000 subscriptions booked already, and have been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 by their reviewers. Do you still need any more reasons to opt for this service from such a noteworthy company?

List of cities to get the car subscription from Revv! 

If you are from South India and worried if Revv provides their subscription plans in your city or not, then it is better that you check the places where they are providing their services. If you belong to any one of these places, getting a subscription from them becomes super easy for you. Just follow the right procedure to claim your subscription and your loving car would be with you in no time.

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The list of car subscription cities by Revv 

How to get a car subscription from Revv?

There is a specific procedure to follow to subscribe a car from Revv. Eager to know about already? Read on.

Select your preferred car

You can login to their website or simply download their app to select the car of your choice from the various brands and models available.

The rapid processing

Now after you have chosen and applied for your choice of car, they’ll check if you fulfil the eligibility criteria of Revv car subscription. (For that, you have to provide your identity and address proofs along with an assurance apart from some more formal documents.) Post this submission, you can even fix your deposit amount and the ideal package you require.

Preparation of your car

After the formalities, the company makes it a point to deliver your preferred car to your doorstep. If by any chance you have opted for a used car, it would be sanitised and serviced well before it reaches your place.

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Enjoy your convenience

With your subscribed car at your doorstep, you can now enjoy a carefree convenience of using this vehicle freely. From the monthly insurance to the maintenance, everything is taken care of by the company and you just have to inform them if you require continuing the subscription plan until the fixed date or need to extend or discontinue it.

With these essential information noted down, we assure you that your car subscription plan in any of these cities of South India is going to prove very beneficial for you in the long run. So, are you ready for this hassle free and super convenient car owning procedure?

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