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Road Trips to The Best Book Markets in India

The fragrance of fresh books takes us to a different world, donโ€™t they? The printed words on the papers, the touch of a book is way different and we can be glued to it for hours and days. The satisfaction of reading only comes through a book, and cannot be replaced by a kindle or any other digital device. Although you will find book stores in several malls these days, the joy of visiting the open book markets in India where you can find different genres of books stacked properly is different. So, if you are a book lover who always keeps a book in the bag, especially while traveling, you should take road trips in India to visit the various book markets across the country. Let us quickly discuss some of those book markets.

7 Famous Book Markets in Indiaย 

1. Daryaganj Book Market and Nai Sadak โ€“ Delhi

Delhi, the national capital is a great place where you can find bookstores in many nooks of the city. However, for the second-hand book market in Delhi, you have to visit Old Delhi. The two popular markets, the Daryaganj book market, and Nai Sadak, both located in Old Delhi are often frequented by bibliophiles.ย  The Daryaganj book market is a one-stop destination where you can find books of all genres and at the most pocket-friendly prices. However, you must try to bargain. This place is especially known because the famous late author Khushwant Singh used to visit this place a lot. There was a time when the market was about to be shut down. However, on Mr. Singhโ€™s request to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the market is still in existence. Very close to the Daryaganj book market, the Nai Sadak market is a little different. Through the street, you can find a double-story building and the lower storey of which has book shops. You will mainly find school and college textbooks here. This market is closed only on every Sunday of the week.

2. College Street โ€“ Kolkata

This is the biggest book market in India and is also known as the nickname Boi Para. It is also the cheapest book market in India where you can find more than a hundred bookstores, both big and small. You can also come across some of the biggest publishing houses in the country here. You can find various types of stores here; some of them are brick and mortar, while the others are stalls that are made of canvas, bamboo, and sheets. You can find almost each and every book in this book market. And if you are looking for rare books, you can even buy them at dirt cheap prices. Located very close to this market you can find the much famed Indian Coffee House. You must stop by here for a hot cup of tea and samosa.

3. Avenue Road โ€“ Bengaluru

avenue road, bangalore

The books in this market are stacked up to a height of 9 feet. This book market is especially for academic books for schools and colleges; however, you can also find the latest fiction novels. The place is perched in proximity to Chickpet and apart from book stores and stalls; you can also find food carts, stationery shops, textiles, and jewelry stores here. The interesting part is that you can even sell your old books here; make sure they are in the right condition.

4. Moore Market โ€“ Chennai

moore market

Whenever you visit Chennai, make sure you spare some time for Moore Market. You will find all genres of second-hand books. From college textbooks to comics, from fiction to non-fiction, from classics to biographies and magazines, you can find everything here that you want to read. This is a mind-blowing place; however, make sure you sharpen your bargaining skills before visiting Chennaiโ€™s Moore market bookshops.

5. Koti and Abids โ€“ Hyderabad

Koti and Abids โ€“ Hyderabad

Koti and Abids is perhaps the name that comes first to anybodyโ€™s mind who lives in Hyderabad, especially when it is about buying books. This market is open only on Sunday of each week. The market is a little haphazard but perfect for people to find peace in reading books. The area covered by this book market on Sunday starts from the Taj Mahal Hotel and goes to Post Office. If you are specifically looking for academic books, you need to head to the Koti book market.

6. Flora Fountain โ€“ Mumbai

Flora Fountain โ€“ Mumbai

Located at the heart of Mumbai, Flora Fountain is heaven for bibliophiles. You will find books written by every author in this world, whether new or old. You can find books here in huge piles. This is a popular second-hand book market in Mumbai where you will find books of your choice at the most competitive prices. As a matter of fact, if you have been a comic lover and miss those comics from your childhood days, you must come here to find your favorite comic.

7. Appa Balwant Chowk โ€“ Pune

appa balwant chowk

Some people even call it ABC. It is a favorite name for book lovers in Pune. Students regularly visit this book market and so do the other bibliophiles. It is one of the old markets for books in Pune that you must go to buy the book that you have been eyeing for a long time. Apart from books, you can also grab a bite of cream rolls and puffs at the New Poona Bakery here.

Due to COVID-19, the opening time of these markets has changed a bit; therefore, you have to confirm before heading to the particular markets. However, to make your road trip to these markets even more comfortable, you can opt for a self-drive car rental service. Now, get a car on rent from Revv by downloading the Revv app on your smartphone.

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