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Quench Your Wanderlust: Go for Road Trips from Ahmedabad!  

They say if we were bound to be in one place, we would have roots instead of legs! Well, that’s the reason we often become frustrated and feel rotten if we aren’t traveling! Yes, travel can be the mood lifter in most cases and provide you with the joy you desire! Especially when you have been travelling all through your life, not being to travel because of any circumstance can be taxing on your morale. But don’t worry, now with the advancement in technology and development of infrastructure, travelling through the cities has become so very easy. More so if you enjoy driving. You don’t have to depend on trains and flights to lift you to amazing locations, even a car and driving through the roads is enough to help you reach beyond boundaries. 

And when it is about exploring myriad destinations, how about road trips from Ahmedabad? It’s a fabulous place that portrays traditional values beautifully along with nestling some really enchanting locations to appease all and sundry. Even if you have seen the in and out of Ahmedabad completely, don’t worry — you can find some really exciting locations around it which are waiting for you to be explored. So, fuel your innate wanderlust and start towards the journey that promises fun, excitement, bewilderment, and amazement to the hilt.

Important things to keep in mind when travelling from Ahmedabad!

  • Best time to drive from Ahmedabad — Ahmedabad is located in Gujarat which is near the desert region, Rajasthan. So, the summer here can be extremely scorching and it’s not advisable for you to drive during that season. Yes, monsoon can be delightful over here, but we suggest that you try driving through these locations during the winter months because the roads are dry and pretty convenient and even the weather is cheerfully pleasant during this time. 
  • Types of visits recommended — Sightseeing, historic, religious, wildlife interests. 

A completely magnificent journey from Ahmedabad towards 10 fascinating locations – all within a budget! 

Ahmedabad is situated at a vantage point – it is surrounded by the desert region – Rajasthan, the historically famous – Delhi, the culturally rich State – Madhya Pradesh, and the suave Maharashtra. So when you take out your car and start to drive towards some beautiful locations in the vicinity of Ahmedabad, you’ll get a plethora of options to choose from. Well, let’s try visiting as much as we can to quench our thirst of wanderlust! 

1. Nalsarovar


Located at just 60 kilometres from the city of Ahmedabad, Nalsarovar is one of the nearest tourist attractions from here. If the beauty of the river and the unique birds nesting here weren’t enough, even the road trip towards this location is full of stunning scenes and captivating scenarios.

2. Mount Abu

Mount Abu

If you thought that all the locations around Ahmedabad would be scorching, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Just drive for around 220 kilometres away from the city to reach one of the most popular holiday destinations from Ahmedabad, Mount Abu. It has an absolutely scenic location with charming natural bounties and the weather that is suitable for a relaxing vacation. You’ll see a rush of tourists visiting this hill station all throughout the year because of the stunning points that Mount Abu has, along with the simple yet peaceful and pleasant lifestyle seen in this place.

3. Hingolgadh Sanctuary

Hingolgadh Sanctuary

If you are in search of short but exclusive budget getaways from Ahmedabad, then one such destination could be Hingolgadh Sanctuary for the exceptional wildlife sighting that you can experience here! Not just the animals that are easily spotted in this location, but the rich flora and fauna here are treats for nature lovers. 

4. GIR National Park

GIR National Park

You’d be surprised to know that GIR National Park is located at a drivable distance from Ahmedabad, which is around 330 kilometres. This National Park is famous all over the world for the rare Indian lions that you will find here. Spread across a huge area of 1412 square kilometres, this forest is very dense and rich with exclusive flora and fauna as well. But remember, before you head out towards this destination — make it a point to inquire about the jungle safari timings. 

5. Sapatura


One of the most favourite budget getaways from Ahmedabad, Sapatura, is the nearest hill station from the city that is truly a blessing for your soul. You’ll love the picturesque location and the calm aura of this place. If this isn’t enough, the various attractive valleys and slopes and the wildlife sanctuaries here can seal your journey with delight.

6. Udaipur


If you don’t mind visiting some destinations that are a little far away from Ahmedabad, then try Udaipur. Whether it is the extraordinary architectural excellence of the place or the vibrant vibes of the town or the elegant lakes, can any other place make you feel as royal as Udaipur does? So, why mind travelling a bit longer and reaching the best place for spending enchanting holidays away from Ahmedabad? 

7. Diu

Daman & Diu

Next you can try exploring the beaches nearby. Diu is just 364 kilometres away from Ahmedabad and an excellent getaway for budget holidays from Ahmedabad. Feel free to laze for hours and relax on the beach and admire the scenic beauty it offers.

8. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

We believe, Jaisalmer is a dream location of every wanderlust soul. The exotic location has some really enchanting forts and palaces under its wings. If you want to be awed by the classical beauty of this city, you just can’t mind driving for 537 kilometres from Ahmedabad to reach it. 

9. Dwarka


The religious importance of Dwarka can’t be challenged! It’s a fascinating place adorned with numerous important temples that have been the pride of the city since centuries. You’ll just have to drive for 441 kilometres, and you’ll land on a blessed land where you can pray for all your wishes to come true. 

10. Silvassa


If you are too tired of driving constantly amongst these locations near Ahmedabad, then you need to take a stopover at Silvassa. There are lots of things to do in Silvassa that will refresh you and would be totally fun as well. Like, you can take a stroll around the lush and grand gardens here, take some time to click those Instagram worthy pictures of the beautiful valleys, and visit the special Museum located in this place.

These destinations are truly captivating — but we know as your thirst for exploring more never gets quenched, you are always seeking for more. In this case, do drive towards Rajkot, which is a small town full of fun activities; Baroda, a classical city of Gujarat; Bikaner, known for its relishing cuisine and Polo Forest that offers a fascinating scenery to rejuvenate your senses. And if you want to ensure that your holiday throughout these locations goes on without any hiccups, then opt for a car rental in Ahmedabad from Revv. The comfort and the pleasure of this journey would be all yours!

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