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Buying a Used Car from Revv? Know all The Nuances! 

Purchasing a new vehicle is a great decision. Not always can you rely on the public transports and keep hiring cabs. Sometimes, it is great to be self-reliant and have your own car. But we all know that having a personal car isn’t just a matter of a few bucks. You have to spend a large sum to get one. Yes, there are brands that offer affordable cars, but perhaps you don’t want to go for such a financial commitment at the moment. That is when the used cars jump into the scenario. Basically, these are the cars which somebody has already driven or used for some years. Well, when you don’t have the finances to buy a lavish new luxurious car, these used cars appear to be God-sent options. So, basically this is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller equally.

 There are indeed lots of agents and people selling used cars and would tempt you into purchasing from them. But you should always consider getting used cars from Revv. They are a trusted source providing best quality cars in their finest condition. What’s more? Apart from stocking the leading models of cars, they even consider your convenience of paying for and buying the same — and that’s what makes them the best used-car sellers.

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Benefits of buying used cars from Revv

If you are considering the option to get a car on a second-hand basis, we would recommend you know about all the benefits of buying used cars from them:

1. Easy to afford

Second-hand cars are highly affordable. They often come in at even less than half the rates of their newer counterparts in the market. You can easily afford them (with or without loans).

2. Are in great condition

Though you are spending way too less in buying these cars, you need not compromise on the quality and condition of the car. If you are buying the best used cars models from Revv, they come in excellent conditions. In fact, these are just as good and well-maintained as a new vehicle.

3. Lower depreciation rate

When buying used cars, you don’t have to worry that you won’t get a good sum for the vehicle when you sell it after a few years. Since you are already getting a pre-owned vehicle (after a year or two) of its official launch, its depreciation has already happened. Now even if you sell it a year or two down the line, the price point you shall be offered would be good enough.

4. Perfect for a newbie

When you are just a new driver on the roads and want a car to enhance your skills, used cars seem to be the best options. You don’t have to live with the constant fear of facing an accident in a brand-new vehicle (worth lakhs!) and shed tears over the dents and scratches.

5. With Revv, you get flexible payment options

If you think you can’t pay the entire amount of the vehicle on one go, Revv has the solution for that as well. They provide you flexible payment options that let you own a car and pay in instalments or even opt for a loan.

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Tips for buying used cars from Revv

 If you have this doubt in your mind about how to buy used cars and get maximum benefits and even secure a good catch, then we have the best tips for buying used cars from Revv:

1. Inquire about the brands of used cars

The first and foremost step to consider when buying a second-hand car is to inquire about the popularly known brands of used car. Know about their details, specifications, features, etc. and then decide if it fits your requirements best.

2. Check about the date of manufacture

If you want to evaluate the best price of a car’s model, it’s necessary to know about its date of manufacturing first. Only then you’ll know if the vehicle is fit to be used regularly and if the price the company is quoting is suitable.

3. Go for car inspection

A car inspection is a must if you want to get your hands on the best working vehicle. Revv allows you to take along an expert in car inspection and even provides the service from their recommended mechanics if you require. You have to be sure to check the body of the car thoroughly. From the bonnet to the wheels, headlights, etc. — everything should be intact and without any bump or scratch. Under the expert’s guidance you’ll also know if the parts of the car and the engine work finely. Like, the brake pressure, the proper working of the steering wheel, the intact air filter and radiator, everything should be in a great condition.

3. Check for the available financial options

Different sellers provide you with distinct payment options. With Revv, you can either opt for a loan or pay the entire amount in cash or cheque at one go. You can discuss this payment matter with the agent attending you and decide upon the payment procedure you are opting for.

4. Take a test drive

Ensure you are taking a test drive before buying any vehicle. It’s only after the test drive you’ll be sure whether the vehicle runs smoothly and calculate its performance in the long run.

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5. Read the papers thoroughly before purchasing the car

You have to be sure to read each and every condition and clause of the car’s sale contract in detail before buying it. Also check if the seller is the owner of the car and you are mentioned as the new buyer (and owner) and only then sign the final agreement contract.

 With Revv, buying a second-hand car is surely a cake walk. And since you are purchasing the vehicle from one of the most trusted companies in India, you are sure to get your hands on the best vehicle with absolutely no glitches and regret to look back to.

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