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Know About The Exciting Deal from Revv! Get a Fabulous Used Renault Kwid

If you are looking to own the best possible used car, then this post is certainly for you. Indeed, a second-hand car is like a dream come true when you simply can’t afford a new one or wouldn’t like to get one due to some practical problems (say, an impending relocation!). Not only does it give you a great space financially, but it also helps you improve your driving skills in a convenient way. Of course, having the convenience of a vehicle in a city is an added perk as well. What we are suggesting today is a fabulous invention of a famous automobile brand — Renault. Yes, their Kwid models are one of the most loved and talked about cars in India! 

We understand that you can’t afford a brand new Renault Kwid presently. But don’t worry. You’ll easily get this car amongst the used cars available via Revv. This version of Renault not just looks fabulous but can be also called as one of the most perfectly performing beasts as well. With perfectly sophisticated looks, great body, impressive features, and mind-blowing speed, it’s certainly a winner in the automobile world. So, it doesn’t matter if you are getting a brand-new version or picking up a second-hand one, it has the power to be your best companion on the roads.

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Benefits of buying Renault Kwid

No doubt you are searching for the practical reasons and benefits of buying a Renault Kwid. Well, we have some of the prominent ones listed for you below:

1. The incredible looks and perfect design

Renault Kwid

The Renault Kwid grabs your eyeballs with its modern, stylish, fluid silhouette. The LED DRLs on the top side and the headlamps on the bumper’s side with a fancy grille in the centre cumulatively give it a totally magnificent front fascia. This definitely steals your attention at one single glance.

2. Spacious cabin space

Spacious cabin space

One of the best features of the Renault Kwid is the super spacious front and rear cabin space. You’ll get the best comfort while driving the car and enough leg space to stretch when you don’t! 

3. Super highway performance

If you are a speed lover, then you will obviously love this vehicle a lot. It shows commendable highway performance even at high speed. This means even when you are constantly running the car at a great speed, it doesn’t show any strains or hiccups during the drive. This is actually one of the most coveted factors that most drivers look for in a car.

4. Feature rich cabin

If you get one of the good and recent models of the Renault Kwid RXL (approximately launched within 5-6 years), you get lots of amazing features with it like touchscreen infotainment et al. 

5. Better fuel efficiency

The major concern of the drivers nowadays is to get a car that is extremely fuel efficient. So, when you get your hands on a Renault Kwid, you can rest assured that it won’t eat a lot of fuel (as compared to its rival vehicles). This model of Renault is considered extremely fuel efficient — even more than that of the Nano cars which were launched recently.

6. Large boot space

Another great advantage that you get to enjoy when you are buying Renault Kwid is a large boot space. Now no matter how many friends you pick up or how much luggage you are carrying, there will always be space for these in your vehicle.

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Reasons to buy a used Renault Kwid from Revv

Now when you are finally impressed with this model of car and are looking for second-hand sources to get a Renault Kwid for yourself, then let us suggest you a great company that prides in selling pre-owned cars in Bangalore and also in other cities of India – Revv. But are you wondering why you should do so? Well, then we have got some reasons listed to buy a used Renault Kwid from Revv!

Perfectly maintained car

Revv promises to deliver you only the best quality and well-maintained used cars. No matter which model and brand of the vehicle you choose, they tend to provide you only with the vehicle which is working at its finest condition and looks extremely impressive too.

Various plans and prices

Are you worried if you’ll get a car of your choice in your preferred way from Revv? Then rest assured. They have lots of options in the plans and price realm of these used cars for you as well. You can either pick up petrol or a diesel vehicle as per your preferences and even pay via a loan or simply through a cheque or cash on the spot. Just let them know your preferred payment plans and prices and they’ll suggest you the best cars available in that model and the year of manufacture you are searching for.

Inspect your car thoroughly before buying

Revv provides you the chance to inspect the car in detail and even take a safe and sanitised test drive before buying. They believe that you should be extremely content and satisfied with the vehicle and its performance and of course its condition before buying it. 

Delivered to your doorstep

When you are getting a Renault Kwid or any used car in Bangalore from Revv, they tend to deliver the vehicle to your doorsteps. 

Officially signed and legal documents

Any used car from Revv (even a Renault Kwid) is provided you with all the legal documents and the officially signed papers. Even if you are getting the car on loan, the agents from the company ensure to carry out the entire legal procedure of it perfectly on that basis and then handover the car’s keys to you.

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Get the latest model of the car

With Revv, you can rest assured that you’ll get only the latest model used cars in excellent condition. Like in Renault Kwid, they have the latest version launched in 2016 which obviously is presented in a safe and sanitised and up-to-date condition to you.

We hope now that you know everything about buying a used Renault Kwid launched in 2016 from Revv. They are truly the best sources to get this vehicle as you’ll get your hands on a fabulous car in excellent condition and that too in your most preferred and suitable plan. If you consider it practically, it’s a win-win situation for you which you shouldn’t let go at all. 

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