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Are you new to Jaipur or are you planning a road trip? It’s obvious that you require a medium to commute around town or perhaps even beyond. And considering the unpredictable Indian weather, road conditions, and the pandemic situation, a car is the best option to commute in and around Jaipur. But naturally, you can’t actually buy a car for just these temporary purposes! And yes, we agree that cabs and public transports are available, but often you can’t manage your deadlines according to their schedules or these simply are too crowded to opt for. 

When the situation leaves you with no option, we have got a great idea! Wouldn’t it be awesome to opt for car rental? It’s actually better than public transport or cabs and easier to obtain than purchasing or leasing a vehicle. And what’s more, there are some very convenient and efficient ways for getting a car rental in Jaipur that hardly takes some minutes from your schedule. 

How to rent a car in Jaipur?  

Whether it’s just for a day, a week, or a month, if you are looking for a self-driven car, Revv car rental service provider is the answer to your question (or should we say prayer?). They have awesome options available for all kinds of requirements and you can enjoy a seamless experience of driving in Jaipur. And if you want to know the exact procedure to carry out the same, read on.

1. Choose your preferred car from the unlimited options

Whether it’s just a regular five seater or luxury self-drive cars, click on their website for Revv car hire and choose your preferred option. Ensure that the vehicle you are selecting is suitable for roads of Jaipur and it is comfortable for you and your family.

2. With fuel or without fuel

Getting a car on rent in Jaipur doesn’t have any limitations. You can choose the one with fuel so that you don’t have to bear any inconveniences later. Or simply opt for filling the fuel yourself for your satisfaction. 

3. Delivery and return from your doorstep

After you have booked your Revv car rental in Jaipur, they’ll come and deliver the vehicle at your doorstep. You don’t have to drive towards their location to get it. And when your time period is over, you just have to let them know and they’ll pick up the car from your location again. (Of course, they’ll carry a brief inspection of the car like its physical condition, upholstery, etc. to be aware of any scratches or dents or damages the car may be incurred.)

4. You can even choose your preferred start and end points

Say, in case you don’t want the car to be delivered or picked up from your home, you can decide on any other start and end points. Most providers of car rentals in India allow you to do the same so that the process of car hire is extremely smooth for you.

Benefits of opting for car rentals

Now that you know how to book a car from Revv in Jaipur, you are obviously thinking of why you should do the same. So let’s read about the benefits of opting for car rentals rather than going for cabs or other transport.

1. It’s a no-commitment car

Basically buying a car for a short period brings along lots of responsibilities. You have to park it carefully, maintain it regularly, and even keep resolving the issues that the car may show. And if you are leaving Jaipur, then you have to bear the hassle of selling it before leaving the place. And obviously, when you rent a car from Revv, such responsibilities aren’t on your shoulders. The company will look into all these matters and you can easily return the car to them after use.

2. Always available for you

Basically, a rented car is available 24/7 at your disposal. You just have to click on the website and book your car for the amount of time you require it. It is not anything like hiring a cab or any other public transport that makes you wait for the same for hours. 

3. You get these at really reasonable rates

If you think a private car is going to cost you a fortune because you are enjoying the personal services as per your terms and conditions, then you are absolutely wrong here. When you hire a car from Revv, they ask for a very reasonable amount of rent and in return you can enjoy the privacy and safety of your own vehicle and drive it to the locations you desire. And most of the time, the kilometres are unlimited and that is why you don’t have to give a feedback or report of where you went, what kind of road the car faced, etc. at the time of returning the vehicle. 

4. You will be driving a perfect looking car

Mostly when you hire local cars or you opt for a public transport, these are in a very dilapidated condition and don’t suit your personality well. But with rented cars, you get the option to choose your preferred vehicle and model and accordingly these are delivered to your doorstep. You can rest assured that these vehicles are in excellent condition and present themselves really well — so you can proudly flaunt them wherever you go around Jaipur.

5. It’s a hassle free option

The very first thing you require when you hire any vehicle in a city like Jaipur is a no hassle experience. You will get the same by renting a car from Revv. You don’t have to worry about the repair and maintenance of the vehicle and even about returning it to the owner’s garage or office or workhouse. They will pick it up from any location you guide them to and it’s their duty to look after the car’s maintenance and repair work. What’s more? They offer easy instalments for your convenience. 

So, isn’t hiring a car from Revv in easy instalments the best way to enjoy luxury and convenience of a four wheeler in a city like Jaipur? Yes, yes, enjoy your drive now! You can thank us later!  

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