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Perks of Subscribing to a Car in The Metro Cities of India

If you live in a metropolitan city, it’s obvious that you feel the need to own a car often. It’s also pretty difficult to buy one easily. Sometimes you are just residing in such cities on a temporary basis and sometimes you can’t afford the massive moolah new cars demand. That’s when you look for easier and affordable alternatives. Like a car subscription for instance! It’s actually better than loans that often entail purchasing a brand-new car.

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The exact procedure of car subscription!

Before we proceed about the immense benefits of car subscriptions, aren’t you curious to know –how does Revv car subscription work? To brief you about the procedure here are exact details about the entire car subscription process:

1. Select the best car for subscription in your city

Firstly, select your preferred model and plan of car subscription from Revv. The car model you like the most, your preferred brand, and even whether you require a used vehicle or a brand-new car.

2. Apply for subscription

Next you have to apply for a subscription of the car you like the most.

3. Get your profile verified

The company verifies your profile and enquires about all your details before approving the subscription.

4. Fix a feasible plan

From the amount you give at the time of car subscription booking to the monthly instalment fees you are ready to pay, you have fix a certain amount at the time of signing the contract with the company.

5. Enjoy the vehicle to your heart’s content

Next, you have the freedom to enjoy the drive in your car to your heart’s content.  You can extend the subscription beyond the fixed date, reduce the time span, end it before the scheduled time, and even purchase the vehicle permanently if you like. This is the reason this process is rightly called the flexible car subscription programme.

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The reasons for the success of car subscription in developed cities of India

 Car subscription is actually accepted and embraced by everyone in general. But the city dwellers are actually grabbing this opportunity more eagerly. We know even you are wondering the reason behind this success. Well, it’s actually a very practical option to consider owning a car. And if you want to know about this win- win situation in detail, read on.

1. You can afford a car without paying much

The very first reason for the success of car subscription in metro cities in India is that it lets you enjoy the comfort of the vehicle without investing much. With car subscription, you pay in thousands but get and enjoy a car that’s worth lakhs. (And those too without any stress of monthly loan or lease!)

2. No stress about regular maintenance and insurance plans

One of the awesome benefits of a car subscription plan is that you aren’t entitled to care for the car even though you are using it. Yes, this is what actually attracts the crowd of the metropolitan cities because the city dwellers are often unable to care for their cars due to lack of time. An agent from the company arrives at your doorstep every month and takes the car for servicing. The same agent even returns the vehicle to your doorstep and also checks the insurance papers and pays the premiums for you. When you just have to drive the car and don’t worry about the maintenance, it’s obviously a great perk.

3. No permanent parking issue

In developed cities the parking space issue is always present, and you can’t manage to find a permanent location for your car. And when you subscribe to a car, you don’t have to buy a permanent space for parking your car. Just a temporary space for this subscribed vehicle is enough as long the car is with you.

4. Options available for new or used cars

Sometimes you can’t afford subscribing to a new car. In such a case, a second-hand sanitised car subscription option is also available for you. And this is something the working-class population of these metropolis cities like the most.

5. No time limit for the subscription

Today, no one likes to be committed severely. And the car subscription plans provide you with the same much needed commitment-free contract. If you want, you can just subscribe to a car for a month. Consider these as self-drive cars for your short-term conveyance convenience in these cities. If you think you require a long-term commitment and conveniences, you can sign a subscription plan for three years or more. And if you finally fall in love with the car and want to own it permanently, you can buy the same from the company. Even if you buy the car finally, you actually get to test the reliability of the car up close, and personal before doing so.

6. No tension of depreciation of the car

When you aren’t subscribing to a car, you’ll obviously buy it! And we all know that the car’s value depreciates within a year of its manufacture. This leads to a great loss if you sell the car during that period. So, in short-term cases, the subscription plan works the best. You can own a new car of your choice and don’t even have to worry about its depreciating value.

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7. Great for temporary occupants

There are lots of temporary occupants or migrants residing in these cities. When you are hardly going to live in the city for just a few years and don’t even have your own house, what’s the use of buying a car? Secondly, the issue of giving up this vehicle when you’ve to go back remains. That’s when car subscription seems like a God-sent solution. You won’t have to adjust to the public transportation hustle of the busy city and can even have a car that’s easy to own and convenient to give up.

If you are practical enough and weigh all the benefits of a car subscription plan, even you will agree that it is actually an ideal and win-win situation for all the city dwellers. So, won’t you consider subscribing to a car from Revv in your city when you think of owning a car?

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