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Getting a Car Subscription in Bhubaneshwar

The current pandemic changed the rule — sharing is no more about caring. You all know how unsafe it is to go for carpool or even public transports nowadays. But if you are living in a city like Bhubaneswar, you will have to manage travelling on your own amidst the rush of local and tourist crowds almost every day. And who better than us can understand that this isn’t a joke! You definitely require a private vehicle which ensures that you reach your destination safely and without any hassle. But this is easier said than done.

No matter how dangerous the situation outside is, even you are aware of the fact that owning a four-wheeler (or in other words – a car) isn’t as easy as it sounds. And during this time you are just left with the option to lease a car. And even if you opt for this procedure, what about the consequences you will have to face later? Do you have enough income to pay the regular EMI? Are you ready to handle the insurance and maintenance of the car? Obviously, this turns the situation into something very tricky. Well, let us give you another great option to own a car. Go for a car subscription!

The comprehensive guide to carry out a car subscription in Bhubaneswar!

Car subscription is a commitment free method to own a nice vehicle. It lets you enjoy the luxury and convenience of owning your favourite model or car and you don’t even have to look back to take care of its maintenance. Isn’t it awesome? You just pay a reasonable amount for subscribing to it and the rest isn’t a headache for you to look into. And if you live in a city like Bhubaneswar, then you’ll love exploring the place by using a good car. 

We are sure you are quite tempted to try car subscription plans. Especially when the matter is about your safety and saving time in today’s haphazard world. But before you start with the procedure of cars subscription in Bhubaneswar, ensure to inquire about the company providing this service to you in detail. They should be extremely trustworthy and have a good list of happy subscribers collaborating with them. You’ll be impressed with the Revv subscription review available on their website and this is actually your first and most important step for subscribing a car. And to know the rest of them, read on. 

a. Pick the best car as per your need

Obviously in order to subscribe to a certain car, you will have to pick your choice first. Whether it’s the latest new model of your favourite brand or Hyundai car subscription in Bhubaneswar, ensure that the car you are picking is useful to you and suits your lifestyle. Don’t just be tempted by their looks and colours. Inquire if these vehicles would be able to bear the roads of Bhubaneswar or not. Also, if you don’t have a large parking space, opting for a huge vehicle like the ones offered in the Mahindra car subscription scheme would be totally not worthy. And naturally, you should do a deep research about the car you are choosing and whether it’s automatic or a regular one. 

b. Reserve your preferred vehicle

So, you chose a good car for yourself! So far, so good! Now the next step to get the Revv car subscription in Bhubaneswar is to reserve this choice for you. You’ll get an option in the website itself that guides you about the procedure to carry out this task. 

c. The processing of your request

Here, you just sit back and relax! The company would check your car subscription eligibility and accordingly approve or disapprove your request. No, don’t worry. It isn’t a taxing and long process — but a very smooth and super-fast procedure if you subscribe to a Revv car in Bhubaneswar. During this time, the company would only check the personal details you sent them, access the refundable safety deposit you are providing them, and also look into the KYC matter. After your documents are found genuine and verified, your request would be approved within a period of fifteen days by the company.

d. Car preps

So, you are approved to own the car. But even your car should be ready to reach you in a good condition! And for this, the company especially sanitises the car (considering the present situation), the engine is thoroughly checked and even the quality check is carried out by experts. This is a very essential procedure especially carried out by the company to provide you the best vehicle for regular use.

e. Delivery at your home

Did you ever think that just by paying a minimum sum at the time of applying for the car subscription you’ll get a marvellous car delivered at your home? Yes, a responsible agent from the company would inform you in advance and deliver the vehicle at your doorstep at the scheduled time. But remember to keep your identification proofs and subscription papers ready for confirmation to make the procedure easier and faster.

f. Enjoy the best subscribing experience

Now it’s your turn to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your newly owned car. You can drive it to any part of Bhubaneswar and never have to worry about the insurance or maintenance hassle. You won’t believe but the amount you’ll be paying the company includes all these expenses as well. And even if the car requires regular maintenance and checkup, an agent from the company would carry out the same for you.

g. Return the car or just continue with the subscription

An open subscription plan is the best one because you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of your car without any commitment. If you suddenly think that you need a larger vehicle or it’s being too much of a hassle to park it in your area (or whatever other reason), then just give up the subscription. And in case you want to enjoy the same car for some more time, apply for it and you can enjoy the subscription for longer.

In the above list, we have described each and every procedure of the car subscription plan. If you are interested in this plan, just follow the chart and you’ll be through! Soon, you’ll find yourself driving and flaunting a brand new car on the streets of Bhubaneswar. 

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