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Wonderful Places while Journeying to Lambasingi from Vijayawada

Vijayawada is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Andhra Pradesh that you can visit.  The city is basically divided into two halves if we talk from a tourist’s point of view. In the old town, you will find relics of cultural past and history, while the new town is all about modern architecture, tall buildings, and the typical cosmopolitan busy lifestyle. The city is filled with various tourist attractions that you actually need some good time in your hands to explore the entire city thoroughly. If you are in this city and want a bit of change of scenery, the destination that you can choose which is an interesting place and equally interesting from Vijayawada is Lambasingi.

What is so fascinating about Lambasingi and why this place of all the options? Lambasingi is a hamlet in Vishakhapatnam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The village is situated 1000 meters above the sea level and the weather is cooler here as compared to the other places in the district or even the state. The place is exclusively famous for its coffee and tea plantations. You will also be able to find wide varieties of flora and fauna. If you visit this hamlet at the peak of the winter season, you may even experience snowfall, which makes Lambasingi look even more beautiful.

As you plan your road trips from Lambasingi from Vijayawada, you can actually enjoy the journey thoroughly. The distance between Lambasingi from Vijayawada is 244 km, and if you start really early in the morning, you can have your brunch in this hamlet. Now, if you are all set and excited to enjoy the scenic road trip from Vijayawada to Lambasingi, here are some places that you can visit upon reaching.

8 Best places to visit in Vijayawada to Lambasingi road trip

1. Susan Garden

Susan Garden

When you visit Susan Garden, you will find a very unique black and yellow flower that looks even lovelier in the evening hours. The rays of the Sun fall on the yellow and black colored flowerbed and make the garden glow. To enter Susan Garden, you have to pay a fee of INR 20 and it remains open from 7 am to 6 pm. Visiting this garden is one of the best ways to de-stress while you are in Lambasinghi.

2. Kothapalli Waterfalls

Kothapalli Waterfalls

Kothapalli Waterfalls is one of the most sought after places visited by several tourists in Lambasangi. The cool weather and the splashing sound of the cascading waterfall leaves a relaxing effect on tourists who visit this attraction. It is a great picnic place for travelers who can spend the entire day in the company of their loved ones enjoy the beautiful spectacle at Kothapalli.

3. Bojjannakonda


Bojjannakonda and Lingalakonda are two hills that are located on either side of Sangharam, a village near Lambasangi. These are very important places for the Buddhist community as these are the ancient settlements of Buddhists in India. You can find here the monoliths of the Buddha that belong to the 4th and 9th centuries. Bojjannakonda means the Hill of the Buddha. While you visit this place, you will also find paddy fields in the area. The timing of this attraction is from 9 am to 6 pm and the fee to enter Bojjannakonda is INR 15 per head. It is a place where you can spend a lot of time in complete peace.

4. Thajangi Reservoir

Thajangi Reservoir

You might be thinking about why you should visit a reservoir, isn’t it? Well, this reservoir is not like the usual ones. It is surrounded by dewy blue mountains and misty meadows. You do not have to pay anything to visit this wonderful place. This is another picnic spot where you can lose all worries in the lap of the Mother Nature.

5. Ghat Road

ghat road in lambasingi

This is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Lambasingi, especially if you are traveling with your partner. There are tall green trees on both sides of the road, and because of the misty weather, it sure looks like a romantic location. You must take your beloved to this road to make memories and do carry along your camera to add a lot of pictures for your social media.

6. Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary

Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary

You will find absolute peace and happiness while visiting Kondakarla Bird Sanctuary. If you are a bird lover ow are interested in birdwatching, you must visit this place to spot the migratory birds. And if you want to see this place at the most beautiful time of the day, you should visit here in the early morning. You can also take a boat ride here in the clean and pristine lake. The timing of this bird sanctuary is from 7 am to 5 pm; therefore, you have e the entire day to visit this attraction. The fee per head is INR 10.

7. Yerravaram Waterfalls

Yerravaram Waterfalls

A beautiful valley that has wide meadows, verdant green pastures, flora & fauna, and a striking waterfall, you can go trekking here. The trail is 5km in length and you can trek to the magnificent waterfall. You can spend a whole day here and still won’t feel bored.

8. Annavaram Temple

Annavaram Temple

The temple is dedicated to Hindu Lord Vishnu and showcases Dravidian style architecture. You can visit here to pray to God and also witness the wonderful ambiance of the temple. You can enjoy the peace and serenity of the place and enjoy the authentic Dravidian architecture of the temple.

Apart from these, there are several things to do around Lambasingi as well. If you are traveling from Vijayawada to Lambasingi by car, you can consider contacting Revv. You can easily get a car rental from Vijayawada and travel in the car to any place of your choice. The only thing you are required to do is to visit Revv’s website or app and choose the car that you like. You can rest assured of getting sanitized and safe car rental from Revv which are delivered right to your doorstep at the time specifies by you.

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