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This Year Celebrate a Regal Dussehra at The Royal! 

They say — travel in such a way that you become a storyteller! But do you know what is the main ingredient of such a travel story? No, it isn’t just the fabulous location, but also the perfect time when the place shines with all its glory and blooms fully for you. Well, this is exactly what happens when you visit the city of palaces, Mysore, during Dussehra (or Dasara in their local language). The grand celebration, the royal procession, and the vigorous excitement amongst the locals is certainly infectious! You won’t believe that you will actually get indulged deep in their celebrations and enjoy this festival to the depths along with them. 

Dussehra is celebrated all over India grandly. But it’s in Karnataka that you’ll find it in its deepest soul and sincerity. The royal rulers of Vijayanagar started this celebration of a special festival that was dedicated to throwing away evil and welcoming the virtuous – to uphold the truth and accepting goodness as the supreme power. But well, that was 400 years ago! But would you believe us if we told you that the people in this city still celebrate this festival with all the traditions and customs (and pomp and glory) steeped deep in the culture in Mysore?! Yes, it’s true and you can see everything with your own eyes when you take a road trip to this royal city during the grand festival. 

Important things to keep in mind when visiting Mysore —

Best time to visit Mysore —

We know you aren’t just considering the weather when you think of the best time to travel in Mysore. It’s actually the good festivals that make the city livelier as well.  So, yes, the climate here is pleasant all through the year and never too extreme. And of course, the best time to visit here still remains when there’s festivity in the air. The Mysore Dussehra festivals are famous far and wide, and that’s the time to be in that city. 

Kinds of trips recommended —

Visit Mysore to see those enchanting palaces, the historical offerings, and the fabulous wildlife (not to mention exploring the textiles). 

The best things to catch when visiting Mysore during Dussehra! 

The festival of so much enthusiasm and elation is on! And you are ready to take a dip in this celebration by opting for a road trip to Mysore during Dussehra. Seriously, the fun and honour is going to be all yours. Drive in your car and check the most unique and fascinating things to catch in this city during the festival of Dussehra.

1. Watch The Decorated Palaces

Watch The Decorated Palaces

The lighting of Mysore Palace during Dussehra can be totally mesmerising. The basic concept of the goodness and virtues winning the vile and vice is portrayed in the colourful parade that marks the Dussehra celebrations in Mysore. Artists find it an honour to travel from afar to participate in this festival. You shouldn’t definitely go back home without catching this show during this festival and understand why this festival is so special to the people here. The great performance at the Darbar, one of the main tourist attractions in Mysore, with gloriously lighted décor and the crowd gathered to cheer the participants, all of it creates an energy that would get into you — you are surely going to be super impressed and energised.

2. Check the Jambu Savaari

Check the Jambu Savaari

Have you ever seen an elephant attired? Well, in Mysore, you can see them dressed in vibrant, colourful attires and not just one of them, there would be a large group of them in a procession along the city only during the festival time in Mysore, that is, during Dussehra. This is something for which you have to leave your car aside and take a walk towards the Royal Palace from where this procession starts. You will see lots of musicians and people accompanying these elephants in this religious and important journey. 

3. Exhibitions and Sales

Exhibitions and Sales

Are you intrigued by the local attire of the people and want to have some for you as well? So, there are a lot of exhibitions and sales going on in this city during the time of Dussehra.You can visit the local bazaars and the shopping places in Mysore that sell these handcrafted and traditional items at really incredible rates. You will also be able to see some of the very preserved and collectors’ items of their history in this exhibition at prominent places. So, the quest for knowing the culture of Karnataka and understanding the spirit of Dussehra better can be fully satisfied as you visit these exhibitions and the local markets.

4. The Palace on Wheels Tour

The recently started Palace on Wheels tour at Mysore is something worth checking. So, if you are here during the time of Dussehra, the charm and rush of the crowds and the decorated city ready for fun and festivities are really enticing. You will see a range of historical palaces across the city which are huge, magnificent and fascinating and some of the best places to visit in Mysore. And if you aren’t interested in touring the city in a car, you can even try a helicopter ride for the same.

5. The Torch Light Fest

The Torch Light Fest

Of all the exciting things to do in Mysore, this one is surely the best! If you want to really see the touch of festive grandeur and celebration in the lives of the people in Mysore, check the torchlight parade in this city. It happens during the night when a large crowd parades with torch lights and fire in their hand and you’ll see some daredevil bikers performing with incredible skills. This is something worth checking and the enthusiasm in the air is truly infectious.

Do you think we are done? No, not yet. You just couldn’t complete a trip to Mysore during Dussehra if you aren’t enjoying the local delicacies available at any good food outlet in Mysore. The special items prepared here during the celebrations are extremely scrumptious and not to be missed. What’s more, since you have a car at your disposal, take a tour to the nearby places from Mysore for road trips for an enhanced experience. And if you want the perfect vehicle for your needs, rent a car in Mysore from Revv and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

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