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Top Pre-owned 5 Seater Cars for Sale in Bangalore

When we talk about buying a car, most of us would imagine a brand new car that has come out right from the showroom and driving across the city in it. Do you know many people prefer buying a used car, especially if they are buying a car for the first time? Well, one of the main reasons behind it is that people find it more sensible to use a second hand car if they have recently learned driving. Most of the cities in India have narrow roads with congested spaces, and if you are in Bangalore, you know the traffic condition of the city very well. Getting scratches in a used car is way better than getting them in a brand new car, isn’t it? 

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If you have a small family, and you often go on trips from Bangalore, a 5 seater car is the most suitable size for you. And as you look for a good 5 seater used cars in Bangalore, you can browse through the used cars listed on the website and app of Revv.

Why opt for Revv while buying a pre-owned car?

Having this query is very normal as there are quite many competitors in the market. However, choosing Revv has its own unique benefits. Do you want to know what they are? Here we go:

  • Revv offers some of the best 5 seater second hand cars in Bangalore
  • Only the best cars are put for sale
  • 185 quality parameters of the cars are checked and the inspection report is made available to you while doing a test drive of the car
  • As you buy a used car from Revv, you get one year warranty with it
  • You can return the car within five days of buying it. You will get a full refund with no questions asked
  • After using the car for two years, you can sell it back to Revv at a pre-determined price
  • With Revv, you will definitely get a low-cost resale 5 seater car in Bangalore

Top 5 seater used cars for buying from Revv

Now if you are convinced enough to go ahead with Revv and buy a second hand car from the company, here are some of the best 5 seater cars that you can find at Revv in the city of Bangalore.

2017 Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI Titanium+

Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI Titanium

Can you believe you can get a Ford Ecosport 1.5 TDCI Titanium+ of 2017 model at just INR 8,50,825? And the price is all-inclusive so that you do not have to worry about paying any additional amount. Isn’t that wonderful? The fuel type of this car is diesel and the transmission type is manual. The color of the car is blue. You can get a doorstep test-drive of the car. And if you want, you can even visit the showroom where you can take test-drive as well as check out many other cars that are available for sale at the moment. If you wish to resell the car to Revv after using it for a year, you can sell it off at INR 6,65,000 and if you resell it after two years, you can resell it at INR 5,10,495. This is one of the best cars for a small family of three or four as you get enough space in the car. Also, the car is perfect for driving in the city as well as for going on trips.

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2016 Hyundai Elite I20 ASTA (O) VTVT

Hyundai Elite I20 ASTA (O) VTVT

This is another car that you can buy from Revv at just INR 6,81,124, all-inclusive. Just like all the other cars offered by Revv, you can avail the doorstep test-drive of this car as well. If you wish to see other cars, you can even pay a visit to the Revv showroom where you will find several other used cars, ready for sale. The car is available in white color, while the fuel type is petrol and the transmission type of manual. After one year of use, you can resell the car to Revv at INR 4,86,500, and after 2 years the price will be INR 4,08,674. These are pre-determined prices that will not change at the time of reselling the car to Revv. The Elite i20 is one of the most popular cars from Hyundai which has been very popular among Indian car buyers looking for a good family car.

2016 Honda Amaze VX i-VTEC

Honda Amaze VX i-VTEC

A dream car of many, Honda Amaze VX i-VTEC 2016 model is available at just INR  5,70,000, all-inclusive. The color of the car is red, the transmission type of manual and the fuel type is petrol. You can resell this car after using at least two years at INR 3,42,000, and after three years, the price will be INR 2,85,000. The Honda Amaze is a powerful vehicle that performs very well on highways due to its aerodynamic design. 

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All the used 5 seater cars offered by Revv are available for doorstep test-drive. To get the test-drive at the doorstep option, you can book it online by visiting the website or app of Revv. The one-year warranty on the used vehicles covers all the major components such as steering, suspension, engine, etc which speaks volumes about the confidence that Revv puts on the condition of the vehicles. To get the Revv used cars, visit the Revv used cars portals and choose Bangalore as your city. Once you have selected your city, you can browse all the cars available there. You can even browse cars by fuel type, transmission type, year, and price to choose your car effortlessly.

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